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Looking for a special souvenir or unique item to spice up your home in the city of one hundred spires? Why not wander through antique stores in Prague? Lovers of antiques will rejoice at the fine selection of items for sale in antique shops in Prague ranging in style from extremely old to Baroque to Art Deco and everything in between. There is a variety of antique shops in Prague, be it in the center of the city or in surrounding neighborhoods. Like most shopping in Prague it is better for your wallet to venture out into the less touristy neighborhoods to find some real treasures, however if you are looking for gorgeous valuable antiques in prime condition, then the city center is the best place to find antiques in Prague. A few good antique and flea markets also exist in the beautiful capital as well as outside of Prague. It is becoming an increasing trend to see antique markets on the riverbank and in some of Prague’s lovely squares as well. Keep your eyes open and you may just find a priceless treasure!  

Antiquing in Prague | Antique Shops



Arthouse Hejtmánek

Nestled in a lovely 17th century house with a dreamy garden in the gorgeous embassy neighborhood of Prague 6 is the Arthouse Hejtmánek gallery and auction house. This family business is the culmination of approximately 25 years of mutual interests, life and work – a love of collecting led them to a supreme collection of beautiful art, antiques and design objects from all over the world that fill the charming old house that acts...

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Le Bikes | Gorgeous Retro Bicycle

Le Bikes

If you happen to be searching for a vintage “pin-up” bicycle in Prague, turn to Le Bikes, a bicycle studio and shop in Žižkov. Founded by Vit Hlousek, Le Bikes is a wonderful retro shop where you can purchase amazing retro bikes that have been restored to their former glory. Vit Hlousek, whose search for a cream-colored retro bike spurred the founding of Le Bikes, is passionate about restoring and customizing old bikes....

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Dorotheum | Antiques | Painting of Lesser Town


Located in Prague’s magical Old Town district, and situated across from the famous Estate Theater, is Prague’s premier auction house and antique gallery, the Dorotheum. If you are searching for fine arts, antiques, diamond and precious gemstone jewelry, silver, porcelain, ceramics, glass and more, Dorotheum is the perfect place for you. It is interesting to note that the Dorotheum has a splendid collection...

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Antique V. Andrle | Back of a Hand Mirror

Antique V. Andrle

Located in the picturesque Old Town area of Prague by the fabled Vltava River and the world famous Charles Bridge are the V. Andrle antique stores (one of these shops is situated in the five-star Four Seasons hotel building, while the other is situated next door). These top quality antique shops in Prague feature some of the most beautiful, top-notch antiques the city of Prague has to offer. Since 1990 the Prague antique shop Antique...

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Kunstkomora | Rare Antiques in Prague


Are you a collector of antiques, trinkets or special objects from foreign lands? If so, and if you wish to add to your eclectic collection of valuable world objects, or if you just fancy a wander through one of the most interesting shops in Prague, then Kunstkomora – where collecting in an art form – is for you. Kunstkomora is a unique shop in the center of Prague where you can find a whole range of valuable antique curiosities...

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Galerie Art Deco | Prague Shopping

Galerie Art Deco

Located in the maze-like system of winding lanes that constitute Old Town, Galerie Art Deco, which opened in 1994 is one of our favorite antique shops in Prague. It is one of the best places to score unique colorful Art Deco jewelry made of all materials - the best finds being unique necklaces made of Czech glass. Galerie Art Deco also offers a fantastic selection of handbags and luggage, gloves made of leather and lace, furs, hats,...

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Pastorale Antiques | Bookcase

Pastorale Antiques

Established in Prague in 1991, Pastorale Antiques is the place to shop if you are looking for something special and different to what you would normally find in Prague antique, home décor and furniture shops. Pastorale Antiques is a soothing shop which features carefully chosen furniture of the highest quality for your home, garden and office plus an array of accessories including clocks, prints, china, maritime instrument décor,...

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Traditional | Carved Wood Block


Located in the charming area of Prague’s Old Town in the center of the magnificent city is Traditional, a shop selling pieces from one of the few remaining collections of old carved print blocks for textile printing. These functional antiques are all handmade, hand carved, unique and one-of-a-kind. The blocks were used from the beginning of the 1800s to the turn of the 20th century. The print blocks were made with three layers...

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Cinolter Antiques | Diamantový náramek

Cinolter Antiques

Located in Prague’s lovely Jewish Quarter and situated close to the world famous Old Town Square is Cinolter Antiques, one of the Czech Republic’s most respected antique dealers. Established in 2001 by Martin Cinolter, who has years of experience in the field of antiques, Cinolter Antiques has developed a professional relationship with Prague’s Jewish Museum and the National Gallery, thus securing their position...

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Galerie 22 | Art Deco Table

Galerie 22

Located in bustling New Town is Galerie 22, an antique boutique specializing in antique furniture and art from the 1920s on but which mainly offers a lovely array of unique Art Deco furniture and accessories. Galerie 22 is operated by Petr Smaha and Pavel Feigl, connoisseurs and collectors of beautiful relics of the past who have for many years collected Art Deco designs from all over Europe, namely France, the Benelux countries and...

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