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Bold, unique, avant-garde, unconventional, a break from Classical – all of these can be used to describe contemporary theater and experimental theaters in Prague. In the capital city there is a range of theaters that present contemporary shows, shows complete with non-verbal and verbal stories presented with dance, music and interesting visuals. Experimental theater groups often focus on site-specific art projects created for specific space and time where space plays the most important element and tool in the whole performance. Here at Prague-Stay we are presenting to you small theaters with intimate atmosphere, less conventional theaters, as well as experimental theaters in Prague. Such venue is for example A Studio Rubín or Divadlo Černá labuť (Black Swan Theater) whose premises can host only a small number of spectators. One of the less conventional theaters is the Disk Student Theater, the home stage of DAMU (Theatre Faculty), where you can see performances by young authors and admire future Czech movie and theater stars. Unique theater projects are also to be seen at the Alfred ve dvoře Theater (Alfred in the Courtyard) whose theater pieces present an alternative to classical theaters. Modern dance and dance theater by Czech and foreign performers will please you at the Ponec Theater. Also Činoherní klub and the Archa Theater are less conventional theaters focusing on modern theater plays. Foreigners will certainly appreciate the English subtitles that accompany theater performances at the Švandovo divadlo.

Contemporary Theater | Experimental Theater in Prague


Laterna Magika | Prague

Laterna Magika

Located on Narodni Street, a famous Prague Street that separates Old Town from New Town is the unique ice-cube shaped Laterna Magika. Part of the National Theater, Laterna Magika dates back to 1958 and features productions under the title Nová Scéna (New Scene) that include elements of modern and contemporary dance. The first period of the theater was...

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Alfred ve dvoře | V pasti těla

Alfred ve dvoře

Alfred ve dvoře, or Alfred in the Courtyard, the stage for new theater in Prague is situated in Prague 7, and focuses on new performances with progressive styles and unique and creative projects. The theater focuses on live physical art in the theater with visual performances and works that are purely experimental. In this aspect it is interesting to note that a language barrier will not occur in certain pieces, so...

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Archa | The Tiger Lillies | Photo by David Kummerman

Archa Theater

A critically important public forum for modern entertainment in current times, Archa Theater, which is located in a functionalist bank palace in the center of Prague is a center and production house for contemporary stage art that knows no barriers regarding genre. With no steady ensemble, Archa Theater’s many varied performances are created as independent productions or as collaborations with like-minded organizations in the...

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MeetFactory | Prague | Theater

MeetFactory Theater

Located in Prague 5 and situated in a spacious old factory is the MeetFactory. The MeetFactory is a modern cultural complex featuring an art gallery, theater, and a live music venue. This review concentrates on the modern stage at MeetFactory. Defined as an alternative director’s...

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Prague Playhouse | A Christmas Carol

Prague Playhouse Theater Group

If you are looking for incredible English-language theater performances in Prague, look no further than the astounding productions put on by the Prague Playhouse theater group. With longstanding traditions in the Prague English-language theater scene, the Prague Playhouse was founded in 2003 by professional actor and acting instructor Brian Caspe, who also is behind the renowned Prague Playhouse Acting Studio, offering English...

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Jatka78 | Prague Contemporary Theater


Situated in the Holešovická tržnice (Holesovice Market) in one of the old halls is Jatka78 - a venue for new theater & art in Prague. This new cultural center – it's always a breath of fresh air when another independent venue opens and this one is most exciting as it makes use of a complex with upmost potential – offers ideal space for all sorts of happenings. The hall functions as a multifunctional theater, music...

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NoD Roxy | Experimental venue

Experimental venue NoD Roxy

The experimental venue NoD on the upper floor of the Prague club Roxy combines a theater space, gallery and a newly reconstructed café, where you can relax before or after an exceptional cultural event that you can be sure to experience here. The space is defined as an experimental venue, since it is open to art and social experiments. It is very versatile and besides theater performances also film and music productions take place...

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Divadlo D21 | Theater for Children

Divadlo D21

The Divadlo D21 is located on Záhřebská Street in Prague's residential area of Vinohrady, between the Náměstí Míru and I.P. Pavlova tram stops. The ambitious acting troupe cooperates mainly with young theater directors who have a peculiar view of the world. The theater repertoire comprises both classical dramas, as well as dramatizations of literary works and new original works. The troupe has cooperated, for example, with David Drábek,...

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La Fabrika | Contemporary Theater in Prague

La Fabrika

The La Fabrika cultural space in Prague's Holešovice is part of Prague’s alternative scene with a flourishing excellent theater, as well as music, dance, movies and exhibitions. La Fabrika which was founded relatively recently by combining several factory buildings, is the work of young artists and performers. La Fabrika became known early on in its establishment thanks to its performance called La Putyka in the style of nouveau...

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Švandovo Theater | Prague

Švandovo Theater

Švandovo Theater in Smíchov, whose operation is partly funded also by the Prague 5 city quarter, leans on almost one hundred and thirty years of tradition. The theater has two theater halls – the big hall can seat as many as 300 spectators, while the basement studio is variable and 50 to 100 spectators can be seated there depending on its current arrangement. There is also a cafe at the spectators' disposal where spectators...

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Činoherní klub | Exterior

Činoherní klub

During its fifty years of existence and since its origin in 1965 Činoherní klub at Ve Smečkách near Wenceslas Square in Prague has left traces in several generations of spectators. Its performances are usually sold out to the last seat and very popular. The core of the repertoire of the theater, which was founded by two former classmates from the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague – director Ladislav...

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Duncan Center Theater | Prague

Duncan Center

In the premises of the Duncan Center Conservatory in Prague's Braník there is a modern theater hall – Duncan Center Theater – that has been presenting to the general public a rich program of interesting projects from the area of Czech, Slovak and world scene of contemporary dance and dance theater since the beginning of the nineties. Premier nights of projects by Czech and foreign choreographers, as well as premieres of...

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POTRVÁ | Contemporary Theater in Prague

POTRVÁ theater group

If you like experimental theater, visit the POTRVÁ Café in Prague's Dejvice, where you can enjoy performances of a theater group bearing the same name. The POTRVÁ Theater Group has been on the Prague scene since 2006 when several university students founded it. Before settling at its home scene at the POTRVÁ Café in 2008, the group performed at various theaters and clubs in Prague. The group, whose core members are three students...

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Prague Philharmonia (PKF) | Photo by Daniel Havel

PKF - Prague Philharmonia

If you love classical music, do not miss concerts by the PKF - Prague Philharmonia, one of the best orchestras in the Czech Republic. The PKF - Prague Philharmonia holds concerts of classical music not only in Prague but also takes part in festivals all over the Czech Republic and regularly performs abroad, where it has gained a great reputation. World-renowned conductor Jiří Bělohlávek, under whose leadership the orchestra quickly...

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Ponec Theater | Prague

Ponec Theater

Ponec Theater, a venue for contemporary dance and movement is an open space that is dedicated to artistic expression and showcasing new trends that embody creativity and originality. The theater offers a productive space for mutually independent artists who form a regular troupe that assists the theater by continuing to perform and closely work with the theater. In Ponec Theater you will witness all kinds of movement from falling...

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