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In an arty intellectual city like Prague, one would expect to find smart venues featuring stimulating open mic nights where ideas, talent, and tales join and are spun intricately together. There are very few venues where you can catch an open mic night in English featuring acoustic sets, poetry readings and prose. These few venues though are fantastic and worth seeking out. The majority of them are held in English bookstores; a perfect opportunity to do some book shopping, listen to some interesting artists, relax and sip on a nice glass of red.

Open Mic Venues


Friends Coffee House | New Town

Friends Coffee House

Located in New Town, is the newly opened Friends Coffee House. This immensely popular coffee house has it all and you will be sure to fall under its spell. Friends Coffee House, a spacious and non-smoking café is a welcome addition to the Prague café scene and is situated in a lovingly renovated building that presents an attractive, unique and historic space. Operated by two avid travelers and their friendly staff, the café boasts...

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Czech Inn Kavarna | Prague

Czech Inn Kavarna

Located in the popular residential area of Vinohrady and situated in a gorgeously renovated Art Nouveau building is the Czech Inn Kavarna Café & Bar. Belonging to the design hotel / hostel but open to the public, the bar is located on the ground floor and is in a large, beautiful oblong room with intricate ceiling moldings depicting grape vines, hops and instruments, motifs from what once was the King’s Vineyards, or Vinohrady....

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The Globe | Open Mic Venue

The Globe

The Globe, a popular internet cafe, restaurant and bookstore, currently hosts The Alchemy Reading and Performance Series the first Monday of every month. The Series showcases an interesting mix of music, prose, poetry and much more. The artists, non-artists, poets, passersby, and other voices are from the Czech Republic and elsewhere around the world. The night starts with a guest reader or performer, and then the...

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RedRoom Bar & Cafe | Prague

RedRoom Bar & Cafe

Located on bustling Myslíkova Street, situated between Karlovo Namesti and the winding Vltava River is RedRoom Bar & Cafe, a popular nightspot with tourists and local Bohemians alike. RedRoom Bar & Café features a spacious and bright red interior decorated with original wall art and friendly professional staff members who mix expert thirst-quenching cocktails. RedRoom Bar & Cafe is proud to feature live entertainment nightly...

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