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Greek cuisine, typical Mediterranean cuisine with influences from Italian, Balkan, Turkish and Levantine cuisine is a delicious feast for all of your senses. Making use of such delectable fresh ingredients such as olive oil, vegetables, herbs, fish, wine, meats and poultry plus grains and bread, Greek cuisine is colorful and mouthwatering. With side staples such as olives, cheese, eggplants, zucchini and yogurt Greek food is a favorite of many. If you are searching for Greek restaurants in Prague serving authentic Greek cuisine, have a look at our collected list below. Greek cuisine in Prague is becoming increasing popular, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for more openings of quality Greek eating establishments in Prague. All of the Greek restaurants in Prague listed here are represented by complete descriptions, photographs, maps and contact information. 

Greek Salad | Greek Restaurants in Prague


Prague | Taverna Olympos | Greek Restaurant

Taverna Olympos

Located a bit off the tourist map, Taverna Olympos is the best place for authentic Greek food in the beautiful city of Prague. Taverna Olympos is as authentic as authentic can get in central Europe; remember, the restaurant does not have access to all of the fresh scrumptious ingredients they make up the Greek kitchen. Keeping that in mind, Taverna Olympos does a fine job at preparing their delicious Greek specialties. For most, the...

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Kavala | Greek Cuisine in Prague

Kavala Greek Restaurant

Established in 2001 the fully air-conditioned Kavala Greek Restaurant is one of the most popular Greek establishments in the city of Prague. The elegant and atmospheric setting alongside professional friendly service and their authentic, delectable Greek fare will most certainly impress you and have you returning for more. Conveniently located in residential Prague 6 with easy connections to the city center, Kavala Greek Restaurant...

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Olympia Delicatessen and Wines | Prague

Olympia Delicatessen and Wines

If you ever get nostalgic about a vacation in Greece with its tavernas, traces of ancient history and the sunny beaches of the Aegean sea, you must visit Olympia, a wonderful Greek shop located between Vinohrady and Zizkov, selling Greek wine and tasty Greek treats. With its main shop located just off of Vinohradska Street, the Olympia Deli has a wonderful selection of olives (sold by weight or by the jar), Greek wines (including...

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Zorbas | Greek Restaurant in Prague


Only 200 meters from Wenceslas Square is Zorbas, a cozy restaurant serving authentic Greek specialties for affordable prices. The readers of MF Dnes’ magazine Zoom have evaluated the Zorbas restaurant as the best Greek restaurant in Prague. At Zorbas you can savor traditional Greek dishes and drink any of the unbelievable 60 kinds of Greek and Cypriot wines of different tastes, colors and price categories (prices start from...

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Delphi | Greek Restaurant in Prague


The Greek restaurant Delphi has added authentic Grecian charm to Prague for years, and is located in Prague's Podolí, with its wide selection of Greek specialties. The blue color of the restaurant interior as well as photographs from Greece on the walls will remind you of your vacation spent in this extremely pleasant nation in the southeast of Europe. A part of the restaurant is also a conservatory...

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