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The Czech Republic is famous for its production of fine art glass. Just take a look around you and you will notice that almost every tourist shop sells Czech glass and crystal in styles ranging from lovely glass beaded necklaces to Czech crystal vases, wine glasses, champagne flutes and more, the list goes on. The companies that continue to wow us are the world renowned Moser, established by Ludwig Moser in 1857 and still considered one of the best Czech glass producers and Swarovski, famous for high end crystal glamour. The sought after and renowned Czech glass designers Rony Plesl, Jiří Pelcl and Olgoj Chorchoj are splendid designers to look out for as their products capture the true beauty of traditional high quality Czech glass in classic and modern designs. The Května Glass Factory is also another star to look out for if you are looking for high quality design glass. If you are searching for Czech crystal or Czech design glass have a look at our recommended Czech crystal and glass shops in Prague listed below.

Prague Shopping | Glass and Crystal


Dox by Qubus | Design Shop

Dox by Qubus

Located in the Dox Center for Contemporary Art in Holesovice is Dox by Qubus, a unique design boutique in the city of Prague. The Qubus design studio was created in 2002 by Jakub Berdych and Maxim Velcovsky who decided to establish a multidisciplinary stage for exploring, experimenting...

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Crystalite Bohemia Glassworks | Design Glasses

Crystalite Bohemia Glassworks

Founded in 1967 as a consortium of Bohemia glass companies in the Českomoravská Vysočina area, Crystalite Bohemia Glassworks is sold all over the world and enjoys well-deserved brand success due to the high quality of the glass products designed and produced at the factory. Glass production in this area dates back to the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries and it is clear from the quality and quantity of glassware made in this...

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Rony Plesl | Design Glass in Prague

Rony Plesl Studio

Rony Plesl is one of the best and most famous Czech product designers. This designer and sculptor is known mainly in the field of glass design and for his original glass and stone sculptures. He is also involved with interior design and drawing. Rony Plesl graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague where he has been working as the head of the Glass Studio since 2008. In 2002 he founded the Rony Plesl, s.r.o....

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Atelier Pelcl Design Glass | Prague

Pelcl Studio

Founded in 1990 the Pelcl Studio is a foremost design studio in the Czech Republic. Many years of experience for the main personality of the studio, professor and architect Jiří Pelcl, as well as implemented projects of other members MgA. Petr Mikošek and MgA. David Crla ensures the certainty of high-quality products and upmost satisfaction for clients. The Pelcl Studio deals with furniture, glass and porcelain design, residential...

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Glassimo | Prague Shopping


Founded in 2015 and located in the beautiful center of Prague, the Glassimo Gallery is a design boutique offering premium, high quality glass and porcelain. The beautiful decorative objects are created by the best Czech glassmakers, designers and artists. Many of the works on display in Glassimo are unique objects – why not invest in a one-of-a-kind piece of art glass by renowned Czech master glassmakers such as Bořek Šípek,...

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Olgoj Chorchoj Design Glass | Prague

Olgoj Chorchoj

The Prague studio Olgoj Chorchoj is known for its innovative design that has been presented with many awards and whose designers have gained acknowledgment not only among experts and the general public in the Czech Republic, but also outside of the country. From the very beginning the work of the architectural-designer studio that was founded in...

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Baccarat | Prague Boutique


Located in the gorgeous Art Nouveau Municipal House is Prague's Baccarat boutique. Founded in the mid-eighteenth century in Baccarat, France, this international luxury label is one of the best crystal manufacturers in the world. Offering a wide array of all things...

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Artěl | Prague Shopping | Design Glass


ARTĚL absolutely fills a niche in the luxury crystal market not only in Prague but also throughout the world as their work is carried in stores ranging from Bergdorf Goodman in New York to Christian Dior in Paris. ARTĚL focuses on mouth-blown hand-decorated crystal for the table and home, and while certainly decorative, all pieces are first and foremost intended to be functional. ARTĚL’s claim to fame is that they create the...

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Erpet Crystal |  Colored Crystal | Prague Shopping

Erpet Crystal

Located directly across from the world famous Astronomical Clock, Erpet Bohemia Crystal is a crystal megastore in the center of Prague. After viewing the hourly chime, pop into this massive store and purchase a little something for you and your family to cherish for generations to come. Erpet Bohemia Crystal sells top quality Bohemian crystal, pressed lead crystal, color cut crystal, chandeliers, Moser, Goebel porcelain, Czech garnets,...

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Bořek Šípek | Fruit Bowl

Bořek Šípek Collection

The Bořek Šípek Collection is a lovely and unique collection of glass objects including vases, light fixtures and chandeliers, tables, bowls and more. Created by Bořek Šípek, the design glass is top quality and will definitely add some drama and color to any household. Born in Prague, Bořek Šípek is a respected architect and designer who is known throughout...

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Burda Art Studio | Czech Designers | Czech Republic

Burda Art Studio

Blacksmith and glassblower Rudolf Burda from Mladá Boleslav specializes in modern artistic blacksmithing and free creation while using steel, stainless steel, hand-blown and cast glass and enamel. He inherited his relationship to handicraft work from his ancestors – his grandfather and father were upholsterers and they also had a blacksmith in the family. Since 1991, Rudolf Burda has specialized in combining metal and hand-blown...

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Design Studio Horák | Crystal Lamp

Design Studio Horák

Design Studio Horák creates interior and exterior objects that are produced only in small series and hand-made primarily by its founder, the architect and designer Bohuslav Horák. Boda Horák founded the brand in 1991 and two years later he started cooperating with the German distribution company Anthologie Quartett, thanks to which his design objects have reached virtually every corner of the world. Design Studio Horák designs lighting...

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Material | Prague Shopping


In the historic Ungelt Courtyard located behind the imposing Gothic beauty of Tyn Church is Material, a glass design shop that sells gorgeous handmade glass in an equally beautiful setting. The shop is quite large and is situated in a Renaissance building that has been lovingly renovated with the esthetics of beauty in mind. The space showcases dark gray walls and vaulted ceilings with gorgeous wooden shelves that display the splendid...

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Martin Žampach | Drinking Set

Martin Žampach

The young Czech designer Martin Žampach specializes mainly in industrial design, but also follows the glassblowing tradition of his family, which he enhances by his experience and sense of timeless design. In the field of product and industrial design, Martin Žampach creates for his company's clients competitive designs that will help them get ahead of their rivals. He puts emphasis on smart solutions that will help companies reduce...

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BOMMA | Prague


Under the BOMMA brand Bohemia Machine from Světlá nad Sázavou manufactures luxury crystal products in a modern style designed by foremost Czech and foreign glass designers. For the production of crystal glass it uses its own state-of-the-art production facilities in combination with handwork. Its exclusive crystal products are made from completely pure molten glass, precisely cut, treated and polished, so that a diamond-like sparkle...

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Moser Glass | Prague Shopping


Moser Glass sets the standard for high quality glass world round. The company is based in Karlovy Vary, but the city of Prague features two lovely Moser stores, both located in the Old Town, one on Old Town Square, and one on the main shopping artery of Na Prikope. The company was established in 1857 in the then Austro-Hungarian town of Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary) by Ludwig Moser, a Jewish German-Bohemian. After two World Wars and Communism...

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Swarovski Crystal Headquarters is located in Austria, but Daniel Swarovski, founder of the company and inventor of the revolutionary glass-cutting machine in 1892 that made Swarovski a luxury goods empire, was actually from northern Bohemia. Having started the company in 1895, Daniel Swarovski then established a crystal-cutting factory in Tyrol, in order to take advantage of the hydroelectricity he was not getting in northern Bohemia....

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Modernista | Furniture


For over 16 years, Modernista has been a synonym for avant-garde Czech design and applied arts. The company was founded in 1999, originally as an online store with restored original furniture pieces from the 1930's. The company soon gained an excellent reputation and is now regularly featured in Czech and international design and housing magazines. The selection offered in the Modernista design shop is varied and wide with Czech Cubist...

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Riedel Glass Company | Bordeaux Glass

The Riedel Wine Glass Company

Located in the Slovansky Dum shopping center is the Riedel Wine Glass Company. The Riedel Wine Glass Company is a family run company that dates back over 300 years, and has enjoyed immense success for their quality glassware. For eleven generations the Riedel Wine Glass Company has been continually producing quality wine glasses intended to last a lifetime, however it was not until Claus Riedel that the company became world-famous...

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Verreum | Czech Glass


The VERREUM brand presents design glass that combines old glassmaking techniques used in the territory of the Czech Republic for many centuries with the contemporary designs of the foremost Czech and foreign designers. VERREUM was created by the SPACE CZ Company for the purpose of promoting and selling Czech hand-made glass both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Glass gems in the form of vases, bowls or lighting can be found side-by-side...

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Cave Canem Studio | Design Glass

Cave Canem Studio

If you are looking for original, beautiful glass products in Prague do not miss the beautiful creations from the Cave Canem Studio. The studio of Cave Canem hand produces vases, bowls, glasses, and accessories such as charming glass badges, as well as paintings. All of the design items are made in small numbers to protect the integrity of the craftsmanship and originality. The studio focuses on color as an important element in their...

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Zuzana Kynčlová | Glass Jewelry

Zuzana Kynčlová

The young Czech designer Zuzana Kynčlová deals mainly with the design of glass objects for interiors which border on applied art, and fine arts and glass jewelry in combination with other materials. She mainly uses the technique of mold-melted and cut glass or metallurgical glass which she decorates with animal motifs created with a glass powder. Zuzana focuses on the shape, color, scale and proportions of her objects, which excel...

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Qubus | Concept Shop | Prague


Founded in 2002 by Jakub Berdych and Maxim Velcovsky, Qubus is a studio and design shop. The purpose in establishing the Qubus design studio was to offer a non-standard studio and shop that presents mainly the best of the best contemporary Czech and conceptual design to the public in the Czech Republic and abroad. Nowadays the award-winning Qubus design studio also focuses on interior architecture and graphic design. This whimsical...

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Futurista | Animal Vase

Futurista Universum

In the center of the Old Town district in Prague, opposite the Bethlehem Chapel and next to the Architect Club restaurant you can find the recently opened Futurista Universum, a fascinating combination of design shop and cultural center. Futurista not only sells the best of Czech...

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Kubista | Czech Made Goods


Located on the ground floor of the superior Cubist House at the Black Madonna in the center of Prague is the Kubista design shop. This shop is not only wonderful in the fact that it is located in one of the most famous Cubist structures in the world, but also because the shop offers unique Czech Cubist and Art Deco meticulously restored originals...

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Blue Praha | Prague Glass and Crystal

Blue Praha

Blue Praha is convenient with several locations throughout the city (including two airport shops) and good prices to match. If you wish to take home handmade glass from the Czech Republic, this is the store where you will find less expensive and more modern glassware than the more traditional Czech designs. You can find the perfect gift to take home with you at Blue Praha whether it is stemware, a vase, a charming glass animal, a...

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