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Residents and visitors of Prague have many movie theaters to choose from in the capital city, whether their choice is independent art house theaters in Prague with intimate bars, or large movie multiplexes smelling like delicious popcorn. The independent cinemas in Prague offer unique documentaries, as well as independent movies from around the globe. These art house theaters also hold various film festivals and so every year you can see movies from e.g. the One World Festival focusing on human rights, Days of European Film presenting the contemporary European movies, Mezipatra queer film festival showing movies with gay and lesbian themes and many more. An interesting experience is also live opera shows from the Metropolitan Opera in New York. The difference between multiplex cinemas and art movie theaters in Prague does not of course lie only in the environment, atmosphere and program offer, but also in ticket prices. The multiplexes in Prague offer all the box office smash hits along with the box office prices and also the popcorn might be pricey, but it is worth it for a magical night when you can enjoy the movie projected with the most up-to-date digital projectors including 3D technologies seated in the incredibly comfortable seats. Have a look below at our offer of multiplexes and art movie theaters in Prague that we are recommending and choose the right one for you.

Cinemas in Prague | Movie Theaters in Prague


Cinema City Flora | Prague

Cinema City

Cinema City offers all you expect from a multiplex cinema and much more: mainstream international blockbuster movies as well as Czech films, a wonderful surround sound system, fantastic butter popcorn, and an American style snack bar. Cinema city is the largest operator of multiplex cinemas in central and Eastern Europe. Originally it had three locations throughout Prague (Cinema City Galaxie in Haje, Prague 4, Cinema City Zlicin...

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Světozor | Prague Cinemas

Kino Svetozor

One of the best independent movie theaters in Prague is conveniently located in the middle of town, off of the famous Wenceslas Square. Svetozor offers an art house atmosphere with comfortable seats, inexpensive tickets, a bar with WI-FI access, and most importantly, cool movies. Sometimes mainstream, mostly not, Svetozor shows lesser-known independent movies from all over the world and the beloved classics longed for every once and...

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Aero | Art Cinemas in Prague

Kino Aero

Aero cinema is the largest art house cinema in the Czech Republic. Presenting European films, avant garde films from around the globe, as well as tributes to the greatest filmmakers of the past and present, this is the place to go if you are a big movie buff; filmmakers have even been known to drop by the cinema for discussions after the movie. The films are diverse, hip, controversial, you name it; because of the cinema selection,...

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5D Kino Praha | Fun for the Whole Family

5D Kino Praha

If you thought that 3D movies represent the maximum experience of motion pictures then you haven’t discovered 5D movies yet! 5D Kino Praha in the Galerie Harfa shopping center promises an unusual experience for the whole family (however, it is important to note that the minimum required height of spectators is 110 cm). In contrast to other cinemas 5D Kino offers the so-called “participation effect“, that is an experience...

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Bio Oko | Prague Art House Cinemas

Bio Oko

Located further afield from the center of Prague, but nonetheless in an intriguing area, is the fantastic art house cinema Kino Oko. The cinema was renovated a few years ago and the interior has been reconstructed, yet still retains a retro cool that the majority of cinemas today lack. Sister cinema to Kino Svetozor and Kino Aero, Kino Oko is located in the cool quarter of Holesovice in a retro building that has a tile façade. The...

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Lucerna Cinema | Prague


Lucerna is the oldest operating cinema in all of Europe having celebrated its 100-year anniversary in December of 2009, and features a gorgeous interior with elements of the Art Nouveau and neo Renaissance movements. Situated in the Lucerna Passage, it is quite possibly the most romantic place in Prague to see a film, saying that, it is a good spot for a movie...

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Prague Kino Mat | Screening Room

Kino Mat - Art House Cinema Complex

Located on Karlovo Namesti, a lovely and spacious square located in the heart of New Town close to the winding Vltava is Kino Mat, a cool art house cinema complex. Kino Mat features two restaurants, a cinema and a lounge. The first restaurant and Kino Mat’s lounge bar are located in the basement of the building and provide a cool and colorful atmosphere for a night out with friends or a private party before or after catching...

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Evald | Cinemas in Prague


Evald Cinema on Národní třída in Prague got its name after Evald Schorm, a Czech film and stage director and significant personality on the Czech film scene of the 1960s. Evald Cinema started its operation in 1997 showing his movies. Evald Cinema with 72 seats is one of the small art movie theaters in Prague that will surely attract you with its pleasant homely atmosphere. The air-conditioned movie theater shows original movies with...

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Kino Atlas | Prague

Kino Atlas

Located in the bustling Prague district of Florenc is Kino Atlas, an intimate art house cinema in the center of the gorgeous city of Prague. Kino Atlas has two air-conditioned screening halls, one spacious (Dolby Digital) and one intimate (Dolby Stereo Sound System SR) with both of them featuring modern cinema technology in a more comfortable setting than a large multiplex cinema. Kino Atlas is also proud to feature mirror projection...

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CineStar | Prague


The network of CineStar multiplex cinemas opened in the Czech Republic in 2001 and is one of the biggest in the Czech Republic. CineStar multiplexes are equipped with the state-of-the-art projection technology with the perfect sound system of Dolby Digital and Dolby Surround EX. All CineStar multiplexes also feature a high-quality technology that enables screenings of 3D movies with active 3D LCD glasses. The two Prague CineStar locations...

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Ponrepo-Bio Konvikt | Prague

Ponrepo-Bio Konvikt

Ponrepo-Bio Konvikt is a wonderful theater that shows vintage and non-commercial movies from around the world, as well as Czech classics with English subtitles; Ponrepo is also home to the National Film Archive. This theater is a club theater, which means you have to purchase an annual card to enter; the price is 150kc per year, or 100kc if you are a student or senior. If you long to step back in time, head to the Ponrepo Bio Konvikt....

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