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The city of Prague features a good variety of specialty food shops that sell everything from fresh, homemade Italian pasta to exotic Thai herbs such as lemongrass and holy basil. Specialty food shops are popping up everywhere in Prague and are easy to find in the city center, especially Italian deli shops and charming stores selling Spanish delicacies where you can also sit and sample delectable wine, cheese and delicious savory treats, fresh produce, sweet dishes and more. As well as delicatessens and wine shops this list features stores that sell organic food, as well as top bakeries in Prague where you can purchase fresh bread and desserts. If you are searching for specialty food shops in Prague, have a look at our comprehensive list of select, quality establishments listed below.

Prague Shopping | Specialty Food and Drink Shops


Gastronomica | Prague


This Italian delicatessen and bistro, designed by Mitte Studio is full of tasty traditional goodies. Gastronomica carries a wide selection of baked goods, balsamic vinegars and olive oils, coffees and teas, fresh fish and meat, fresh pasta, homemade sauces, cheese, rice and polenta, prosciutto, spirits, wine, vegetables, herbs, olives, and tinned goods as well....

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La Bottega di Finestra | Old Town Interior

La Bottega di Finestra

Located in the heart of Prague’s attractive Old Town is La Bottega di Finestra, an authentic Italian bistro that offers an array of Italian goods to go and delicious light meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you long to sample the best products that the gorgeous country of Italy has to offer, La Bottega di Finestra is the top bistro in Prague to visit. Opened in January of 2012 and operated by Riccardo Lucque and Ondřej...

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La Bottega Bistroteka | Prague Bistro

La Bottega Bistroteka

If you are searching for high quality Italian cuisine and deli goods, La Bottega Bistroteka will not disappoint. Located in Prague's pretty Old Town and situated in the popular Dlouhá Gourmet Passage, La Bottega Bistroteka is the perfect place for breakfast, lunch, or a light dinner – and for shopping for all things Italian of course! This bistro, sister to

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Prague Chocolate | Sweet Shop

Prague Chocolate

The family company Pražská čokoláda s.r.o. (Prague Chocolate s.r.o.) manufactures and sells the brand Steiner & Kovarik® (founded by Silvie Steinerová and Petr Kovařík in 2011) and a historical brand Nachfolger®. Steiner & Kovarik® and Nachfolger® products are sold throughout Prague in their charming little chocolate boutiques found in equally charming locations. Prague Chocolate offers high quality chocolate...

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Produits de France | Fresh Produce from France

Produits de France

Formerly known as Fruits de France, this charming store specializing in gorgeous fresh groceries imported weekly right from French ecofarms via the shop's own transportation, is located in the Prague 2. This wonderful intimate gourmet store features a wonderful variety of fruits and exotic fruits, vegetables (including fresh cherries all year long), imported French wine and Champagne (including Bouchard table wines), mustard, honey,...

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Seefood Shop | Palladium Exterior

Seefood Shop

Located in the historic Palladium Shopping Center, in the Lesser Town district and in Prague 6 is the Seefood Shop, a well-stocked store that sells not only a wide variety of fresh scrumptious fish but also meat including whole racks of lamb, poultry and sausages, dairy products, olive oils, canned delicacies including French and Japanese specialties and much more (Please not that Seefood Shop in Zborovská does not sell meat and poultry)....

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La Cave d'Adrien | Interior

La Cave d'Adrien

Located in the pretty residential area of Vinohrady in Prague 2 is La Cave d'Adrien, an excellent French wine boutique and delicatessen. The philosophy at La Cave d'Adrien is simple – they aim to spread their passion for high quality French goods by supplying such goods as wine, champagne and delicatessen items to Prague clients for affordable prices. The top quality products at La Cave d'Adrien have been carefully selected...

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Chez Greg Pere et Fils

Chez Greg Pere et Fils

Situated in the beating heart of Prague's charming neighborhood of Bubeneč is Chez Greg Pere et Fils, a lovely gourmet boutique offering a great selection of fine French wines and delicacies. Opened in 2010 and owned/operated by two wine lovers, Dominique Collin and Gregory Carranza, Chez Greg offers a wide range of French red, white, and rose wines, and champagnes (Bordeaux, Bourgogne Champagne, vins de Loire, etc.; this shop also...

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La Bottega Express | Italian Bistro in Prague

La Bottega Express

Located in the busy area of Florenc is La Bottega Express, an authentic Italian bistro and shop. In the high tradition of its sister establishments La Bottega Finestra and Gastronomica, La Bottega Express offers the best of the best in Italian cuisine available for dine-in or take-a-way – perfect for a quick business lunch with your colleagues or a light meal with friends. The bistro & shop opened in June 2014 under the...

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Flavours | Prague Wine Bars


Situated in the quiet residential area of Vinohrady next to a whimsical fountain with sea creatures is Flavours, a top quality wine bar and deli. This gourmet wine boutique offers an abundance of wine from around the world, a deli counter with a mouthwatering variety of cheese, sausage, and roast beef plus amazing olive oils, homemade sweets including cheesecake and cupcakes, gourmet chocolate, honey, and much more. The interior of...

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La Boucherie & Bistrot M | Interior

La Boucherie & Bistrot M

If you are looking for high quality French and international goods, do not miss the wonderful La Boucherie & Bistrot M! This delightful shop combines three stores into one – a butchery, deli, and a bistro where you can sample gourmet delicacies and chat with French Chef Jean-Paul Manzac, owner of this gem of a find. La Boucherie & Bistrot M offers an array of goods including a rich selection of tasty beef (veal cutlets...

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Wine Society

Wine Society

In the popular city quarter of Royal Vinohrady you will find a place perfectly satisfying for all true wine lovers – Wine Society. This concept, situated in a classic Art Nouveau apartment building with an enchanting interior designed by Portuguese architect Marco Maio, combines first-class service, a perfect orientation in the world of wine, and a true love of wine. There are several services at your disposal – firstly,...

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Dlouhá Gourmet Passage | Prague

Dlouhá Gourmet Passage

The Dlouhá Gourmet Passage is a gem of a find in the center of Prague's Old Town, just a short walk from the famous Old Town Square. This gourmet food passage is a must see for lovers of the finer things in life. At the Dlouhá Gourmet Passage, one of the first of its kind in Prague, quality and passion for all things gourmet rules. This food and beverage space that is dedicated to tradition, fresh, high quality products, and exceptional...

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Vlaštovka | Crab Meat


Established in 1999, Vlaštovka (swallow in English) focuses on the sale of high quality Russian specialities. Offering delectable treats that excel in excellent flavor and taste, Vlaštovka has five locations throughout the city of Prague, ensuring that one will be most convenient for your shopping experience. Due to the shop's vast experience importing goods from Russia, you can be sure to find only high quality and some hard to find...

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ARBAT | Caviar


Located in the residential area of Prague 6 is ARBAT, a Russian specialty shop. If you happen to be looking for authentic Russian goods in Prague, ARBAT is where it's at. The shop stocks not only a lovely variety of food and beverages that will have you singing the praises of all things Russian, but also Russian CDs, DVDs (for renting or buying), traditional glass and wooden crafts, and more. There is even a currency exchange in case...

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Robertson Fine Foods | Premium Ham

Robertson Fine Foods

Bringing Britain to Prague! If you are looking for high quality meat, cheese and more from back home in Britain or you wish to sample fine British goods, then head over to Robertson Fine Foods! This butcher shop located in Nusle, Prague 4 and in Dolní Břežany is a traditional butcher’s shop with fresh goods including a wide variety of premium meats such as beef, sausages, hams, bacon and salamis, plus cheeses, fresh eggs,...

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Dos Mundos | Prague

Dos Mundos

On the search for some great tasting high quality coffee in Prague? If so, head to Dos Mundos, a small cafe/shop where you can sample and/or purchase fresh roasted Dos Mundos coffee in Prague's Vinohrady neighborhood. The unassuming cafe is simple, clean and elegant – perfect for an interior that places emphasis not on decor but on the product they are promoting. Dos Mundos coffee is quite simply some of the best coffee we have...

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Country Life | Prague Specialty Shop

Country Life

Founded in 1991, Country Life is a health haven for organic food and other products such as natural cosmetics. Besides running 4 health food stores, Country Life also runs their own 400 acre organic farm that supplies produce to the public complete with a bakery, a vegetarian restaurant, and a cosmetic shop. And as if that didn't sound good...

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Sladká Paris – Hudební Espresso

Sladká Paris – Hudební Espresso

Find a little France, good food and wine in a cozy intimate shop called Sladká Francie (Sweet Paris) on Na Hanspaulce Street in Prague. The shop is connected with a pleasant café-bar called Hudební Espresso (Music Espresso). In the shop that is found dirictly at the square on the 131 bus stop, you can find a wide range of wines from all regions of France (mainly from the Bandol region) as well as various French delicacies, bio cosmetics...

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Wine Food Market | Průhonice | Interior

Wine Food Market

Quality Italian wines and groceries imported directly from producers can be purchased at the Wine Food Market establishments in Prague's Old Town, Smíchov, Dejvice, and in Průhonice. The Wine Food Market Company builds on the long-standing tradition of its parent company Buy Direct that has been on the market since 2005 and now operates as a B2B low cost company. Wine Food Market imports wine and groceries from local family-run firms...

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Pivovarský klub | Interior

Pivovarský klub

Situated in the increasingly-cool neighborhood of Karlín is the supremely popular, and non-smoking, Pivovarský Klub! At Pivovarský Klub, beer lovers can select from an amazing array of 240 international and local bottled beers and six excellent beers on tap. The Prague 8 beer club also offers tasty traditional Czech meals that fantastically compliment this golden drink of the Bohemian gods. The Czech fare on offer includes meals made...

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Moje Kredenc | Italian Shop

Moje Kredenc

Moje Kredenc, or what translates to My Cupboard in English, is a specialty food shop that specializes in high quality gourmet goods. At Moje Kredenc you can find an excellent selection of European wines including Spanish, Italian, Bohemian and Moravian wines, some of which you can sample after 4 p.m. every Thursday and Friday. In addition to a great selection of wines, you can also purchase gift boxes including port wine and giant...

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Sklizeno | Stores in Prague and Brno


Authentic food products by small- and middle-sized farms, growers and producers from Czech and Moravian regions can be found in the Sklizeno stores in Prague, Brno and Olomouc. Products of these stores are prepared without the use of any E preservatives and harmful additives, according to traditional recipes and from locally grown products. Thanks to Sklizeno's products you can enjoy the original natural flavor of food without any...

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Jan Paukert | Prague Shopping

Jan Paukert Delicatessen

Located on Narodni Street is Jan Paukert, a spacious delicatessen featuring everything gourmet. The large deli dates back to 1916, making it one of the oldest running delicatessens in the city of Prague. The interior features a front room with glass cases of delicious treats including their famous Czech "Chlebičky" sandwiches (open faced sandwiches with a variety of meats and cheeses combined with mayo, butter and even potato...

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Fork & Cork | Specialty Food and Drink Shop in Prague

Fork & Cork

The Fork & Cork store, offering up fresh delicacies, wine, and liquor, is a paradise for all gourmets in Prague. In cooperation with the U Staré Studny cognac and wine bar – located at the same address and sharing the same owners – Fork & Cork offers a wide selection of cognacs produced by family-run companies in France, whom the Fork &...

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Cellarius Wine Club & Shop | Prague

Cellarius Wine Club & Shop

With three establishments located in Prague and its surroundings - the Budečská and Lucerna wine bars and the Gourmet Černošice wine bar and café, Cellarius is a combination of a quality wine shop and an intimate wine bar and club. Cellarius offers over 1,300 varieties of wine from all over the world and specializes in the exclusive import of Vina Morandé from Chile, Rioja-Azabache from Spain as well as Bodegas Briego and Bodegas...

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The Candy Store | American and British Sweets

The Candy Store

Do you crave American and British sweets such as candy bars, soda pop, hard candy, tasty savory crisps and more? If you do, you no longer have to daydream about these super sweet and salty snacks! The Candy Store in Prague, to the pure delight of all those in love with American and British sweets and snacks has it all! The Candy Store stocks a wide variety of sweet and savory treats and you can find there products from big names in...

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Český grunt | Grocery Stores in Prague

Český grunt

The fantastic Český Grunt stores that can be found all over the Czech Republic offer traditional Czech groceries from small and medium-sized local producers and farmers. The aim of the founder of these stores was to bring genuine Czech groceries back to our tables and at the same time support the small and medium-sized farmers and producers who make up our communities. Fresh foodstuffs are selected not only with respect to their origin...

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Japa Shop | Prague

Japa Shop

Located in Prague 6 - Bubeneč, a popular residential area known for its wide tree lined streets dotted with small specialty restaurants and shops is the hugely popular and unique Japa Shop. The Japa Shop specializes in imported Japanese groceries and fun fashions and is in fact, not only the largest importer of Japanese goods in the Czech Republic but also in the whole of Central and Eastern Europe. The shop is open 7 days a week...

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Toro Blanco | Stylish Interior

Toro Blanco Spanish Foods

Prague's best selection of Spanish delicatessen food in Prague can be found conveniently located in Vinohrady, between Jiřího z Poděbrad and Flora metro stations. The surprisingly low prices will whet your appetite for some excellent treats. From hard to find flavors like Manchego cheeses and a line of chorizos and sobrasadas that will make your mouth water, to excellent favorites such as countless types of olives and a wall...

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La Caveau French Wine & Cheese Shop | Prague

Le Caveau French Wine & Cheese Shop

Located in the residential area of Zizkov in Prague is Le Caveau a combined wine and cheese shop with an intimate wine tasting area. Le Caveau, a family operated company aims to import quality international wines at affordable prices, which is exactly what you will find at Le Caveau. Le Caveau specializes in top quality French wines, all of which are tasted by a viticulturist before the final purchase. A large portion of the French...

complete review | E-shop with Delicacies

The Internet shop, which has been operating in the Czech Republic since 2005 as a supplier of quality goods for restaurants and five-star hotels, offers various delicacies from the Mediterranean in its e-shop and in its stores in Prague 2 and Prague 6. Its range of goods includes such delicacies as echinus caviar and roe, octopus in extra virgin olive oil and other seafood products as well as excellent Spanish hams,...

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Vom Fass | Prague Shopping

Vom Fass

Located in the popular residential area of Prague 2, Vinohrady is Vom Fass. Vom Fass, in the German language, translates to ‘from the barrel’ and that is exactly how you can expect to purchase their quality products that are on tap, bottled or draft. Vom Fass offers a variety of healthy cooking oils including olive oils (some examples: olive oil with mandarin, olive oil with basil, olive oil with rosemary, olive oil with...

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Bianco&Rosso | Shopping in Prague


This intimate shop was founded in 2007 by the owners of Pizzeria Grosseto and features a variety of Italian gastronomic products and a great selection of Italian wines. Bianco&Rosso chooses their traditional products from small, non-industrial producers who are concerned more with quality than quantity and of course the product’s authenticity. Bianco&Rosso...

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Farah Oriental Market | Prague

Farah Oriental Market

Farah Oriental Market is a wonderful food shop carrying Middle Eastern, Turkish, and Indian delicacies and spices. The shop offers a variety of certified halal meat neatly arranged in a case displaying fresh, thick and tender-looking lamb perfect for lamb chops, as well as Merguez sausage and chicken. This is the perfect place in Prague 1 to meet your certified halal meat needs. The sweets case is perfectly delectable-looking and...

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Little Italy | Prague

Little Italy

Located on a quiet residential street in Prague 6 is the Da Emanuel restaurant that features not only some of the best Italian cuisine the city has to offer but also Little Italy, an Italian specialty shop where you can purchase hard to find Italian delicacies including cheese, wine, olive oil, salami, sauces, spices and more. You can also purchase fresh Italian baked goods and pasta including the Da Emanuel’s own ravioli. ...

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Olympia Delicatessen and Wines | Prague

Olympia Delicatessen and Wines

If you ever get nostalgic about a vacation in Greece with its tavernas, traces of ancient history and the sunny beaches of the Aegean sea, you must visit Olympia, a wonderful Greek shop located between Vinohrady and Zizkov, selling Greek wine and tasty Greek treats. With its main shop located just off of Vinohradska Street, the Olympia Deli has a wonderful selection of olives (sold by weight or by the jar), Greek wines (including...

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Poultry Heaven | Premium French Poultry

Poultry Heaven

Lovers of top-class gastronomy, who also enjoy cooking at home, will be pleased by the premium French poultry supplied to the Czech Republic by Poultry Heaven, operated by the famous Czech chef Zdeněk Pohlreich and his wife. Exclusive French poultry, the breeding of which has enjoyed a long history in France and is strictly monitored, is considered to be the best poultry in the world. It is appreciated not only for its excellent appearance...

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Prague City Cake | Beautiful Design Cakes

Prague City Cake

Prague City Cake Company offers unique design cakes made to order, elaborately crafted down to the last detail and brought to perfection not only in appearance, but also in taste. If you long for a truly perfect cake, seek out the team of creative enthusiasts at Prague City Cake who will design a cake based on your requirements and perfect for your special occasion. Their cakes are inspired by architecture, music and fine arts, or...

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Vinom Wine Bar | Prague

Vinom Wine Bar & Cellar

Located in quiet residential Prague 6, nicely situated close to the Prague Castle, is Vinom, an intimate wine bar and wine cellar. This cozy, non-smoking establishment complete with small tables and a warm atmosphere features the perfect setting for sampling quality international, Czech and Moravian wines by the glass or bottle. With a wide range of the best international and domestic wines at affordable prices (Prices range from...

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Cheesy | Cheese Chain Store in the Czech Republic


Cheesy shops in Prague bring you the charming atmosphere of a traditional Dutch cheese store as well as a wide selection of reasonably priced delicious cheeses. The beginnings of the Cheesy company reach back to 2006 when it started importing cheese from the Dutch family cheese producer Veendaler Kaas and from the cheese business of Kaashandel J. Van Beek. The first Cheesy shop was opened in the area of Letna. Nowadays there are a...

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Bakery Mansson | Interior

Bakery Mansson

Located in the Jewish Quarter, on a side street next to the massive Intercontinental Hotel, sits Mansson Bakery; a welcome beacon for lovers of fluffy white breads and wholesome dark varieties and a welcome alternative to the heavy rye-laden Czech style bread (which is quite tasty, but variety is the spice of life). Beyond just bread, you can also find sweet offerings to start your mornings out right, crisp fresh salads, delectable...

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Diana World of Nuts | Prague

Diana World of Nuts

The extensive nut case in this shop will make your mouth water. You can purchase in bulk pine nuts, cashews, walnuts, Brazil nuts, pecans, peanuts; the list goes on. Diana World of Nuts also offers dried fruits, zesty wasabi peas; trail mixes, teas, herbs, seeds, hard candies, and sweet treats such as chocolate covered peanuts and raisins, sugarcoated jelly candies, licorices, and caramels. You can also find a limited selection of...

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Sapa Market Place | Prague

TTTM Sapa Market Place

If you have succumbed to the taste of Vietnamese cuisine be it as a consequence of your stay in a beautiful Asian country or your culinary experience at one of the Vietnamese restaurants and bistros that have been recently growing in numbers in Prague, sooner or later you will want to prepare some delicious Vietnamese dishes at home. The needed ingredients for your culinary magic can be best purchased at the large TTTM Sapa market...

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Bakeshop | Prague | Old Town

Bakeshop Praha

This establishment is located in the heart of Old Town just steps away from Old Town Square. It has become a household name in the area for its baked goods. Everything in the shop is made from scratch and 100% fresh as goods are baked daily. The diverse selection of goods is quite extensive ranging from bread to loaf cakes, savory pies, canapes, and even wedding cakes. Bakeshop even makes homemade sourdough bread, which is one of...

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Thai's Asian Food Shop | Prague

Thai's Asian Food Shop

Thai's Asian Food Shop, which is located in Vinohrady offers a wide range of Asian foods including rice noodles, rice, rice flour, tasty sweet snacks and more as well as exotic spices and sauces for all your exotic Asian cuisine creations. You will also find a great selection of frozen seafood from Thailand, Malaysia, India, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Every week a fresh stock of vegetables and herbs including...

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Culinaria | Prague Specialty Shop


Located in Old Town, Culinaria is an interesting unique place to shop and dine. If you are ever feeling homesick head to Culinaria where you can purchase goods from all over the world, goods such as freshly baked chocolate chip, peanut butter and oatmeal raisin cookies, and even Doritos! Besides selling wonderful American treats and international gourmet food, Culinaria also serves an affordable varied selection of tasty homemade...

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