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Prague is a picturesque fairy tale like city complete with historic monuments, charming architecture and fantastic legends. So much to capitalize on! And so the smart foreigners who once ran the city now run it in a different manner with their so-called Czech tourist shops. Unfortunately these shops exist all over Prague and often in the most beautiful areas. These tourist traps sell everything from colorful nesting dolls to fur hats, to horrible food that is anything from delicious. As for the restaurants, you must also be careful that they do not try to rip you off; it is valuable to have a general understanding of the exchange rate and of Czech money before you go spend it.

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Prague Tourist Traps | Nesting Dolls

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Prague Tourist Traps will assist you in planning your authentic visit to this lively city and steer you away from numerous 'tourist traps' that sadly exist in this eccentric capital.

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