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If you are searching for authentic American fare and American restaurants in Prague, have a look at our comprehensive list of American restaurants in Prague offering American cuisine featured below. American food is naturally inspired by many different cuisines of the world as the giant ‘melting pot’ that is the United States once consisted and still consists of immigrants. Because of such diversity in its citizens’ backgrounds you can commonly find interesting and delicious fusion cuisine in America, however, a few ‘American’ dishes stand alone as the main world representatives of American fare. The great hamburger or cheeseburger is the clear winner, with hot dogs, barbequed ribs, steaks, fried chicken and grilled meats coming along in second place. Of course French fries and onion rings are natural side dishes to these mouthwatering mains. If you crave American food while in the Czech Republic, several American restaurants in Prague serve up their version of American cuisine including juicy burgers and crispy fries.  

American Cuisine in Prague


Peter's Burger Pub

Peter's Burger Pub

Visit the popular culinary-friendly neighborhood of Karlín today and sample some of Prague's best burgers at Peter's Burger Pub. This great burger restaurant serves up a good variety of authentic American-style burgers – the juicy, well-seasoned burgers are made with the highest quality beef and are completed with fresh, delicious toppings – the great seedy burger buns are made fresh and toasted to perfection, creating...

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Jama | Prague Restaurants | Hamburger


Jama, or The Hollow, opened its doors in 1994 and has been going strong ever since. Located close to Wenceslas Square, Jama is popular with locals and expatriates, but surprisingly not with tourists. This cellar bar is lively and fun with occasional live Jazz and Blues, cool music playing from the speakers, friendly service and an upbeat atmosphere. The walls are decorated with posters featuring Pop culture icons, musicians and famous...

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T.G.I.Friday's | Prague | Cheeseburger


The well-known American chain T.G.I.Friday’s has three locations in Prague. One location is on the busy shopping street of Na Prikope, a perfect spot for tourists, homesick expats and locals to pop in and sample tasty American cuisine; the second location is in the bustling residential and shopping area of Andel; after shopping or catching a flick at Novy...

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Mood Restaurant | Burger and Fries


Try one of Prague's best burgers today at Mood Restaurant! This stylish establishment is located in the boutique Hotel Voyage in the bustling area of Žižkov. Enter into a world of bright colors, modern furniture, intriguing light fixtures and strange wall decor – all in all it creates a fun and comfortable atmosphere where you surely will be in a good mood. In the warmer months you can enjoy your meal on the restaurant's back...

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The Tavern | American Cuisine in Prague

The Tavern

Located at the border of Vinohrady and Žižkov is The Tavern, one of the best places in Prague to sample high quality American cuisine. The Tavern is a tiny (and seemingly always packed) burger and cocktail restaurant situated across from Riegrovy Sady; this bustling restaurant and bar serves up just about the best American cuisine to be found in the city of Prague... and it's no secret. Should you wish to try The Tavern's juicy high...

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The PUB | Prague Bars | Table Taps

The PUB - Pilsner Unique Bar

The PUB is a cool place to drink fresh unpasteurized beer from individual table taps that you get to operate yourself! The lively atmosphere, unpasteurized beer, delicious food, comfortable seats and decent prices will not disappoint. In fact you may end up drinking the night away with your friends, as it is indeed dangerous to be the pourer of your own drinking fate and since there will not be a line for service at the bar, watch...

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Dish Fine Burger Bistro | Large Burger

Dish Fine Burger Bistro

Located in Vinohrady close to the Art Nouveau gem that is the Vinohrady Theater is Dish Fine Burger Bistro where you can sample some of the best burgers in Prague. Dish is a cozy establishment featuring a back dining room and a front room where you can see experienced chefs busy at work with their delectable burgers. The interior is simple, clean and elegant with cast iron tables with heavy wood tops, wooden floors, clean white tiles...

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James Dean | American Cuisine in Prague

James Dean

Are you searching for a 50’s diner in the heart of Central Europe? If so head straight to James Dean, an authentic looking diner restaurant that is situated in the middle of Old Town, right off of the world famous Old Town Square. James Dean dishes up breakfast, lunch and dinner in a hip and unique interior that will take you back in time to America in the 1950s. The interior is complete with benches and chairs inspired by red...

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Jama Steakhouse | Prague

Jama Steakhouse

Sister restaurant to the new Jáma Bar & Grill and the immensely popular Jáma (the Hollow), a bustling restaurant and bar located off of Wenceslas Square in New Town, is the new Jáma Steakhouse. Jáma Steakhouse combines all the hip elements of Jáma; think cool interior complete with music posters...

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True Blue | American Burger

True Blue

Located in a quiet residential area of Prague 10 is True Blue, a retro diner style restaurant that is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The cuisine served at True Blue includes many Czech classics, but it's their American dishes that will have you returning time and time again as they are both tasty and affordable. The retro interior is both welcoming and stylish at True Blue and is characterized by old comfy booths, small intriguing...

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Butch's Burger | American Fare

Butch's Burger

In the quiet Art Nouveau neighborhood of Vinohrady there is a small establishment called Butch’s Burger where you can sample American, Tex-Mex and Mexican cuisine at its greasy best! The small take away restaurant features traditional American and Tex-Mex plus Mexican treats such as juicy burgers, spicy chicken wings, massive burritos with Chorizo meat, stuffed quesadillas and much more. The prices are very affordable, even...

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Bohemia Bagel | American Cuisine | Prague 7

Bohemia Bagel

If you happen to be missing American cuisine, head straight to Bohemia Bagel. With a huge menu featuring a welcome selection of what you never thought you would eat again because it does not exist here, including tasty blueberry pancakes, different types of bagels with flavored cream cheese, biscuits and gravy, BLTs, giant cheeseburgers, turkey clubs and even the illustrious Sloppy Joe! Exciting indeed. And an extra added bonus, you...

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The Globe | Bookstore and Cafe

The Globe

The Globe, hailed as a Prague institution – a title it surely deserves – is a lovely restaurant, café and bookstore with over 10,000 new and used titles ranging in diversity, located in the New Town section of Prague. The Globe, established in 1993, and famous as the first English bookstore in Prague, features some of the best home cooking in the city of Prague and offers juicy burgers, crisp salads, colorful pastas, a...

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Hard Rock Cafe Prague

Hard Rock Cafe

Started in London by two American fellows Hard Rock Café is famous all around the world with its 138 locations in 42 countries. The memorabilia found in the Hard Rock Cafes is a collection of over 70,000 items that is by far the largest of it’s kind, but it all started with one guitar (a Fender Lead II) from Eric Clapton who was a regular at a hip café in London where the attitude was anything goes. He gave the guitar to the...

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U Malého Glena | Prague

U Malého Glena

U Malého Glena is located in the magical area of Lesser Town and is one of the most popular bars in Prague. This establishment which has been in existence since 1995 is very popular for many reasons, the most popular reasons being the different types of beer offered and the jazz and blues music that pumps through the cool underground bar into the early hours of the morning. U Malého Glena features two floors, the first floor opens...

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Bakeshop | Prague | Old Town

Bakeshop Praha

This establishment is located in the heart of Old Town just steps away from Old Town Square. It has become a household name in the area for its baked goods. Everything in the shop is made from scratch and 100% fresh as goods are baked daily. The diverse selection of goods is quite extensive ranging from bread to loaf cakes, savory pies, canapes, and even wedding cakes. Bakeshop even makes homemade sourdough bread, which is one of...

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Culinaria | Prague Specialty Shop


Located in Old Town, Culinaria is an interesting unique place to shop and dine. If you are ever feeling homesick head to Culinaria where you can purchase goods from all over the world, goods such as freshly baked chocolate chip, peanut butter and oatmeal raisin cookies, and even Doritos! Besides selling wonderful American treats and international gourmet food, Culinaria also serves an affordable varied selection of tasty homemade...

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