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This is Prague; a city with a colorful history, lovely architecture, the world's best pivo (that's beer to Czechs) and a mysterious atmosphere so enchanting that some travelers never leave. In this Rome of the East awaits adventures even the most jaded traveler will enjoy, even relish. The variety of cultural entertainment that can be found in Prague is a dream come true for a smaller capital.

Feel the Magic of History

Whether it is a magical night at the opera in the majestic National Theater built with pride by Czechs themselves, a rock and roll bash at a popular music venue such as Rock Cafe, or a whimsical walk through the UNESCO protected winding cobblestone streets of Mala Strana and Old Town, Prague is sure to please. Enjoy a cup of grand coffee at a meticulously renovated Art Nouveau cafe, followed by a leisurely shopping trip for Czech treasures and European goods at various antique shops and outdoor markets, a stimulating stroll through Art history at excellent galleries, or a romantic meal at an award winning restaurant overlooking the Vltava River; the list of possibilities goes on.

Make it Memorable

The reviews presented on in the Prague Lifestyle section will assist you in planning your authentic visit to the lively city of Prague and steer you away from the numerous tourist traps that sadly exist in this interesting capital. The fine establishments we feature have been carefully selected in order to make your stay in Prague extraordinary.

Eating and Drinking in Prague More about this category

Prague Lifestyle | Eating and Drinking

Prague is now considered a cosmopolitan city; and why not? With its interesting mix of international residents and tourists, one would only expect something more, or even, the best in the area of eating and drinking. Of course, the tourist traps still exist, serving salty, overpriced Czech food that is simply put, nothing to write home about. Unfortunately these places are usually located in the most beautiful areas of Prague, just waiting to attack the next victim, a naive tourist. But if you do your research properly you will find good restaurants serving traditional food, eccentric cafes, lively beer halls, avant-garde clubs and even fine dining... Our Apartments in Prague in the city center.

Prague Nightlife More about this category

Prague Nightlife

Prague is an interesting city with plenty of sightseeing opportunities, cultural events and such. But what happens when the sun goes down on Central Europe’s preserved gem? What is the nightlife in Prague like? Prague becomes a different city full of creeping shadows in dimly lit lanes, circling bats above your head and a definite sense of crazy fun. From traditional beer halls with accordion players to sleek modern dance clubs, Prague nightlife is alive and kicking until the sun comes up, and what better way to see Charles Bridge then at sunrise (plus the world-famous bridge is virtually empty in the morning and quite stunning without hoards of tourists)? The nightlife in Prague is an interesting mix of generations as well, if you seek the more traditional beer halls and pubs for your Prague nightlife experience, do not be surprised if you end up drinking with Grandfather Czech and do not be surprised when (not if) he drinks you under the table because he most certainly will! And after a night of fun, why not finish it off with a tasty fried cheese sandwich from a street vendor? Oh, and watch out for the Absinthe, it bites back. The nightlife in Prague is definitely worth your time.

Shopping in Prague More about this category

Shopping in Prague

Shopping in Prague is very pleasant not only thanks to the many shopping centers where you can find shops of different brands offering various types of goods in one place, but also thanks to many specialized shops, such as fashion boutiques, design shops, specialty food and drink shops, streetwear shops, and more. While shopping in Prague you can easily opt to buy everything organic, from organic food to organic cosmetics not only in specialized organic products shops, but also in the ever-more-popular farmers' markets. The real treasures are hidden in antiques stores, small shops selling homemade goods, as well as in the flea markets that are also becoming increasingly popular in Prague. Recently there has also been an increase in the number of young fashion designers and jewelry designers who create first-class pieces in which you will feel original and inventive. These fresh creative forces are putting Prague design back on the map. If you would like to buy something in Prague as a souvenir from the Czech Republic then choose from famous Czech glassware and crystal jewelry or decor, liquors (such as Becherovka, Fernet, Slivovice), Garnet and Moldavite jewelry, antiques, Czech spa wafers, traditional ceramics, or wooden toys. All of these can be easily bought in Prague, and if you want to be sufficiently prepared before going shopping, take a look at our Shopping in Prague section below and get inspiration from our tips that will make getting yourself oriented among the array of design and other shops in Prague a whole lot easier.

Sights in Prague More about this category

Prague Sights

As of 1992 the entire historical center of Prague has been listed as a UNESCO protected site, and what a title to achieve, but one that is only perfect for this splendid capital. As Prague was virtually undamaged throughout history, the majority of Old Town and the Lesser Quarter is a textbook of civilization in Central Europe. And if you wish to venture outside of the city center, Prague will surely surprise (especially if Socialist architecture is your cup of tea). Any lover of history, architecture, or culture will be overwhelmed by the sightseeing options here; just make sure to bring comfortable shoes, as cobblestone streets are all around. 

Tourist Traps in Prague More about this category

Prague Tourist Traps | Nesting Dolls

Prague is a picturesque fairy tale like city complete with historic monuments, charming architecture and fantastic legends. So much to capitalize on! And so the smart foreigners who once ran the city now run it in a different manner with their so-called Czech tourist shops. Unfortunately these shops exist all over Prague and often in the most beautiful areas. These tourist traps sell everything from colorful nesting dolls to fur hats, to horrible food that is anything from delicious. As for the restaurants, you must also be careful that they do not try to rip you off; it is valuable to have a general understanding of the exchange rate and of Czech money before you go spend it.

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Arts and Entertainment in Prague More about this category

Arts and Entertainment in Prague

If there is one thing Prague does best, it is entertainment, especially theater and music. With an overwhelming number of gorgeous classical concert halls, cool rock and roll dives, innovative theaters, and independent cinemas; this pulsing city has nights of entertainment to offer. Although the quality of the entertainment matches that of Western standards, the prices, however, do not. Take the opera for example: the best tickets range from 850kc to 1000kc. With the current rate of the dollar (17) that is from $50-$60 and we are talking front row Ladies and Gentlemen. Not bad for a night at the opera. The majority of operas are in Italian, French and Czech; most theaters offer electronic subtitles located subtly above the stage.

Guides and Tours in Prague, Czech Republic More about this category

Prague Castle | Prague Tours and Guides | Czech Republic

If you are visiting Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic and would like to get the most out of the city and all its grandeur, why not hire a private tour guide in Prague or take an educational group tour of the city with an experienced and qualified guide? The city of Prague holds many secret lanes, hidden gardens, and off the beaten path sights that are worth seeing. With an experienced Prague tour guide that knows the city, you will be able to see the real Prague, hear interesting stories and enjoy an unforgettable experience in the city of one hundred spires. Furthermore if you wish to explore throughout the picturesque villages and towns of the Czech Republic you can also find tailored trips with recommended tour agencies and Prague tour guides listed below. Get the most out of your vacation, Prague and the Czech Republic with a travel guide or Prague tour!  

Museums and Galleries in Prague More about this category

Prague Museums and Galleries

Europe is known for many wonderful things. One of the most impressive characteristics of the continent of Europe is the over abundance of art galleries and museums. Every city absolutely pulsates with them; primary sources of history captured on a piece of canvas or carved in stone, priceless artifacts left for the public to devour and decipher in order to teach us the lessons of the artists’ pasts and our delicate future. For a long time Western Europe was the coveted destination for connoisseurs of art, students seeking an education in art history, or the eager tourist looking for that perfect replica of the Mona Lisa to hang above their mantelpiece or a naked David to place in their garden. This is no longer true. Pack your bags and head east! Central and Eastern Europe are full of exciting museums and galleries just waiting to be lovingly explored. And while the Western museums and galleries house the works of art featuring household names, Eastern museums and galleries host household names as well but also have something the galleries in Western Europe simply don’t have; a visual history of their specific past, showcasing many contemporary pieces which scream the truth, and sometimes nostalgia behind the past trials and horrors of the Iron Curtain. There is one city in particular that deserves undivided attention concerning its museums, and that is Prague. A destination long deemed ‘exotic,’ even ‘dangerous’ by some, is now one of Europe’s top destinations filled with preserved architectural gems and a variety of Prague museums worth writing home about. With art galleries in Prague opening left and right, this city is on the cusp of something big. Get here before it explodes, and to warn you, it is very close, as Prague is no longer Europe’s best-kept secret concerning museums and galleries. Have a look at our recommended Prague museums and galleries listed below where you can find complete descriptions, photos, contact information and maps that represent all of the museums and galleries in Prague, Czech Republic.


Gardens and Parks in Prague More about this category

Gardens and Parks in Prague

Prague is full of historic monuments, lovely squares and winding lanes of cobblestone. In a city with such rich cultural heritage, you will never want for sights to see or things to do. While on your Prague adventure, you may need a good spot to stop and take a rest. Fortunately Prague also features a variety of parks and gardens, some formal sculpted Baroque gardens, some smaller secret gardens and even some large wild parks.

Prague Architecture More about this category

Prague Architecture

The glorious city of Prague showcases a myriad of architectural styles, coexisting side by side in the compact capital, just waiting to be explored and studied. The city is truly a pleasure for all, historians, tourists, and especially students of architecture; Prague is literally a textbook of styles throughout the centuries. Most of these architectural gems have been meticulously renovated and restored, with the most painstaking level of attention and love. These buildings, after all, are a visual history of Prague; a history that at once deserves undivided attention and respect, and these magnificent palaces, castles, and buildings will impress and imprint their legacy on any worthy observer.

Prague for Children More about this category

Prague for Children

Castles, a myriad of spires, marionettes, gingerbread and wooden toys; is this setting in a dream or a fairy tale? Well, children may believe a dragon lives in Prague Castle, and why not? The city of Prague looks like the whimsical backdrop in their imagination for that fantasy piece they are reading, and with Hollywood filming movies such as The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian from the Chronicles of Narnia By C.S. Lewis in Prague, the city is now even considered being of the fantastic. Prague is the perfect location for children with interesting museums, medieval restaurants decorated with Knights, an ancient bridge lined with massive statues and sculptures to awe them, creepy Gothic churches alight with their sinister amber glow at twilight that one could swear house witches and wizards, and above all, cool toys to take home and show off to your friends from the land of castles and magic.

Education in Prague More about this category

Education in Prague

Getting an education in a foreign country can be exciting, stimulating and enriching. To be able to learn in a city with over a thousand years of culture and history is a rewarding experience indeed at any age; it is priceless to be able to receive an international education in Prague. In this section, we seek to provide you with information in regards to international schools for children in Prague, art classes for both adults and children in Prague, dance lessons, music lessons an advice about general education in Prague. 

Weddings in Prague and the Czech Republic More about this category

Weddings in Prague

If you are looking for the perfect place to have that magical, fairy tale wedding that you have always dreamed of – or even an off-beat unique, themed, or nontraditional wedding – look no further than the wondrous city of Prague or the pretty Czech Republic. Prague is famous for its beauty and it is easy to understand why with over a thousand years of history and a gorgeous array of architectural styles; the city is brimming with beauty and provides numerous vistas, monuments, palaces and churches, perfect for romantic wedding ceremonies, historic event halls and atmospheric photography. If you are dreaming of the perfect place to get married in Prague, consider gorgeous Staré Město (Old Town) or charming Malá Strana (Lesser Town) in the very center of Prague, or for more mystery, choose from among any number of out of the way local delights for your ideal wedding in Prague. Further afield, Český Krumlov is a small city brimming with romantic atmosphere, and many people consider it the best place to get married in the Czech Republic. If you wish for a more secluded wedding many impressive castles and grand châteaux with lush gardens are available around Prague and the Czech Republic for your special day.

Leisure and Sport in Prague and the Czech Republic More about this category

Sports and Leisure in Prague

Prague is full of fun and activities. But what happens when you have seen the famous Astronomical Clock strike hourly in an attempt to catch one of the most exciting tourist spots in the city about three times? Real life sets in and if you are in Prague longer than the average tourist, then real needs become apparent. One can only drink the best beer in the world and eat fried cheese for a short time before showing the physical sign caused by such delicious things; the beer and fried cheese gut, which contrary to popular belief, will not go away by all the excessive walking on the uneven cobblestone lanes. So, Let us get in shape! Prague offers a good selection of gyms, a few swimming pools and aqua parks, parks with jogging and cycling paths, various sporting facilities, numerous dance centers and even horse stables for that horseback riding lesson you keep meaning to take.

Health and Beauty in Prague and the Czech Republic More about this category

Health and Beauty in Prague and the Czech Republic

If you are searching for health and beauty services in the capital city of Prague or in the fairy tale countryside of the Czech Republic, look no further than our comprehensive list of all things beauty. Have a look at our comprehensive list of medical centers in Prague, hair and beauty salons in Prague, spas and wellness centers in the city and in the Czech Republic, plus yoga and Pilates classes. 

Interior and Exterior Design in Prague More about this category

Prague | Interior Design

Interior and exterior design is a multifaceted adventure in which you might be in need of professionals with technical, analytical and creative skills plus understanding of architectural elements for the designing of your residence, shop, restaurant or bar. If you happen to be in need of designers in Prague, you are in luck, as the city itself and the Czech Republic seem to produce talented people when it comes to the world of design. 


Prague History More about this category

Prague History | Bohemian Crown Jewels

 "Prague never lets you go. This dear little mother has sharp claws," Franz Kafka once said. Even though a household name since the nineties, Prague has been labeled as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe for many centuries. Located in the heart of Europe, Prague has been the crossroad for many merchants, artists and scientists throughout the centuries. From Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, to pope John Paul II, to Queen Elizabeth II, this city has mesmerized many historical figures and has been home to many. Prague has an extensive variety of historical sites and venues with many architectural and artistic styles co-existing in perfect harmony. The historic center is spread out on the two banks of the Vltava river where several independent towns were joined together in the 18th century to form Prague as we know it today: Vysehrad, Hradcany, Old Town, New Town, Lesser side and Josefov, the Jewish Quarter; these areas are listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Since the fall of communism, Prague has been transforming into a significant business and cultural hub in Europe and is an important gateway to the rest of Central and Eastern Europe.

Prague History


Famous Czechs More about this category

Famous Czechs | Václav Havel

Throughout history the Czech Republic has produced many famous people. Throughout grand phases of history and many hard and harrowing times, the world has been granted and gifted with many famous figures from the Czech nation. Famous Czechs can be found in all aspects of culture and society, from the Arts to the world of sports. This list of famous Czechs also includes people with Czech ancestry.


Parking in Prague | Public Transportation More about this category

Parking & Public Transport in Prague

Finding a parking spot in Prague can be a real hassle as the city is very congested with traffic like most other European cities. Added to the problem of congestion is the parking sticker that is required in order for you to be able to park in the center of the city, which gives you permission and is almost impossible to obtain for non-residents at the same time. With the efficient and affordable public transportation system, we recommend using it to move around the center. However, if you wish or need to drive, then we recommend using a safe parking garage and paid parking-sites instead of relying on street parking. Furthermore for travelers, it is certainly important to be informed about parking in the Prague airport complex and close to it and this kind of information can be found in the section Parking in Prague as well.



Services in Prague More about this category

Services in Prague

Here at we are glad to offer our list of top services in the golden city of Prague, whether it is anything from a haircut and style, to babysitting, healthcare, or even automotive centers. The establishments mentioned boast employees that speak English and will be happy to assist you, whatever your needs.

Prague for Pets | Pet-Friendly Prague More about this category

Prague for Pets

If you happen to wander around the city for a bit or if you have lived here for a while you will start to notice one specific thing about the Czech Republic. The country and its fine fellow countrymen are having a love affair with their dogs. That’s right! Czechs will seem at times even more affectionate with their dogs than with their children. Miniature, medium and massive furry friends are welcome in the majority of Prague’s bars, parks, restaurants, pet stores, you name it, Fido’s welcome! And it doesn’t stop with dogs. Rats, ferrets, rabbits and more, it is possible to see people in the park trying to walk all of their furry friends, whether they were meant for leashes and collars or not! All this undivided attention and love towards animals has made Prague a haven for the four legged ones, making pet friendly Prague a mecca for animal lovers themselves. Where else can you drink the world’s best beer with your pet sitting next to you in a pub? You can even find the occasional luxury dog boutique selling top quality products for man’s best friend. Here at Prague-Stay we wish to provide you with up-to-date, fashionable and wise shopping tips and services concerning your little best friends.

Prague Legends, Myths and Ghosts More about this category

Czech Legends, Myths and Ghosts

Prague is an old city with a history that dates back over one thousand years. With an array of twisting cobblestone streets and large street lamps the night falls quickly in this historic city complete with dancing shadows and the distinct feeling of the fantastic; surely any element of the surreal can take place! The Czech lands are full of magical stories about legends, myths and ghosts and Prague is literally full of tales of the night; whether they are tall tales is up to you. Is the city of Prague haunted? Only you can be the judge of that as you wander through its cobblestone mazelike streets! 

Prague Legends, Myths and Ghosts


Czech Republic Attractions More about this category

Czech Republic Attractions

The Czech Republic is a fairy tale country complete with an overabundance of castles, ruins and chateaux throughout the hilly countryside; the Czech Republic truly deserves the label the Country of Castles and Chateaux! As the country is small it is possible to reach many gorgeous fortresses and stately homes from the capital city of Prague by train, bus or car; perfect for a day trip outside of the bustling city! The majestic Castles and gorgeous chateaux open their massive doors in early spring and close for the winter in late autumn, but it is of course possible to wander about the exteriors year round. 


Your Prague Adventure

Prague Tourist Traps will assist you in planning your authentic visit to this lively city and steer you away from numerous 'tourist traps' that sadly exist in this eccentric capital.

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