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In the land of pork and dumplings it is often difficult for Prague vegetarians to find a proper restaurant to dine at that doesn't consider "only a little bit of ham" to be a vegetarian meal. Luckily the healthy veggie trend is growing in Prague and vegetarian or even vegan restaurants are popping up left and right. Below is a complete list of fine vegetarian establishments in the city of Prague. All of the vegetarian restaurants in Prague are represented here with complete descriptions, photographs, contact information, maps and more. If you wish to go veggie while in Prague, we offer a fine selection of vegetarian restaurants in Prague. 

Vegetarian Cuisine in Prague


Jídlo lásky | Prague

Jídlo lásky

Raw healthy food prepared with love – that is the simple, great concept behind Jidlo lásky (food of love). With several bistros throughout Prague (most of which are connected with yoga or Bikram yoga studios), Jidlo lásky is a great place for refueling your body (your temple) after an invigorating yoga class, for lunch, for a quick snack, etc. Jidlo lásky offers fresh raw dishes from the main menu (all mouth-watering healthy...

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Estrella Restaurant | Vegetarian Restaurant

Estrella Restaurant

Searching for delicious vegetarian and vegan food in Prague? Sometimes that search can be daunting in a country known for it's hearty meat dishes. Thankfully for vegetarians, vegans and lovers of vegetables there is a charming little restaurant that packs a mighty culinary punch – and it's located in the very center of Prague. Estrella – the name of this amazing establishment – is located just off of Národní třída...

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Mlsná kavka | Vegetarian Restaurant

Mlsná kavka

The non-smoking vegetarian restaurant Mlsná kavka puts great emphasis on the quality of the food served, as well as on the service itself, and can be found in Karlín only a short walk from the Florenc metro station. The Mlsná kavka (Picky Jackdaw) restaurant is special in the sense that it provides job opportunities for people who are otherwise disadvantaged on the labor market because of mental disabilities. The restaurant was founded...

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Plevel Restaurant | Prague Vegetarian Restaurant

Plevel Restaurant

Located in Prague 10 in the up-and-coming hip, young neighborhood of Vršovice is the vegetarian Plevel Restaurant. With strictly veggie restaurants few and far between in Prague, Plevel takes it to another healthy level. This gourmet vegetarian restaurant serves delicious bio organic veggie, vegan and gluten-free cuisine, made with high quality, to happy herbivores and lovers of veggies and health food in a clean, non-smoking setting....

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KIDÓ Bistro | Good Food in Prague

KIDÓ Bistro

KIDÓ Bistro is a great little stylish place for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free food. Located in Prague 7, this charming bistro serves up high quality food that is made with not only fresh ingredients and traditional recipes, but also with love. KIDÓ Bistro makes delicious vegetarian meals every day (throughout the day even – guaranteeing fresh delicious goods) with seasonal produce and goods (the produce...

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Moment Bistro & Cafe | Vegan Bistro

Moment Bistro & Cafe

Located in Vinohrady is Moment Bistro & Cafe, a popular vegan establishment that is full of health and happiness. Offering cruelty-free vegan food for lovers of veggies and fresh healthy food in a hip urban environment (bonus points: there is always good music playing, and there is a children's corner in the back of the bistro), Moment Bistro & Cafe seems to belong in a larger city, somewhere like Berlin perhaps. Moment offers...

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Beas Vegetarian Dhaba | Dining Area

Beas Vegetarian Dhaba

Beas Dhaba is one of the only vegetarian restaurants in Prague. In a country focused on meat and dumplings, vegetarians often have trouble eating out in Prague. No need to worry with Beas around! This Indian Dhaba has three central locations in Prague, one on Belehradska St., one on Vladislavova St. and one at Tynska 19, located in a lovely quiet courtyard mere minutes from Old Town Square. The forth location is in the more...

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Govinda | Prague | Floor Seating


Located in New Town, just outside of what once were the city walls, is the Vegetarian Restaurant and Club Govinda. Govinda is part of The Center for Vedic Studies which belongs to The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Hare Krishna Movement). This peaceful group of followers make tasty vegetarian delights daily, which are low priced and taste fresh, exotic and very good. What's more, you can also order all of the...

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Clear Head | Vegetarian Cuisine

Clear Head

Located in a building that dates back to 1410 in the area of Old Town on the shortest street in Prague is the extremely popular Clear Head Vegetarian Restaurant. The house in which Clear Head is located is straight out of a fairy tale and features colorful décor and a whimsical dining room where it seems as though you are dining under a dreamy night sky. The restaurant is a non-smoking open-kitchen establishment that consists of a...

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Maitrea | Prague Restaurants | Vegetarian Cuisine


Located a mere stone’s throw away from Old Town Square, Maitrea is one of Prague's few true vegetarian restaurants. The restaurant consists of two levels, the top level being small and intimate and full of natural light; the bottom level is spacious, warm and welcoming. The wooden tailor-made booths, Buddha decorations, fountains, a fireplace and designer low lighting make the bottom level a quiet and lovely haven from the bustling...

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Ganga Indian Restaurant | Prague

Ganga Indian Restaurant

Located in the up-and-coming area of Prague 5, is Ganga Indian Restaurant. Owned and operated by an Indian and Czech couple, Ganga is their first culinary adventure and simply put, is capable of taking them far. Saravanan and Andrea met while working in the USA for a cruise line company and shared a common interest in their way of life and also delicious vegetarian food. Their similar interests and want of healthy tasty food led them...

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Vegetarian Restaurant Country Life | Dessert

Vegetarian Restaurant Country Life

Founded in 1991, Country Life is a health haven for organic food and other products such as natural cosmetics. Besides running 4 health food stores, Country Life also runs their own 400 acre organic farm that supplies produce to the public complete with a bakery. Country Life has one restaurant located in the Old Town area complete with a separate heath food store...

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