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Are you searching for a wild piece of jewelry to change your wardrobe? Do you wish to own several show stopping pieces that won’t break the bank? What you need is costume jewelry! Costume jewelry, also known as fashion jewelry or fake jewelry is jewelry that is manufactured as ornamentation to match certain outfits and is affordable and trendy. The origin of costume jewelry came about in the 1930s when companies started to produce jewelry made from less valuable materials such as glass, plastic, synthetic stones and base metals, instead of precious stones and metals. The whole concept behind costume jewelry is that more is more, not less is more, or quantity over quality as you can own and keep purchasing numerous pieces of costume jewelry to spice up your wardrobe and keep it fresh as oppose to purchasing fine jewelry every once and a while. You can find interesting and unique costume jewelry in Prague as numerous Czech designers have jumped on the bandwagon trend of producing fun and funky costume jewelry for the fashionable Prague crowds. Have a look at our recommended designers and boutiques selling costume jewelry in Prague below. All of the Prague costume jewelry reviews are complete with full descriptions, colorful photos, contact information and maps.

Costume Jewelry | Shopping in Prague


Bohemia Design Market | Popcorn Necklace

Bohemia Design Market

Bohemia Design Market is an international design project that consists of, but is not limited to, a comprehensive design portal and convenient e-shop. The founder of Bohemia Design Market, Kateřina Lukášová, seeks to share original Czech design works here and abroad. Czech design products are created with precision and soul – because of this, these functional, unique design pieces need to be shared with the whole world. Bohemia...

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Swarovski Crystal Headquarters is located in Austria, but Daniel Swarovski, founder of the company and inventor of the revolutionary glass-cutting machine in 1892 that made Swarovski a luxury goods empire, was actually from northern Bohemia. Having started the company in 1895, Daniel Swarovski then established a crystal-cutting factory in Tyrol, in order to take advantage of the hydroelectricity he was not getting in northern Bohemia....

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Bára Vogeltanzová's Deer Jewelry

Bára Vogeltanzová's Deer Jewelry

Looking for an ideal souvenir from your Czech Republic travels or a gift for your loved ones? If so, have a look at original deer jewelry made by Czech designer Bára Vogeltanzová. These are original hand-made products and each piece is an original. The deer is decorated with Swarovski and Preciosa stones and with tailor-made stones made by traditional Czech jewelry companies. Pins, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are among the...

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Adéla Pečlová | Jewelry

Adéla Pečlová

Architecture student Adéla Pečlová creates design jewelry that is suitable for contemporary wearers who love clean curves and outstanding simplicity. Created in the Summer of 2011, Adéla Pečlová's line of jewelry creations that became a Czech brand under her own name in 2012 make use of simple lines combining metal coated glass, aluminum, wood, upcycled glass beads and neodymium magnets – she finds inspiration mostly in architecture...

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2d3D | 3D Collection | Prague


The name 2d3D presents fascinating jewelry that will charm you with a perfect illusion of dimensionality despite its flatness. Their authors are two young architects, Martina Bílková and Petra Hlaváčková, both graduates of the Faculty of Arts and Architecture in Liberec, who besides their hobby of designing and producing jewelry are involved in working for Prague-based architectural studios. This artistic duo characterize themselves...

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NILA | Home Decor and Jewelry


The NILA e-shop offers jewelry, accessories and home decor from all corners of the world – each piece therefore has its own exotic story. If you like unusual and exotic materials and high quality and care about the ethic origin of things that you surround yourself with, then you will certainly be charmed with the offer of this e-shop. Hand-made jewelry and accessories from ecological materials produced in fair-trade workshops...

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Deers Jewerly by Kamila Písaříková

Deer Jewelry by Kamila Písaříková

Original jewelry that will make any outfit unique in the form of pins, pendants, headbands and other accessories decorated with colorful deer friends are designed and created by Kamila Písaříková. Each piece is hand made of leatherette of various colors that forms the basis of a deer and from many other materials from the Czech Republic and abroad, such as Swarovski cut elements. Each deer is not only an original, but also has a name...

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LoveMusic | Fashion


LoveMusic is a Czech independent fashion and design brand whose original products can be purchased at stores in Prague and Brno or on its e-shop from the comfort of your own home. If you like amusing and high-quality design whether it is clothing, jewelry or interior accessories you should definitely have a look at the LoveMusic brand. LoveMusic's original design can be found in a wide range of jewelry, such as earrings, pins, headbands,...

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Jara Design | Porcelain and Steel

Jara Design

Jewelry by Jara Design is characteristic of combining materials of various colors and qualities. The most common is the not so usual combination of white porcelain with dark steel. The result of the unique combination of these materials in the form of basic geometric shapes is very original jewelry with the typical touch of the Jara Design brand. Let yourself be charmed by earrings in the form of porcelain spheres or hemispheres combined...

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LikeMe | Ring

LikeMe Jewelry

If you are searching for unique handmade jewelry for yourself or for a special gift, have a look at LikeMe. LikeMe is handmade jewelry made by Czech designer Karin Poláčková, who creates each unique piece in one color combination ensuring that each piece is in fact an original. If you like a specific design you can even request certain color combinations to your very own liking. If you wish to see LikeMe jewelry in...

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Trash Made | Praha

Trash Made

Are you interested in original, high quality recycled jewelry, fashion accessories and interior décor? If you wish to purchase recycled products and support the mantra of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle then the brand Trash Made is just for you, support new life for old electrical appliances! Trash Made features cool avant-garde jewelry including animal and spaceship brooches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants, making...

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Eva Růžičková | Czech designers

Eva Růžičková

Eva Růžičková is a young Czech designer specializing chiefly in jewelry and original interior decor but also on sculpture. When it comes to jewelry, it is viewed by this fresh graduate of the K.O.V. studio of Eva Eisler at the Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, as a deeply personal statement which should correspond with the physicality and the emotional state of those who wear it. Necklaces, rings, earrings and other...

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Indiva | Fashion Boutique in Prague


Located in the center of picturesque Prague, shoppers will find a treasure trove at the Indiva boutique. This charming design boutique is a welcome find in Prague as it stocks affordable and original design goods including clothing, jewelry, accessories and more, mainly of their own production. Women who like to present themselves in high quality, unique fashion with a touch of the exotic, will find many pieces here to add to...

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