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Indian cuisine is characterized by a variety of exotic spices and herbs and the use of an array of vegetables. The cuisine varies of course from region to region, with each area of Indian cuisine having a wide assortment of techniques and meals. If you are searching for Indian cuisine and Indian restaurants in Prague have a look at our comprehensive list of Indian restaurants in Prague featured below. All of the Indian restaurants in Prague are represented here with complete descriptions, photographs, maps and contact information. 

Indian Cuisine | Colorful Cooking


Indian by Nature | Prague Restaurant

Indian by Nature

Fancy some delicious, traditional Indian food in Prague? If so, you are in luck, for Indian by Nature has your name written all over it. This supremely popular Indian restaurant in Prague is a huge hit with ethnic food lovers and culinary experts. Using the finest natural ingredients and preparing their traditional cuisine with love and expertise, Indian by Nature has our vote for one of, if not the best Indian restaurants in Prague....

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K The Two Brothers | Indian Restaurant

K The Two Brothers

Experience royal Indian dining in Prague at K The Two Brothers. As soon as you enter into this restaurant you will feel as though you have traveled back in time to a princely state of British India; in fact the restaurant is named after Kapurthala, a famous kingdom in Punjab with a very rich past. Kapurthala was known for its cuisine, service, supreme sophistication, luxury and more – and so it goes with K The Two Brothers,...

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Masala Indian Restaurant | Prague

Masala Indian Restaurant

The Masala Indian restaurants, where the multifaceted flavours and scents of traditional Indian cuisine mingle, are located in Mánesova and Pod Karlovem streets in Vinohrady and on the south-eastern edge of the city in Průhonice. Masala wishes to indulge you with the tastes and aromas of colorful and traditional Indian cuisine. Masala has chosen a variety of Indian dishes from many regions of the mighty subcontinent in order...

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Indian Jewel | Prague Restaurant

Indian Jewel

Located in the center of Prague’s historic Old Town in the charming Tyn courtyard full of bookstores, cafes, restaurants and more is Indian Jewel, the best Indian food establishment in Prague. Indian Jewel is regarded as the best Indian restaurant in Prague as it features an array of Indian delicacies from the mighty colorful subcontinent. India features a vast assortment of dishes and techniques from different regions and Indian...

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Traveler's Club | Prague Restaurants

Traveler's Club

If you wish to explore exotic lands without leaving the gorgeous city of Prague behind, why not spend an afternoon or evening at the Travelers Club? This riverside restaurant that is close to the famous National Theater serves tasty cuisine including Lebanese plus Indian dishes and more for very reasonable prices, all of which you will want to sample again and again. It is also very important to note that this restaurant boasts the...

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Shalamar | Indian Cuisine in Prague


Located in the residential area of Prague 6 is Shalamar, an authentic Indian restaurant that features some of the best Indian fare in all of Prague. The restaurant’s logo features the words Shalamar Restaurant – Royal Taste of the Himalayas, and you can bet that you will most definitely be in for a royal culinary treat at this successful establishment. Shalamar differs from other Indian restaurants in Prague, and in Europe...

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Govinda | Prague | Floor Seating


Located in New Town, just outside of what once were the city walls, is the Vegetarian Restaurant and Club Govinda. Govinda is part of The Center for Vedic Studies which belongs to The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Hare Krishna Movement). This peaceful group of followers make tasty vegetarian delights daily, which are low priced and taste fresh, exotic and very good. What's more, you can also order all of the...

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Himalaya | Indian Restaurant

Himalaya Indian Restaurant

If you are searching for an exotic meal in Prague, Himalaya is an authentic Indian restaurant located in the center of the gorgeous city, where you can sample delicious and tasty Indian fare at very affordable prices. Himalaya offers Tandoori dishes, Baltistani dishes, halal meat, vegetarian courses and more. The extensive dinner menu and lunch menu feature all you could ever wish for from an Indian restaurant - the lunch menu, served...

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Ganga Indian Restaurant | Prague

Ganga Indian Restaurant

Located in the up-and-coming area of Prague 5, is Ganga Indian Restaurant. Owned and operated by an Indian and Czech couple, Ganga is their first culinary adventure and simply put, is capable of taking them far. Saravanan and Andrea met while working in the USA for a cruise line company and shared a common interest in their way of life and also delicious vegetarian food. Their similar interests and want of healthy tasty food led them...

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