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The city of Prague has a large selection of bookstores ranging from large Czech chains to small independent English bookstores, used bookstores, antique bookstores and more. Convenient E-shops selling new and used books have also become quite popular in the Czech Republic as well, which are perfect if you wish to do your shopping at home. If you wish to explore the many bookstores of Prague you are in for a treat as they are housed in a variety of interesting buildings from different eras. As an extra-added bonus some of the bookstores in Prague listed below feature cafes where you can enjoy a cup of coffee alongside a good book. Have a look at our recommend bookstores in Prague listed below. Complete descriptions, photos, contact information and maps represent all of the reviews. Happy reading!

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Shakespeare and Sons | Prague English Bookstore | Exterior

Shakespeare and Sons

Shakespeare and Sons is one of the best English bookstores in Prague. Situated in picturesque Mala Strana, Shakespeare and Sons has a very good selection of English books of all genres. A small section in the back of the store hosts a variety of very inexpensive classics. Shakespeare and Sons, located in a whimsical building, also boasts a historic cellar reading room with gorgeous Charles Bridge views where you can chill out with...

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Kampa Museum Bookstore & Gift Shop | Interior

Kampa Museum Bookstore & Gift Shop

Located in the Kampa Museum cultural complex you can find besides the world-class museum and restaurant, a comprehensive bookstore and gift shop selling products from the world of art, design and architecture to cherish for many years to come. The Kampa Museum bookstore and gift shop sells a variety of books including a large...

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Amadito & Friends | International Bookstore in Prague

Amadito & Friends

Located in Prague 5 in the bustling neighborhood of Smíchov is Amadito & Friends, a charming bookstore that offers a wide variety of books for children in English, German and French. Amadito & Friends is the first international bookstore for children in Prague and you can bet your child will be in language heaven with the selection of beautiful books there that are suitable for babies and toddlers and up to fourteen year olds....

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Palace of Books Luxor | Prague English Bookstores

Neoluxor Palace of Books

Neoluxor, a popular book chain, offers seven stores in Prague, the largest being located on Wenceslas Square, the Palace of Books. If Prague had a Barnes and Noble or Borders, this would be it. With over 60,000 titles to choose from and an in-store nonsmoking cafe, you will be comfortable and pleasantly surprised with the selection of books offered. Neoluxor offers mostly Czech titles however the Palace of Books on Wenceslas Square...

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Oxford Bookshop | Prague

Oxford Bookshop

If you are searching for foreign language books in Prague, the Oxford Bookshop features one of the biggest foreign language book collections in Prague and in the Czech Republic. Located in the city center of Prague in New Town, the Oxford Bookstore has a variety of fiction, non-fiction, art books, textbooks, dictionaries, books for children and more. A wide range of books is available at the bookstore from English, to French, Spanish,...

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Prague Kanzelsberger Bookstore


Kanzelsberger is a chain bookstore located in Prague and throughout the country. This review focuses on the Kanzelsberger located on Wenceslas Square in the center of Prague. The large bookstore features a varied English selection of non-fiction and a substantial selection of English art books (painting, interior design, architecture, photography, and so on) calendars and translated local interest books. It is worth...

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The Globe | Bookstore and Cafe

The Globe

The Globe, hailed as a Prague institution – a title it surely deserves – is a lovely restaurant, café and bookstore with over 10,000 new and used titles ranging in diversity, located in the New Town section of Prague. The Globe, established in 1993, and famous as the first English bookstore in Prague, features some of the best home cooking in the city of Prague and offers juicy burgers, crisp salads, colorful pastas, a...

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