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There are many gifts shops to be found around Prague, so it is hard to know which ones are best. No matter what you are looking for, you will find it and more – plus many other interesting items as well. Whether you are looking for quality handmade Czech souvenirs to remember your time in Prague by, or if you are looking for gifts for your friends or for a special occasion gift, Prague has many interesting stores selling everything from vintage posters to jewelry, wine, fashion, artwork, collectibles, art glass, design decor, and much more. Check out our list of the best gift shops in Prague for just the right kind of unique gifts that you will love giving.


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Ondřej Pýcha – Sportovci | Book Cover | Sáblíková

Ondřej Pýcha – Sportovci

What is the one thing that unites all world nations, including the Czech nation? Sports. It stokes the fire of passion, teaches us the principle of fair play, and so on. Simply, it plays an integral role with human beings. Ondřej Pýcha, portrait and commercial photographer based in Prague knows that and showcases this in his new book, the Sportsmen. This new piece by Ondřej Pýcha consists of a complex collection of portraits, presenting...

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Bohemia Design Market | Popcorn Necklace

Bohemia Design Market

Bohemia Design Market is an international design project that consists of, but is not limited to, a comprehensive design portal and convenient e-shop. The founder of Bohemia Design Market, Kateřina Lukášová, seeks to share original Czech design works here and abroad. Czech design products are created with precision and soul – because of this, these functional, unique design pieces need to be shared with the whole world. Bohemia...

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Jain&Kriz | Prague Shopping


Located in Prague 6 is Jain&Kříž, a lovely shop and studio where you can purchase high quality design goods from the whimsical subcontinent of India. Jain&Kříž offers a variety of home goods including colorful tablecloths, 100% cotton baby quilts with animal patterns (think elephants, camels, holy cows, flowers, etc.), handsome pillows & throws, cosmetic or trinket bags for storage, and much much more. Should you be looking...

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Family Calendars | Patagonie

Patagonie – Special Creative Calendars

Whether you are looking for a really special gift, or you are an active mother who must cope with a million things at once, you will definitely appreciate a wide range of calendars with special ideas from the Patagonie team. The Patagonie team consists of two trained journalists, mothers of five children, who use their practical experience while creating their calendars and that is why all the calendars are so inspiring. You will...

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Artěl | Prague Shopping | Design Glass


ARTĚL absolutely fills a niche in the luxury crystal market not only in Prague but also throughout the world as their work is carried in stores ranging from Bergdorf Goodman in New York to Christian Dior in Paris. ARTĚL focuses on mouth-blown hand-decorated crystal for the table and home, and while certainly decorative, all pieces are first and foremost intended to be functional. ARTĚL’s claim to fame is that they create the...

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LoveMusic | Fashion


LoveMusic is a Czech independent fashion and design brand whose original products can be purchased at stores in Prague and Brno or on its e-shop from the comfort of your own home. If you like amusing and high-quality design whether it is clothing, jewelry or interior accessories you should definitely have a look at the LoveMusic brand. LoveMusic's original design can be found in a wide range of jewelry, such as earrings, pins, headbands,...

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Futurista | Animal Vase

Futurista Universum

In the center of the Old Town district in Prague, opposite the Bethlehem Chapel and next to the Architect Club restaurant you can find the recently opened Futurista Universum, a fascinating combination of design shop and cultural center. Futurista not only sells the best of Czech...

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Yoyo Store | Shop Interior

Yoyo Store

Visit Prague's YOYO STORE, located in a maze of small streets in the center of the historical city. Established in 2009, YOYO STORE is the first brick & mortar yoyo shop of its kind in Europe. The store was created by a group of professional yoyo players who are sponsored by leading yoyo brands such as Duncan, Werrd, Yoyofficer and others, ensuring that you're getting the best yoyo advice directly from the pros. The YOYO STORE...

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Kubista | Czech Made Goods


Located on the ground floor of the superior Cubist House at the Black Madonna in the center of Prague is the Kubista design shop. This shop is not only wonderful in the fact that it is located in one of the most famous Cubist structures in the world, but also because the shop offers unique Czech Cubist and Art Deco meticulously restored originals...

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Qubus | Concept Shop | Prague


Founded in 2002 by Jakub Berdych and Maxim Velcovsky, Qubus is a studio and design shop. The purpose in establishing the Qubus design studio was to offer a non-standard studio and shop that presents mainly the best of the best contemporary Czech and conceptual design to the public in the Czech Republic and abroad. Nowadays the award-winning Qubus design studio also focuses on interior architecture and graphic design. This whimsical...

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Galerie Art Deco | Prague Shopping

Galerie Art Deco

Located in the maze-like system of winding lanes that constitute Old Town, Galerie Art Deco, which opened in 1994 is one of our favorite antique shops in Prague. It is one of the best places to score unique colorful Art Deco jewelry made of all materials - the best finds being unique necklaces made of Czech glass. Galerie Art Deco also offers a fantastic selection of handbags and luggage, gloves made of leather and lace, furs, hats,...

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Chatty | Czech Original Fashion


Launched in 2005, Chatty is a fashion company started by Czech fashion designers Anna Tušková and Radka Sirková. This fashion-forward compnany has had the opportunity to work with Vodafone, Marlboro, Toyota, Kentoya, L’Oreal, Altoids, and Elite – just to name a few well-known companies that utilize Chatty’s fashionable look. The label Chatty specializes in ready-to-wear street fashion that uses quality denim material...

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Modernista | Furniture


For over 16 years, Modernista has been a synonym for avant-garde Czech design and applied arts. The company was founded in 1999, originally as an online store with restored original furniture pieces from the 1930's. The company soon gained an excellent reputation and is now regularly featured in Czech and international design and housing magazines. The selection offered in the Modernista design shop is varied and wide with Czech Cubist...

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A la Maison | Home Decor in Prague

À la Maison

Home accessories of first-rate quality from international brands that are sure to bring pleasure and a unique atmosphere into your home can be found at the À la Maison interior boutique in the Palladium shopping center in Prague 1 and at the New Living Center in Prague 5 – Stodůlky. You will find handmade candles, aroma diffusers, high-quality hand and bath towels, bathroom accessories, and many other products in the boutique....

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Fashion Shop Parazit

Fashion Shop Parazit

Located in a whimsical passage off of Karlova Street and a stone's throw away from the world famous Old Town Square and set amidst a tattoo parlor, record shop and a hip café, is Fashion Shop Parazit. Fashion Shop Parazit is a small store that you cannot miss, offering affordable extravagant design clothing by Czech and Slovak students and young designers (for example, from La...

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Sladká Paris – Hudební Espresso

Sladká Paris – Hudební Espresso

Find a little France, good food and wine in a cozy intimate shop called Sladká Francie (Sweet Paris) on Na Hanspaulce Street in Prague. The shop is connected with a pleasant café-bar called Hudební Espresso (Music Espresso). In the shop that is found dirictly at the square on the 131 bus stop, you can find a wide range of wines from all regions of France (mainly from the Bandol region) as well as various French delicacies, bio cosmetics...

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Riedel Glass Company | Bordeaux Glass

The Riedel Wine Glass Company

Located in the Slovansky Dum shopping center is the Riedel Wine Glass Company. The Riedel Wine Glass Company is a family run company that dates back over 300 years, and has enjoyed immense success for their quality glassware. For eleven generations the Riedel Wine Glass Company has been continually producing quality wine glasses intended to last a lifetime, however it was not until Claus Riedel that the company became world-famous...

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Maříž Ceramics | Mug

Maříž Ceramics

Maříž is a ceramics company with locations both in Prague and outside of Prague. Maříž Ceramics is named after the village of Maříž, a small village that lies close to Slavonice which is situated in the beautiful border area where Bohemia, Moravia, and Austria meet. Founded in 1991 by Kryštof Trubáček, local artist and glassworker, the original Maříž Ceramics Oasis in Maříž became famous as a cultural and tourist center selling whimsical...

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Traditional | Carved Wood Block


Located in the charming area of Prague’s Old Town in the center of the magnificent city is Traditional, a shop selling pieces from one of the few remaining collections of old carved print blocks for textile printing. These functional antiques are all handmade, hand carved, unique and one-of-a-kind. The blocks were used from the beginning of the 1800s to the turn of the 20th century. The print blocks were made with three layers...

complete review | Stone Sculptures from Zimbabwe

Stone Sculptures from Zimbabwe –

The idea of making African sculpture accessible to Czech collectors of art was started in 2005 by Miroslava Sodomková. Since her tragic death in 2007, her husband Ondřej Homolka has continued her work. Ondřej Homolka imports African stone sculptures by sculptors from Zimbabwe, mainly from the Tengenenge art community, to the Czech Republic, where he displays them under the open sky or at various galleries and also...

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Jaroslava | Fashion Runway


Located in New Town in the whimsical Lucerna Passage is the unique Jaroslava fashion showroom and shop. At Jaroslava fashion boutique you can find interesting and well-constructed one-of-a-kind clothing pieces that will surely add a stylish spirit and fashion credit to any wardrobe. Jaroslava fashion is the brainchild of Jaroslava Procházková, a Czech fashion designer whose main aim in creating fashion for women is to support self-confidence...

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Choco Loves Coffee | Chocolate Truffles

Choco Loves Coffee

A magical world of chocolate made of cocoa beans of the highest quality with no added preservatives, artificial sweeteners and colors awaits you in the Vinohrady chocolaterie Choco Loves Coffee. The local chocolate delicacies create a multifarious symphony of shapes, aroma and tastes that will simply enchant you. In this Prague chocolaterie you will discover many new secrets of chocolate that will amaze and delight you. Whether you...

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Studio Pirsc Porcelain

Studio Pirsc Porcelain

Founded in Mikulov in 2005 by Daniel Pirsc, Studio Pirsc Porcelain is one of the leading studios in the world of porcelain design and production in the Czech Republic and abroad. Pirsc’s porcelain is successful due to its high quality and original design - which is nothing short of whimsical. One of the most intriguing porcelain products created and produced by Studio Pirsc is the original 3D Wallpaper. This porcelain wallpaper...

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Guerlain Paris L’Institut | Prague

Guerlain Paris L’Institut

Located in bustling Old Town, Guerlain Paris L’Institut is Prague’s top beauty salon where all of your beauty needs can be fully met. The house of Guerlain was founded in Paris in 1828 and is among the world’s oldest perfume houses. It is said that confectionary products offered the original inspiration for the first perfumes concocted by the French company, which was clearly apparent with the usage of vanilla and...

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EM Decor | French Design Furniture | Prague

EM Decor

Are you a romantic soul who has succumbed to the charm of French style? The charm of a French home can be recreated in your own space with the help of French design home decor and furniture offered by the EM Decor e-shop. The wide variety of items offered by EM Decor's furniture and home accessories will certainly fulfill the expectations of every Francophile. Even more so, because the prices of the furniture and home decor are very...

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Japa Shop | Prague

Japa Shop

Located in Prague 6 - Bubeneč, a popular residential area known for its wide tree lined streets dotted with small specialty restaurants and shops is the hugely popular and unique Japa Shop. The Japa Shop specializes in imported Japanese groceries and fun fashions and is in fact, not only the largest importer of Japanese goods in the Czech Republic but also in the whole of Central and Eastern Europe. The shop is open 7 days a week...

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Trash Made | Praha

Trash Made

Are you interested in original, high quality recycled jewelry, fashion accessories and interior décor? If you wish to purchase recycled products and support the mantra of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle then the brand Trash Made is just for you, support new life for old electrical appliances! Trash Made features cool avant-garde jewelry including animal and spaceship brooches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants, making...

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Kampa Museum Bookstore & Gift Shop | Interior

Kampa Museum Bookstore & Gift Shop

Located in the Kampa Museum cultural complex you can find besides the world-class museum and restaurant, a comprehensive bookstore and gift shop selling products from the world of art, design and architecture to cherish for many years to come. The Kampa Museum bookstore and gift shop sells a variety of books including a large...

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Dorotheum | Antiques | Painting of Lesser Town


Located in Prague’s magical Old Town district, and situated across from the famous Estate Theater, is Prague’s premier auction house and antique gallery, the Dorotheum. If you are searching for fine arts, antiques, diamond and precious gemstone jewelry, silver, porcelain, ceramics, glass and more, Dorotheum is the perfect place for you. It is interesting to note that the Dorotheum has a splendid collection...

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Guan Yin | Feng Shui in Prague

Guan Yin

The ancient Chinese system of aesthetics called Feng Shui is one of the major themes of the Guan Yin store. In addition to Feng Shui articles, you will find a wide range of Chinese food, teas and oriental goods. The name of the store is taking from the goddess of mercy, Guan Yin, who was introduced to the world in a 12th century legend. Feng Shui experts will surely enjoy the wide offer of reasonably-priced items available at Guan...

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Bianco&Rosso | Shopping in Prague


This intimate shop was founded in 2007 by the owners of Pizzeria Grosseto and features a variety of Italian gastronomic products and a great selection of Italian wines. Bianco&Rosso chooses their traditional products from small, non-industrial producers who are concerned more with quality than quantity and of course the product’s authenticity. Bianco&Rosso...

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Jane Bond Fascinators

Jane Bond

Are you searching for a whimsical headpiece to make your wardrobe a bit more daring and original? Are you planning a wedding and need the fascinator of your magical dreams? If you answered yes to either question you need the Czech fascinator designer, Jane Bond! Jane Bond creates colorful and unique fascinators appropriate for any fashionable occasion. Each creation is handmade, making each headband different and completely unique....

complete review | Aroma diffusers

The online shop offers quality goods for the interior of your home from renowned European brands. Brands that can be purchased at are selected with the utmost care so that they meet customers' highest expectations. offers various accessories which will brighten up your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. The online shop's wide assortment includes quality bed linen by foremost French brands Anne...

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Sanu Babu | Turquoise Earrings

Sanu Babu

If you are searching for gifts from exotic lands, Sanu Babu is the perfect place to look and explore. Sanu Babu, whose flagship store is located in the center of Prague's picturesque Old Town, offers a wide range of quality, colorful goods from across Asia and the colorful subcontinent of India. Whether you are searching for silver jewelry, colorful clothing, leather or embroidered Indian shoes, wooden furniture, sculptures, decorations,...

complete review | Rabbit | Jan Haubelt

The store, gallery and studio is a “place full of senses” where you will discover more than design, as the motto of the store on its website reveals. is an e-shop and design shop, as well as a gallery and studio where they will create custom-made design for you. In the e-shop's sections, such as jewelry, interior, dining or graphics, you can view products in the comfort of your home and...

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Design Boutique in Prague | Hard-De-Core


Located on the whimsical Senovazne Namesti, or Hay Square, in the center of Prague is the equally whimsical Hard-De-Core design shop and gallery. This modern shop that represents Czech and foreign design is full of cool unique gifts in its experimental showroom that features independent companies, independent designers, well-known designers and more. Czech and foreign design are represented by an array of lovely gifts including unique...

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InSpiro | Prague Design Shops


The exclusive InSpiro design shop is located in Prague 2's famous Vinohrady and offers top quality furnishings from international name-brand companies, as well as interior design accessories. Some of the grand offerings at InSpiro include rich pieces of furniture from the Italian company Porada, comfortable sofas from Duvivier, a French company famous for its high-end material and its quality processing, Sifas garden furniture, bamboo...

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Sistersconspiracy | Prague


Alice Klouzková and Jana Jetelová established the Sistersconspiracy label in 2005 when both designers were fresh out of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design school in Prague. Both ladies are especially interested in Menswear, which is evident in their fashion collections that present an alternative to boring mass-produced menswear found in the city of Prague. If you are a unique individual and you are searching for different,...

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Rozbíjím se | Prague Design Chocolate

I Break

I Break is an exciting and sweet project by Michaela Tomišková and Yveta Kroupová making up a unique combination of gastronomy, emotion and design. The creators of this beautiful design delicacy simply love chocolate and long to provide their sweet design to chocolate lovers who will not only savor the taste of the elegant handmixed flavor blends, but also will connect positive emotions such as love and passion while enjoying the...

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Le Patio Lifestyle | Study

Le Patio Lifestyle

Le Patio Lifestyle is a renowned boutique with a tradition stretching across nearly twenty years, specializing in original furniture, decorations, and other products imported from all over the world, as well as in interior design and redesign. Le Patio Lifestyle has two locations throughout the capital city of Prague (at Jungmannova and Dušní street), and each one features a sensory overload of all things cultural and exotic including...

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La Caveau French Wine & Cheese Shop | Prague

Le Caveau French Wine & Cheese Shop

Located in the residential area of Zizkov in Prague is Le Caveau a combined wine and cheese shop with an intimate wine tasting area. Le Caveau, a family operated company aims to import quality international wines at affordable prices, which is exactly what you will find at Le Caveau. Le Caveau specializes in top quality French wines, all of which are tasted by a viticulturist before the final purchase. A large portion of the French...

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Leeda | Czech Fashion


In the maze of cobblestone streets that make up the Old Town district of Prague, you will find the Leeda fashion boutique. The Leeda label, by designers Lucie Trnková and Lucie Kutálková, offers distinct, limited and original fashion collections; perfect for those searching for unique clothing in the city of Prague. Leeda also collaborates with artistic people who impact the music, design, film, architecture and photography fields,...

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Manufaktura | Prague Shopping


Established in 1991 Manufaktura, a popular gift shop chain selling a variety of handmade Czech goods, is a 100% Czech company, and is famous for selling traditional handmade wooden toys and folk art plus a wide variety of natural cosmetics and soaps inspired by balneology and made from natural Czech ingredients such as Czech beer, Moravian wine, Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary) thermal salts, Dead Sea salt, curative herbs, and more. Manufaktura...

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Papelote | Interior


What is hidden behind the name Papelote? It is an original Czech stationery store which gives paper and working with paper a brand new creative dimension. Paper is not just an element for writing but rather a complex material full of tastes, smells, sounds and colors. At Papelote you can find exercise books, notebooks, postcards, wrapping paper, covers and pencil cases, folders and a host of other things, all made in the Czech Republic...

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Sportalm Kitzbühel | Prague

Sportalm Kitzbühel

Sportalm Kitzbühel, an Austrian producer of first class sportswear, accessories and leisure clothes runs two fashion stores in Prague, one in Ungelt and one in the Arkady Pankrac Fashion Gallery. Sportalm offers clothes for skiers, golfers and tennis players, however it is important to know that at Sportalm you don't have to be sporty in order to fall in love with their clothes! The clothes combine elegance with a high level of usefulness...

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Legáček | Lego Toys


Legáček is the place for true lovers of Lego! Legos have a long tradition dating back to 1947 and continue to be popular today, as seen by the millions of Lego fans worldwide. Anyone who has ever tried Legos will certainly confirm that it is difficult not to get addicted to them. The real proof can be that parents sometimes play with Legos just as much as their children. Lego structures can easily be composed, fit perfectly together...

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Helena Heinz | Stone Soap

Helena Heinz

If you happened to be in attendance at some of Prague's Design Supermarkets or other design fairs you may have noticed a pretty lady sending sweet smiles into the crowd and presenting very fragrant handmade soaps that resemble stones. The lady in question is no other than Helena Heinz, a local designer who specializes in the production of quality soap made into unique stone-like shapes with a palette of layered soft pastel colors...

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Apropos | Home Decor in Prague

Apropos - Your Lifestyle

The Apropos design shop located on Dlouhá Street in the center of Old Town offers a wide range of gifts including decorative lamps, antique-style commodes, alarms and decorative clocks, newspaper holders, and unique tea sets. This store, covering an area of 160 square meters, offers designer interior décor items, designer gifts, furniture, lighting, home textiles and many other English Heritage, Glamour, and French Provencal styles...

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Bonsai Garden | Prague

Bonsai Garden

Bonsai Garden is a small family gardening business owned by the Kliment family in Prague 6, Břevnov. Bonsai Garden's specialized premises include a plant shop, outdoor garden and a heated glasshouse open throughout the year. Bonsai Garden specializes not only in indoor and outdoor bonsai trees but offers many other plants as well. You can choose from a wide variety of orchids, cacti and epiphyte (popular air plants) or even carnivorous...

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Naoko | Prague Gift Shops


Naoko is a trademark of both an Internet shop and stores in Prague, operated by Albertina Ltd. Company - an importer of a wide range of home accessories and gifts from suppliers from all around the world. You can be sure that all Naoko products will vivify and brighten up any apartment or house. Naoko offers to its customers a range of famous designer brands that consist of household products and gifts that feature a unique design....

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Belda factory | Colorful Rings

Belda Factory

Belda Factory has its modest beginnings in 1915, after the founder Ladislav Belda moved to the far away land of America from Turnov and opened Belda & Co., a firm that produced pearls and glass beads. After the company became a success, Ladislav also opened a jewelry store in New York City. After his stint in America, Mr. Belda then decided to go back to Bohemia and hometown of Turnov where he quickly became one of the most important...

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Vom Fass | Prague Shopping

Vom Fass

Located in the popular residential area of Prague 2, Vinohrady is Vom Fass. Vom Fass, in the German language, translates to ‘from the barrel’ and that is exactly how you can expect to purchase their quality products that are on tap, bottled or draft. Vom Fass offers a variety of healthy cooking oils including olive oils (some examples: olive oil with mandarin, olive oil with basil, olive oil with rosemary, olive oil with...

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Popout | Origami Light


If you like to surprise your friends or yourself with an original, unique gift from time to time, do not miss the Popout e-shop. Popout offers a wide and varied catalogue of products from Czech and international designers, which includes fashion accessories and jewelry as well as household objects and decorations for your bathroom, kitchen, living room and garden. Visit the Popout e-shop and escape the gray reality of the working...

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Zuzana Veselá | White Outfits

Zuzana Veselá

Zuzana Veselá is a unique fashion designer who makes beautifully romantic clothes perfect for everyday wear as well as special occasions, including bridal wear. Her avant-garde limited collections have been gracing Prague shops since 2004 and have become popular due to the clothing’s femininity and style. Zuzana Veselá is an Alumni of VSVU, Bratislava and also studied at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. Since 2008...

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Cellarius Wine Club & Shop | Prague

Cellarius Wine Club & Shop

With three establishments located in Prague and its surroundings - the Budečská and Lucerna wine bars and the Gourmet Černošice wine bar and café, Cellarius is a combination of a quality wine shop and an intimate wine bar and club. Cellarius offers over 1,300 varieties of wine from all over the world and specializes in the exclusive import of Vina Morandé from Chile, Rioja-Azabache from Spain as well as Bodegas Briego and Bodegas...

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Hard Rock Cafe Prague

Hard Rock Cafe

Started in London by two American fellows Hard Rock Café is famous all around the world with its 138 locations in 42 countries. The memorabilia found in the Hard Rock Cafes is a collection of over 70,000 items that is by far the largest of it’s kind, but it all started with one guitar (a Fender Lead II) from Eric Clapton who was a regular at a hip café in London where the attitude was anything goes. He gave the guitar to the...

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Ma Maison | Prague Shopping

Ma Maison

If you wish to add a little whimsical touch of the French countryside or the bustling streets of Paris to your home, look no further than Ma Maison. Located in Old Town on the popular Dlouhá Street, Ma Maison features a wide selection of shiny home decorations including pretty ornaments, candlesticks, chandeliers, cutlery, wine glasses, vases, flower pots, soft pastel quilts, cushions, candles, lotions, soaps and much more. Ma Maison...

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Material | Prague Shopping


In the historic Ungelt Courtyard located behind the imposing Gothic beauty of Tyn Church is Material, a glass design shop that sells gorgeous handmade glass in an equally beautiful setting. The shop is quite large and is situated in a Renaissance building that has been lovingly renovated with the esthetics of beauty in mind. The space showcases dark gray walls and vaulted ceilings with gorgeous wooden shelves that display the splendid...

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Gastronomica | Prague


This Italian delicatessen and bistro, designed by Mitte Studio is full of tasty traditional goodies. Gastronomica carries a wide selection of baked goods, balsamic vinegars and olive oils, coffees and teas, fresh fish and meat, fresh pasta, homemade sauces, cheese, rice and polenta, prosciutto, spirits, wine, vegetables, herbs, olives, and tinned goods as well....

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Julius Fashion Shop | Shopping in Prague

Julius Fashion Shop

In the winding cobblestone lined labyrinth that connects Old and New Town, you will find the Julius Fashion Shop. If you are searching for unique gifts for your friends or loved ones from Prague, Julius Fashion Shop is the place for you. The store carries products made by hip local Czech designers, products that include quirky and bright jewelry, must-have accessories for you and your home, whimsical bags, handmade notebooks, ceramics...

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Centrum FotoŠkoda | Prague | New Town

Centrum FotoŠkoda

In the center of Prague is a literal world of "all things photography" including new cameras, camcorders, lenses, a developing center, a photo studio, photo albums, frames and camera bags – basically everything you need to nourish your talent or develop it. Centrum FotoŠkoda, a three-story photo shop or photo palace has everything you need, even a display of antique cameras, plus you can order prints online and pick...

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Tribu | Prague Shopping


Located in the center of the hidden and pretty Franciscan Garden is a charming and whimsical square-shaped Baroque garden house. This little cottage-like structure is home to Tribu, a fun, colorful store full of funky handmade Czech and international design products including clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags and more. Tribu is an exclusive importer of the...

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Old Toys | Antiques

Old Toys

The Old Toys e-shop specializes in antique toys, knick-knacks, baubles, trinkets, and more, especially for collectors and those looking for retro or antique toys in Prague. Old Toys offers a wide and varied selection of toys, which, despite the name of the e-shop, includes new toys too. The selection of old toys includes table games, dolls, teddy bears, model cars, metal toys, children's books and more, while the selection of new...

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Produits de France | Fresh Produce from France

Produits de France

Formerly known as Fruits de France, this charming store specializing in gorgeous fresh groceries imported weekly right from French ecofarms via the shop's own transportation, is located in the Prague 2. This wonderful intimate gourmet store features a wonderful variety of fruits and exotic fruits, vegetables (including fresh cherries all year long), imported French wine and Champagne (including Bouchard table wines), mustard, honey,...

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Olympia Delicatessen and Wines | Prague

Olympia Delicatessen and Wines

If you ever get nostalgic about a vacation in Greece with its tavernas, traces of ancient history and the sunny beaches of the Aegean sea, you must visit Olympia, a wonderful Greek shop located between Vinohrady and Zizkov, selling Greek wine and tasty Greek treats. With its main shop located just off of Vinohradska Street, the Olympia Deli has a wonderful selection of olives (sold by weight or by the jar), Greek wines (including...

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Maliska | Prague | Czech Designers


Taking Prague by storm are the cute and whimsical porcelain products by the Czech designer Lenka Sárová Malíská. Maliska’s products are available to buy at hip design shops throughout Prague and you will know them when you see them as they are salt and pepper shakers, plates, bowls, mugs, cups and saucers decorated and scattered with cute and colorful kittens, dogs, rabbits, trees, cottages and more. Maliska also makes lovely...

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Bára Vogeltanzová's Deer Jewelry

Bára Vogeltanzová's Deer Jewelry

Looking for an ideal souvenir from your Czech Republic travels or a gift for your loved ones? If so, have a look at original deer jewelry made by Czech designer Bára Vogeltanzová. These are original hand-made products and each piece is an original. The deer is decorated with Swarovski and Preciosa stones and with tailor-made stones made by traditional Czech jewelry companies. Pins, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are among the...

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Culinaria | Prague Specialty Shop


Located in Old Town, Culinaria is an interesting unique place to shop and dine. If you are ever feeling homesick head to Culinaria where you can purchase goods from all over the world, goods such as freshly baked chocolate chip, peanut butter and oatmeal raisin cookies, and even Doritos! Besides selling wonderful American treats and international gourmet food, Culinaria also serves an affordable varied selection of tasty homemade...

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La Femme Mimi | Prague Fashion

La Femme Mimi

La Femme Mimi is a delightful little fashion shop in the center of Prague that sells a dazzling array of colorful silk and cotton skirts, shirts, handbags, scarves, kimonos and dresses detailed with intricate hand-sewn embroidery. The clothing is inspired by Mother Nature and the owner’s own upbringing in Vietnam. The La Femme Mimi collections present bold colorful products showing an evolution of traditional Asian shapes and...

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Bella Brutta | Long Dress

Bella Brutta

Bella Brutta is the type of store you have been longing for in Prague. The store features select limited collections of clothing, shoes and accessories mainly by Spanish and Italian brands and designers. You definitely will stand out from the crowd when you sport your unique purchases from this store, as you will be irresistibly chic and stylish. Bella Brutta was the first exclusive seller of the following brands in the Czech Republic:...

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Flamingopark | White Top


Visit the eccentric Flamingopark e-shop, your escape from boredom as all products offered are quirky and unique. You can purchase clothing, unique screen print T-shirts, cool and different jewelry including earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces, hip and useful home accessories, purses, wallets and much more. A Czech-Australian couple founded Flamingopark based on their shared passion for travel and acquiring new, interesting things....

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Blue Praha | Prague Glass and Crystal

Blue Praha

Blue Praha is convenient with several locations throughout the city (including two airport shops) and good prices to match. If you wish to take home handmade glass from the Czech Republic, this is the store where you will find less expensive and more modern glassware than the more traditional Czech designs. You can find the perfect gift to take home with you at Blue Praha whether it is stemware, a vase, a charming glass animal, a...

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Jozef Sloboda | Interior

Jozef Sloboda

Jozef Sloboda is a well known fashion designer creating fine garments for men. He started his career as a designer for men and women after studying economics at school but quickly found that his best opportunities lay with fashion design for men. Enjoying great success from the beginning, Jozef Sloboda continues to be the fashion forward guru to go to when searching for a new fashionable wardrobe. His unique quality designs are made...

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Fru Fru | Vintage Clothing in Prague

Fru Fru

Fru Fru is a new secondhand shop located in Old Town near the winding Vltava River and the National Theater. Fru Fru is among only a handful of secondhand shops in the city that is actually worth going to. Fru Fru carries high quality clothing and accessories including vintage, retro style and labels; basically these are much-loved garments from the past that are in very good shape. If you are feeling overwhelmed because your armoire...

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Erpet Crystal |  Colored Crystal | Prague Shopping

Erpet Crystal

Located directly across from the world famous Astronomical Clock, Erpet Bohemia Crystal is a crystal megastore in the center of Prague. After viewing the hourly chime, pop into this massive store and purchase a little something for you and your family to cherish for generations to come. Erpet Bohemia Crystal sells top quality Bohemian crystal, pressed lead crystal, color cut crystal, chandeliers, Moser, Goebel porcelain, Czech garnets,...

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Pour Pour | Shopping in Prague

Pour Pour

On one of the main roads that cuts through Vinohrady and situated on the square of Jiřího z Poděbrad with the striking Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord, is the hip fashion and accessory store called Pour Pour. The small but well stocked shop features unique clothing and funky accessories ranging from sleek...

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Swarovski Crystal Headquarters is located in Austria, but Daniel Swarovski, founder of the company and inventor of the revolutionary glass-cutting machine in 1892 that made Swarovski a luxury goods empire, was actually from northern Bohemia. Having started the company in 1895, Daniel Swarovski then established a crystal-cutting factory in Tyrol, in order to take advantage of the hydroelectricity he was not getting in northern Bohemia....

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Moser Glass | Prague Shopping


Moser Glass sets the standard for high quality glass world round. The company is based in Karlovy Vary, but the city of Prague features two lovely Moser stores, both located in the Old Town, one on Old Town Square, and one on the main shopping artery of Na Prikope. The company was established in 1857 in the then Austro-Hungarian town of Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary) by Ludwig Moser, a Jewish German-Bohemian. After two World Wars and Communism...

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Terry's Posters | Prague

Terry Posters

Located inside of the hip Svetozor art house cinema complex is Terryho Ponozky or Terry Posters. The store specializes in everything dealing with movies including vintage Czechoslovak movie posters from the 1930s-1989 (The extensive vintage collection boasts 8,000 original graphic posters of genres such as animation, sci-fi, westerns,...

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Your Prague Adventure

Prague Tourist Traps will assist you in planning your authentic visit to this lively city and steer you away from numerous 'tourist traps' that sadly exist in this eccentric capital.

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