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If you are searching for something new and exciting in the world of design, then make sure to check out the young Czech designers featured on our website. Czech designers have long had a reputation for their avant-garde creations and it is easy to see why. Take for example the Cubist movement, which took off in Paris in the art genre of painting, but in no other country did Cubist architecture and design blossom as it did in Czechoslovakia, making the country one of the only places in the world where you can witness fantastic Cubist architecture. And of course, Czechoslovakia’s participation in the Brussels Worlds Fair in 1958 showed the world that the design nation was capable of many a great things. Unfortunately the world of Czech design was basically held captive during the oppressive years under Communism, but when the Iron Curtain fell in 1989, Czech design started to experience a renaissance, or a rebirth. The Czech design rebirth is continuing to this day and seems to be growing into a cultural phenomenon that could very well once again take the design world by storm and capture imaginations as it did in 1958.

Czech Designers | Prague


Dox by Qubus | Design Shop

Dox by Qubus

Located in the Dox Center for Contemporary Art in Holesovice is Dox by Qubus, a unique design boutique in the city of Prague. The Qubus design studio was created in 2002 by Jakub Berdych and Maxim Velcovsky who decided to establish a multidisciplinary stage for exploring, experimenting...

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Studio Pirsc Porcelain

Studio Pirsc Porcelain

Founded in Mikulov in 2005 by Daniel Pirsc, Studio Pirsc Porcelain is one of the leading studios in the world of porcelain design and production in the Czech Republic and abroad. Pirsc’s porcelain is successful due to its high quality and original design - which is nothing short of whimsical. One of the most intriguing porcelain products created and produced by Studio Pirsc is the original 3D Wallpaper. This porcelain wallpaper...

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Cihelna Concept Store

Cihelna Concept Store

Looking for authentic Czech design in the center of Prague amidst the numerous souvenir shops selling tacky items? If so, head directly for Lesser Town and pay a visit to the acclaimed Cihelna Concept Store. This great design shop stocks an exclusive selection of glass, porcelain, jewelry, furniture, and more – all from leading Czech designers and manufacturers. The store is situated in an old brick factory from the 18th century...

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Tatiana | Prague Shopping


Located in the city center of Prague is Tatiana, a splendid boutique selling designer clothes. The Tatiana label, established in 1995 by Taťána Kováříková is sold in Prague and represents quality, luxury and originality. The materials used to create the innovative Tatiana clothing designs are of upmost quality and are purchased from Spain, Italy and France. Even the most demanding clients will find what they are looking for with the...

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Blanka Matragi | Handmade Dress

Blanka Matragi

Blanka Matragi is a world-famous Czech fashion designer and artist with thirty years of successful design work behind her. Her designs are inspired mainly by the countries that she has visited, as well as by music and graphics. With her husband, she moved to Lebanon in 1980 where she opened the prestigious Blanka Haute Couture salon in 1982 and her gowns have gained great fame especially among Persian princesses, and the wives of...

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Kateřina Geislerová | Czech Fashion Designer

Kateřina Geislerová

As a very successful fashion designer, Kateřina Geislerová works mainly in Paris – the center of world fashion, where she also has her boutique – but you can also buy her beautiful clothing online at her e-shop or at the Mona Pret-a-porter boutique in Prague's Old Town. Clothing by Kateřina Geislerová is characterized by its soft femininity, sophistication, and elegance. She likes to design pants, dresses, coats, as well...

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TIQE by Petra Balvínová | Prague

TIQE by Petra Balvínová

TIQE is a fashion boutique founded in 2006 by owner and designer, Petra Balvínová. The main mission of TIQE is to bring light, ready-to-wear designs to the fashionable public. Upon entering the intimate shop one instantly sees the designer’s style. The use of ruffles, puffy sleeves and girly, flattering shapes together with modern, sleek shapes is enough to make any girl interested in looking ultra modern yet still feminine,...

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NAPADLOME | Czech Designers


If you are fond of beautiful things and, at the same time, are looking for a handy and functional piece of furniture or home accessories, NAPADLOME, a concept presenting authentic design and an internet gallery in one, will surely catch your eye. The original, locally manufactured products of the NAPADLOME design brand are presented on their most charming and user-friendly website. The logo as well as the visuals have been designed...

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Design Boutique in Prague | Hard-De-Core


Located on the whimsical Senovazne Namesti, or Hay Square, in the center of Prague is the equally whimsical Hard-De-Core design shop and gallery. This modern shop that represents Czech and foreign design is full of cool unique gifts in its experimental showroom that features independent companies, independent designers, well-known designers and more. Czech and foreign design are represented by an array of lovely gifts including unique...

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Zdeněk Vacek & Daniel Pošta | Crystal Necklace

Zdeněk Vacek & Daniel Pošta

The jewelry by Zdeněk Vacek and Daniel Pošta is manufactured with emphasis on every last detail and presents some of the most prominent work on the Czech modern jewelry scene. The perfect knowledge of the craft that Zdeněk Vacek acquired by graduating as goldsmith and jeweler and by working in various goldsmith studios together with his creative talent combine perfectly with the design-thinking and sense of material and detail coupled...

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Helen Mertl | Lovely Wedding Dress

Helen Mertl

Graceful, elegant and feminine – this is the silhouette you will create wearing a chic creation from Czech fashion designer Helena Mertlová. Creating her very own clothing brand under the name Helen Mertl, this talented clothing designer brings visions of style to the table in the form of unique gowns, wedding dress, and prêt-à-porter, or ready-to-wear, collections. These limited clothing collections are made mainly of luxurious...

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Lucie Koldová | Award-Winning Czech Designer

Lucie Koldová

Known in design circles for her wonderfully whimsical and timeless design lighting, furniture pieces, glass sculptures, and art objects of desire, Lucie Koldová is a young and supremely talented product and furniture designer from the Czech Republic. Currently based in Paris, where she moved after graduating from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in 2009, Koldová has been operating her own design studio since...

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Eva Růžičková | Czech designers

Eva Růžičková

Eva Růžičková is a young Czech designer specializing chiefly in jewelry and original interior decor but also on sculpture. When it comes to jewelry, it is viewed by this fresh graduate of the K.O.V. studio of Eva Eisler at the Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, as a deeply personal statement which should correspond with the physicality and the emotional state of those who wear it. Necklaces, rings, earrings and other...

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Tina Hollas Couture

Tina Hollas Couture

Pay a visit to the Tina Hollas Couture atelier and let yourself be charmed by a wide range of mens- and womenswear, together with collections of accessories, bracelets, hand-tailored leather handbags and clutches, and more. The extraordinary concept of the atelier, situated in the heart of Prague in the pleasant quarter of Old Town, combines a retail space and workroom, where you can watch the products as they are being made. This...

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Bohemia Design Market | Popcorn Necklace

Bohemia Design Market

Bohemia Design Market is an international design project that consists of, but is not limited to, a comprehensive design portal and convenient e-shop. The founder of Bohemia Design Market, Kateřina Lukášová, seeks to share original Czech design works here and abroad. Czech design products are created with precision and soul – because of this, these functional, unique design pieces need to be shared with the whole world. Bohemia...

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Ondřej Batoušek | Bleskovka Vase

Ondřej Batoušek

Ondřej Batoušek is a young Czech designer of porcelain and ceramics, whose work portrays a truly fresh concept. Currently, Ondřej is a student of the Ceramics studio at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (VŠVU) in Bratislava; he is also a graduate of the Ceramics and Porcelain Studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (VŠUP) in Prague. He has also participated in workshops abroad. A significant feature of Ondřej Batoušek's...

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Jozef Sloboda | Interior

Jozef Sloboda

Jozef Sloboda is a well known fashion designer creating fine garments for men. He started his career as a designer for men and women after studying economics at school but quickly found that his best opportunities lay with fashion design for men. Enjoying great success from the beginning, Jozef Sloboda continues to be the fashion forward guru to go to when searching for a new fashionable wardrobe. His unique quality designs are made...

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If you desire to take a piece of Prague with you - something more than a bunch of great memories - do take a look at the masterful pieces of craftwork by VJEMY Studio, inspired by the era of iconic Czech Cubism. This Prague studio, consisting of a design-architectural trio, creates interior designs, customized furniture designs as well as home accessories. The VJEMY Studio was established by the Ciegler brothers, Adam and Samuel,...

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Adéla Pečlová | Jewelry

Adéla Pečlová

Architecture student Adéla Pečlová creates design jewelry that is suitable for contemporary wearers who love clean curves and outstanding simplicity. Created in the Summer of 2011, Adéla Pečlová's line of jewelry creations that became a Czech brand under her own name in 2012 make use of simple lines combining metal coated glass, aluminum, wood, upcycled glass beads and neodymium magnets – she finds inspiration mostly in architecture...

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Jakub Polanka | Czech Fashion Designer

Jakub Polanka

Jakub Polanka is one of the most successful Czech fashion designers active in the fashion world today; a designer whose fame has crossed over Czech borders and who can boast not only of graduating from the prestigious Institut Français de la Mode in Paris as the first Czech ever to do so, but also of his cooperation with some of the most significant personalities in the world of French and international fashion. Jakub Polanka has...

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Iveta Pecuchová | White Dress

Iveta Pecuchová

If sophistication, glamor and sweet femininity are what you seek in your wardrobe, look no further than Iveta Pecuchová. This young talented Czech fashion and accessories designer creates lovely Prêt-à-porter clothing collections that are sure to impress even the most discerning shopper. Quality materials imported from Italy are used to make the garments, which can be characterized by their perfect tailoring, interesting cuts and...

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Lume Eyewear

LUME by Aleš Kachlík

Aleš Kachlík, a young Czech designer, is the creator of a unique collection of eyeglasses, in which he combines time-tested, renowned wires shapes with modern technologies. Thanks to this combination, you can now be the proud owner of iconic, elegant eyeglasses of the highest quality! Contemporary Classic, the very first collection of the LUME eye wear brand, was designed by Aleš Kachlík as a part of his final Bachelor project. It...

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Timoure et Group | Czech Design

Timoure et Group

Timoure et Group was founded in 1992 by Mgr. A. Alexandra Pavalová and Akad. mal. Ivana Šafránková, who are both graduates of VŠUP (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague). Timoure et Group or TEG holds a strong position in the Czech fashion world and is a reputable and inventive fashion brand that continues to gain popularity with the fashion conscious and fashion experts with its unique blend of classic design mixed...

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CHI-CHI | Czech Fashion


Do you wish to spruce up your wardrobe by adding that special article of clothing that will make you stand out in the fashion crowd? If so have a look at CHI-CHI, a Czech fashion label that presents unique and interesting pieces that fashionistas around the globe would love to add to their wardrobe collections. CHI-CHI is the brain child of Josefina Bakosova, who is also the creative director and inventor of Hard-De-Core,...

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Boheme | Czech Fashion Design


Founded in 1991 by Hana and Jan Stocklassa, Boheme produces lovely clothing collections for fashionable women who require high quality and individuality. Chief Designer and CEO of Boheme, Hana Stocklassa obtained a Master’s Degree at VŠUP (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague) and then studied for one year in Goteborg, Sweden at the University of Design and Craft. It was in Sweden that the Boheme brand started...

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Katerina Matechova | Pencil Necklace

Katerina Matechova

Katerina Matechova creates unique jewelry collections for discerning fashionable clients who wish to stand out in the crowd. Based in Prague, this independent jewelry designer works with a variety of materials; she has been experimenting with jewelry since 2000. Educated at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, in the K.O.V. Studio under such well known designers as Vratislav Karel Novák and Eva Eisler, Katerina...

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Hanuš Lamr | Inspired by Nature

Hanuš Lamr

Hanuš Lamr – jewelry designed in the Czech Republic, inspired by nature with an elegant timelessness. At the Hanuš Lamr jewelry boutique / studio, located in Prague's beautiful Malá Strana, you can find a excellent selection of wonderful design earrings, necklaces, brooches, rings, wedding ring sets, and more. The jewelry offered by Hanuš Lamr that is separated into a few categories is both whimsically playful and elegant, evident...

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La Femme Mimi | Prague Fashion

La Femme Mimi

La Femme Mimi is a delightful little fashion shop in the center of Prague that sells a dazzling array of colorful silk and cotton skirts, shirts, handbags, scarves, kimonos and dresses detailed with intricate hand-sewn embroidery. The clothing is inspired by Mother Nature and the owner’s own upbringing in Vietnam. The La Femme Mimi collections present bold colorful products showing an evolution of traditional Asian shapes and...

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Monsterra | Plants Upside Down

Monsterra Studio

The Prague Monsterra Studio, founded in 2009 by architect Petr Baletka, will improve your home or office interior design through floral consultancy. Under the Monsterra brand, the studio designs and produces design flowerpots, vases and accessories which are used in its projects and also sold in its e-shop. Plants play a significant role in creating the perfect interior and exterior design, according to Monsterra. The newest method...

complete review Ivana Follová | Prague Ivana Follová

IF…by Ivana Follová is located in the city center of Prague and presents a unique collection of ready-to-wear fashion and accessories for the most demanding, fashionable women. Ivana Follová believes that "each and every woman deserves to be pampered with luxury clothing which is perfectly cut, adorned by unforgettable colors or soft materials which caress gently..." If this is what you are searching for in a Prague...

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LLEV | Czech Design


The LLEV design studio by Eva Mochalová and Marcel Mochal founded in 2004 offers professional and creative services in the area of product, interior and graphic design. The LLEV studio is open to various orders of its clients, which is also evident from its wide portfolio of offered services and completed projects. The studio designs furniture, jewelry, glass, porcelain, lighting and other objects excelling in original and unique...

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Janja Prokić | Jewelry Designer

Janja Prokić

The unconventional jewelry designer Janja Prokić creates art and jewelry of an almost aristocratic character, unique in the world of Czech jewelry design. Her jewelry tends to be richly decorated, which differentiates it strongly from the minimalist approach of the majority of Czech jewelry designers. Janja Prokić loves the natural world and is abundantly inspired by the rich world of flora and fauna. Her jewelry includes bracelets,...

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Cave Canem Studio | Design Glass

Cave Canem Studio

If you are looking for original, beautiful glass products in Prague do not miss the beautiful creations from the Cave Canem Studio. The studio of Cave Canem hand produces vases, bowls, glasses, and accessories such as charming glass badges, as well as paintings. All of the design items are made in small numbers to protect the integrity of the craftsmanship and originality. The studio focuses on color as an important element in their...

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Hana Zárubová | Air Force Collection

Hana Zárubová

Hana Zárubová is a successful Czech fashion designer, whose collections have been nominated several times for the Czech Grand Design Award – Fashion Designer of the Year (in 2007 for her Chmó 3D collection, in 2008 for her no. collection and in 2011 for her Air Force collection). She designs and creates her own collections under the ‘by hanazarubova’ brand. In 2012 she won the Czech Grand Design's Fashion Designer...

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Bára Vogeltanzová's Deer Jewelry

Bára Vogeltanzová's Deer Jewelry

Looking for an ideal souvenir from your Czech Republic travels or a gift for your loved ones? If so, have a look at original deer jewelry made by Czech designer Bára Vogeltanzová. These are original hand-made products and each piece is an original. The deer is decorated with Swarovski and Preciosa stones and with tailor-made stones made by traditional Czech jewelry companies. Pins, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are among the...

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COCICI | Products for Cats

COCICI Design Studio

As the creator and designer Pavla Šarounová herself claims, the COCICI brand was originally established because of her love for cats. In the course of time the interest of the brand spread to dogs and to the owners of pets who will especially appreciate the perfect designs of the cat scratching posts, beds and other COCICI products. COCICI cat scratching posts and beds will please your animal friends thanks to their functionality...

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no. | Hana Zárubová & Štěpán Malovec


The no. brand represents limited collections of clothing and accessories by talented fashion designer Hana Zárubová and successful graphic designer Štěpán Malovec. The collection first appeared at the Designblok 2008 exhibition where it was nominated for the Czech Grand Design Award. Since that time the collection has expanded by more products, each of which...

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Burda Art Studio | Czech Designers | Czech Republic

Burda Art Studio

Blacksmith and glassblower Rudolf Burda from Mladá Boleslav specializes in modern artistic blacksmithing and free creation while using steel, stainless steel, hand-blown and cast glass and enamel. He inherited his relationship to handicraft work from his ancestors – his grandfather and father were upholsterers and they also had a blacksmith in the family. Since 1991, Rudolf Burda has specialized in combining metal and hand-blown...

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Jaroslava a Dominika Sedláčková | Czech Fashion Designers

Jaroslava and Dominika Sedláčková

During the relatively short period of her activity in the field of fashion design, the Czech fashion designer Jaroslava Sedláčková has achieved a well-deserved place among the best fashion designers in the Czech Republic. Since 2008 Jaroslava has been cooperating with her daughter Dominika, with whom she is on the same wavelength, especially when it comes to fashion design. In her work, Jaroslava focuses on evening dresses, often...

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Anna Barošová | Black Dress

Anna Barošová

The young and talented fashion designer Anna Barošová designs limited collections of clothing for women and men that is not intended for catwalks, despite its light extravagance. On the contrary, the number of her clients is promisingly growing and involves managers and celebrities who draw admiring sighs when wearing her designs. Anna Barošová's collections are characteristic of original and slightly...

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Sali Fashion Studio | Wedding Dress

Sali Fashion Studio

Having invited a number of distinguished guests, Tereza Sabáčková opened her new studio, boutique, and dress rental in Prague at the YMCA Palace Na Poříčí. The Sali Fashion Studio was founded with the idea of catering to women who require an original, high quality and individual approach, which means that the business strategy of this studio is built specifically on tailor-made clothing. The quality of the fashion collections is ensured...

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Ja.Ne | Czech Design


The author of the Ja.Ne original minimalistic jewelry is the architect Jana Hamrová. Ja.Ne jewelry, which is handmade of silver and sometimes combined with other materials, excels in simple geometry and neat lines. Jana Hamrová's collection comprises magnificent earrings, rings and necklaces that will charm you with their unusual design and which will not fail to attract admiring comments both from your friends and strangers passing...

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Martin Žampach | Drinking Set

Martin Žampach

The young Czech designer Martin Žampach specializes mainly in industrial design, but also follows the glassblowing tradition of his family, which he enhances by his experience and sense of timeless design. In the field of product and industrial design, Martin Žampach creates for his company's clients competitive designs that will help them get ahead of their rivals. He puts emphasis on smart solutions that will help companies reduce...

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Segrasehra | Streetwear Fashion in Prague


Street fashion for women and men by Segrasegra has been on the Czech market since 2007, when the brand was founded by sisters Eliška and Dáša Mertová. Together they create limited collections of street wear that are sewn exclusively in the Czech Republic and also design custom-made clothing. Their collection called Don't Walk: Ride! was inspired by the city cycling trend that both sisters support and is designated especially for those...

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Kristýna Javůrková | Jakoby

Kristýna Jakoby Javůrková

The young Czech designer Kristýna Javůrková specializes in designing women's fashion with emphasis on simplicity, purity and quality of processing. Her designs bearing the Jakoby brand are not designated for specific age groups, occasions, gender or nationality. Kristýna Javůrková's clothes do not aim to set fashion trends or persuade the people who wear them about anything. Her clothes are available for those who like them, regardless...

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Deers Jewerly by Kamila Písaříková

Deer Jewelry by Kamila Písaříková

Original jewelry that will make any outfit unique in the form of pins, pendants, headbands and other accessories decorated with colorful deer friends are designed and created by Kamila Písaříková. Each piece is hand made of leatherette of various colors that forms the basis of a deer and from many other materials from the Czech Republic and abroad, such as Swarovski cut elements. Each deer is not only an original, but also has a name...

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Antipearle | Prague


If you love the look of pearls but wish for a more modern design in which to wear them, have a look at the offer of Antipearle. Antipearle offers a wide range of rings, earrings, necklaces and ear cuffs that come in gold or silver with white or black cultivated freshwater pearls. The jewelry design has an almost noble yet macabre element to it ensuring that if you are looking for something different in pearl design, you have found...

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Zuzana Kynčlová | Glass Jewelry

Zuzana Kynčlová

The young Czech designer Zuzana Kynčlová deals mainly with the design of glass objects for interiors which border on applied art, and fine arts and glass jewelry in combination with other materials. She mainly uses the technique of mold-melted and cut glass or metallurgical glass which she decorates with animal motifs created with a glass powder. Zuzana focuses on the shape, color, scale and proportions of her objects, which excel...

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Kow | Jewelry in Prague


The Kow brand by Jaroslav Kučera represents limited collections of jewelry, as well as interior accessories made exclusively from metal. The portfolio of Jaroslav Kučera, a graduate of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design under professor V. K. Novák, includes mainly wedding and other rings, earrings and more. Kučera creates jewelry from silver, white, yellow and rose gold, titanium, stainless steel and their combinations....

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Jara Design | Porcelain and Steel

Jara Design

Jewelry by Jara Design is characteristic of combining materials of various colors and qualities. The most common is the not so usual combination of white porcelain with dark steel. The result of the unique combination of these materials in the form of basic geometric shapes is very original jewelry with the typical touch of the Jara Design brand. Let yourself be charmed by earrings in the form of porcelain spheres or hemispheres combined...

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Jaroslava | Fashion Runway


Located in New Town in the whimsical Lucerna Passage is the unique Jaroslava fashion showroom and shop. At Jaroslava fashion boutique you can find interesting and well-constructed one-of-a-kind clothing pieces that will surely add a stylish spirit and fashion credit to any wardrobe. Jaroslava fashion is the brainchild of Jaroslava Procházková, a Czech fashion designer whose main aim in creating fashion for women is to support self-confidence...

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Zuzana Sedmidubská | 7dub | Prague

MgA. Zuzana Běhalová Sedmidubská - 7dub

MgA. Zuzana Běhalová Sedmidubská has been creating her original fashion collections under the 7dub brand since 2007. The graduate of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague draws inspiration most often from the surrounding environment and also puts great emphasis on the quality of processing. Her clothes are often asymmetrical and feature unusual fashion patterns. Clothes in each collection are...

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Věra Nováková | Jewel Designer | Prague

Věra Nováková

Jewelry designer Věra Nováková has been involved in designing and producing original jewelry in small collections since 2001. Even though she uses traditional techniques and materials, she chooses less traditional procedures. A particular jewelry design is always preceded by experimentation and the search for the perfect form and shape. A challenge for her is dealing with this idea and giving it the form of a more or less traditional...

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LIMITED. | Czech Design


LIMITED. is a young brand of original porcelain building on the tradition of top craftsmanship of porcelain production in Bohemia and especially on Czech Cubism and such names as Pavel Janák, Josef Gočár, and Josef Chochol. Its limited series often designed for individual clients are characteristic of their originality and uniqueness. The LIMITED. brand brings aesthetic pleasure, as well as the feeling of uniqueness and humor in the...

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BOA | Drinking Set

BOA design

The BOA brand represents limited collections of fashion and interior accessories, whose authors are the designer Petr Mikošek and fashion designer Michaela Vrátníková. BOA products boast of original design, focus on detail and a high quality of processing. Your interior will acquire new charm with original armchairs or a sofa made of polyurethane, “spider-like” chandeliers from the Neoline collection or perfect drinking...

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Chatty | Czech Original Fashion


Launched in 2005, Chatty is a fashion company started by Czech fashion designers Anna Tušková and Radka Sirková. This fashion-forward compnany has had the opportunity to work with Vodafone, Marlboro, Toyota, Kentoya, L’Oreal, Altoids, and Elite – just to name a few well-known companies that utilize Chatty’s fashionable look. The label Chatty specializes in ready-to-wear street fashion that uses quality denim material...

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Libor Sostak Design | Czech Designers

LSD (Libor Sošťák Design)

The young designer Libor Sošťák (born 1987) is involved mainly in product design, designing everything from fashion accessories to interior accessories. He also deals with graphic design, mainly with logos and brand designs plus interior design. Libor Sošťák studied industrial design with sculptor Vojtěch Anderle at the Secondary School of Applied Art (SUPŠ) in Uherské Hradiště and currently studies at the Academy of Arts, Architecture...

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MAYDA | Czech Clothing


MAYDA women's clothing designed by Magda Vachunová successfully comprises elegant lines, glove-fitting cuts and original color patterns. This young Czech designer works only with delicate materials, such as silk, cotton, viscose and wool. You will find mainly casual, comfortable designs in the pleasant background of the MAYDA showroom, which lies in the vicinity of Prague's shopping boulevard, Na Příkopě. The clothing include dresses,...

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Jiřina Tauchmanová | Dinner Dress

Jiřina Tauchmanová Couture & Tailor

As Jiřina Tauchmanová says, it all started when she sewed through her finger as a child. As a small kid she was already interested in the world of fashion and this passion has stayed with her ever since. Nowadays, her name is a famous brand in the fashion world. Her fashion salons in Nová Paka and Prague offer custom-made clothes for women and men, services for companies, organize fashion shows and provide consultancy in styling and...

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Katarze | Czech Designers


The Czech Katarze brand presents a unique and very original clothing line designed especially for home wear. Its authors, fashion designers Lucie Masnerová and Lucie Mokrá, specialize in home loungewear, a field that is mostly neglected by fashion designers. Besides clothing, shoes and accessories for home wear they also design original underwear. Katarze's collection consists of housecoats, blouses, undershirts, panties, as well...

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Verreum | Czech Glass


The VERREUM brand presents design glass that combines old glassmaking techniques used in the territory of the Czech Republic for many centuries with the contemporary designs of the foremost Czech and foreign designers. VERREUM was created by the SPACE CZ Company for the purpose of promoting and selling Czech hand-made glass both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Glass gems in the form of vases, bowls or lighting can be found side-by-side...

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Sistersconspiracy | Prague


Alice Klouzková and Jana Jetelová established the Sistersconspiracy label in 2005 when both designers were fresh out of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design school in Prague. Both ladies are especially interested in Menswear, which is evident in their fashion collections that present an alternative to boring mass-produced menswear found in the city of Prague. If you are a unique individual and you are searching for different,...

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Kubista | Czech Made Goods


Located on the ground floor of the superior Cubist House at the Black Madonna in the center of Prague is the Kubista design shop. This shop is not only wonderful in the fact that it is located in one of the most famous Cubist structures in the world, but also because the shop offers unique Czech Cubist and Art Deco meticulously restored originals...

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Modernista | Furniture


For over 16 years, Modernista has been a synonym for avant-garde Czech design and applied arts. The company was founded in 1999, originally as an online store with restored original furniture pieces from the 1930's. The company soon gained an excellent reputation and is now regularly featured in Czech and international design and housing magazines. The selection offered in the Modernista design shop is varied and wide with Czech Cubist...

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Belda factory | Colorful Rings

Belda Factory

Belda Factory has its modest beginnings in 1915, after the founder Ladislav Belda moved to the far away land of America from Turnov and opened Belda & Co., a firm that produced pearls and glass beads. After the company became a success, Ladislav also opened a jewelry store in New York City. After his stint in America, Mr. Belda then decided to go back to Bohemia and hometown of Turnov where he quickly became one of the most important...

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Material | Prague Shopping


In the historic Ungelt Courtyard located behind the imposing Gothic beauty of Tyn Church is Material, a glass design shop that sells gorgeous handmade glass in an equally beautiful setting. The shop is quite large and is situated in a Renaissance building that has been lovingly renovated with the esthetics of beauty in mind. The space showcases dark gray walls and vaulted ceilings with gorgeous wooden shelves that display the splendid...

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Leeda | Czech Fashion


In the maze of cobblestone streets that make up the Old Town district of Prague, you will find the Leeda fashion boutique. The Leeda label, by designers Lucie Trnková and Lucie Kutálková, offers distinct, limited and original fashion collections; perfect for those searching for unique clothing in the city of Prague. Leeda also collaborates with artistic people who impact the music, design, film, architecture and photography fields,...

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Papelote | Interior


What is hidden behind the name Papelote? It is an original Czech stationery store which gives paper and working with paper a brand new creative dimension. Paper is not just an element for writing but rather a complex material full of tastes, smells, sounds and colors. At Papelote you can find exercise books, notebooks, postcards, wrapping paper, covers and pencil cases, folders and a host of other things, all made in the Czech Republic...

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Jane Bond Fascinators

Jane Bond

Are you searching for a whimsical headpiece to make your wardrobe a bit more daring and original? Are you planning a wedding and need the fascinator of your magical dreams? If you answered yes to either question you need the Czech fascinator designer, Jane Bond! Jane Bond creates colorful and unique fascinators appropriate for any fashionable occasion. Each creation is handmade, making each headband different and completely unique....

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Zuzana Veselá | White Outfits

Zuzana Veselá

Zuzana Veselá is a unique fashion designer who makes beautifully romantic clothes perfect for everyday wear as well as special occasions, including bridal wear. Her avant-garde limited collections have been gracing Prague shops since 2004 and have become popular due to the clothing’s femininity and style. Zuzana Veselá is an Alumni of VSVU, Bratislava and also studied at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. Since 2008...

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Fashion Shop Parazit

Fashion Shop Parazit

Located in a whimsical passage off of Karlova Street and a stone's throw away from the world famous Old Town Square and set amidst a tattoo parlor, record shop and a hip café, is Fashion Shop Parazit. Fashion Shop Parazit is a small store that you cannot miss, offering affordable extravagant design clothing by Czech and Slovak students and young designers (for example, from La...

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Qubus | Concept Shop | Prague


Founded in 2002 by Jakub Berdych and Maxim Velcovsky, Qubus is a studio and design shop. The purpose in establishing the Qubus design studio was to offer a non-standard studio and shop that presents mainly the best of the best contemporary Czech and conceptual design to the public in the Czech Republic and abroad. Nowadays the award-winning Qubus design studio also focuses on interior architecture and graphic design. This whimsical...

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Futurista | Animal Vase

Futurista Universum

In the center of the Old Town district in Prague, opposite the Bethlehem Chapel and next to the Architect Club restaurant you can find the recently opened Futurista Universum, a fascinating combination of design shop and cultural center. Futurista not only sells the best of Czech...

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Rozbíjím se | Prague Design Chocolate

I Break

I Break is an exciting and sweet project by Michaela Tomišková and Yveta Kroupová making up a unique combination of gastronomy, emotion and design. The creators of this beautiful design delicacy simply love chocolate and long to provide their sweet design to chocolate lovers who will not only savor the taste of the elegant handmixed flavor blends, but also will connect positive emotions such as love and passion while enjoying the...

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Helena Heinz | Stone Soap

Helena Heinz

If you happened to be in attendance at some of Prague's Design Supermarkets or other design fairs you may have noticed a pretty lady sending sweet smiles into the crowd and presenting very fragrant handmade soaps that resemble stones. The lady in question is no other than Helena Heinz, a local designer who specializes in the production of quality soap made into unique stone-like shapes with a palette of layered soft pastel colors...

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Trash Made | Praha

Trash Made

Are you interested in original, high quality recycled jewelry, fashion accessories and interior décor? If you wish to purchase recycled products and support the mantra of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle then the brand Trash Made is just for you, support new life for old electrical appliances! Trash Made features cool avant-garde jewelry including animal and spaceship brooches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants, making...

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Maliska | Prague | Czech Designers


Taking Prague by storm are the cute and whimsical porcelain products by the Czech designer Lenka Sárová Malíská. Maliska’s products are available to buy at hip design shops throughout Prague and you will know them when you see them as they are salt and pepper shakers, plates, bowls, mugs, cups and saucers decorated and scattered with cute and colorful kittens, dogs, rabbits, trees, cottages and more. Maliska also makes lovely...

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