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The city of Prague is famous for many things, architecture, revolutions, a certain bridge, and of course, its intellectuals and artists. And if there is one thing that goes hand in hand with ideas and inspiration, it is a damn good cup of coffee, preferably served in a smoky cafe with the ghosts of Einstein and Kafka floating around. Not to fret though, certain cafes, and I stress certain, offer nonsmoking rooms as well if a dark smoky atmosphere is not your thing. Whether you fancy a cup in a grand Art Nouveau cafe or in a small hidden nook located somewhere off a winding lane; Prague has a good selection of cafes to choose from. And if you feel like heading East, teahouses have become increasingly popular in the past few years, most of them being nonsmoking... Our Apartments in Prague.

Prague Cafes


Cafe Slavia | Prague Cafe | Interior View

Cafe Slavia

One of the best locations in Prague! The grand windows offer stunning views of Prague Castle and the National Theater, as it is nestled in the classical building across from the famous theater. Cafe Slavia, sister restaurant to Restaurant Parnas, has been a traditional gathering place of artists and intellectuals since the late 1800's, including former...

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Místo Cafe


Pay a visit to Místo, a lovely cafe in Dejvice, Prague 6 that serves up rich coffee drinks and downright delicious food. Místo features fantastic coffee from the sought after Doubleshot Coffee company. This coffee is served throughout Prague (Alza Cafe, Můj šálek kávy, etc.) and is considered to be the best of the best. Doubleshot, founded by two coffee lovers in order to show the Czech market the true potential of specialty coffee,...

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Můj Šálek Kávy

Můj Šálek Kávy

Můj šálek kávy – a true haven for coffee lovers! Located in the up-and-coming, charming neighborhood of Karlín, Můj šálek kávy (My Cup of Coffee in English) is operated by the Czech speciality coffee-roasting company Doubleshot, and is a true coffee hot spot. This is a rustic looking country-esque cafe where coffee is king, easy to see as soon as you look at the menu that features tasting notes for each type of coffee served....

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Cacao Prague | Prague Cafe and Sweet Shop

Cacao Prague

Visit Cacao Prague - a cafe, confectionery, restaurant and lounge today - and enjoy some of the best ice cream and sweet treats that Prague has to offer! Cacao Prague offers a variety of great homemade cakes that simply put, delectable. Once you taste the homemade desserts at Cacao Prague, you can bet that you will be returning time and time again to sample some more of their mouth watering creations. And let us not forget about the...

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Ema Espresso Bar | Prague

Ema Espresso Bar

Located in the happening city center of Prague is the amazing Ema Espresso Bar. If you happen to be a coffee lover – this just might be your coffee heaven. Ema Espresso Bar is one of the best places in Prague to get high quality espresso and coffee drinks, and with the impressive high standard coffee equipment the operators are working with (a La Marzocco Strada EP 3-Group espresso machine, several high standard grinders and...

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Municipal House Cafe | Prague

Municipal House Cafe

One of the most beautiful cafes in Prague designed in the Art Nouveau style with high ceilings, large windows, mirrors and gorgeous crystal chandeliers. The Municipal House Cafe features a large selection of coffees, teas, drinks, salads, light meals, sandwiches, and desserts including homemade cakes. This venue brings back the glamour of the past and caters to customers seeking the best of traditional service and taste. It is located...

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Cafe Amandine | Prague Cafes

Cafe Amandine

Located in Prague 2 in the pretty area of Moran, which is close to the Vltava River is the gorgeous Café Amandine, a true throw back to the Art Nouveau cafes of the First Republic and to authentic Parisian cafes. Café Amandine’s interior is complete with chartreuse and hot pink striped wallpaper, an abundance of dark wood, a large bar, display cases with delectable treats, Art Nouveau glass chandeliers and much more. The staff...

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Cafe Lounge | Prague Cafe | Interior

Cafe Lounge

In the quiet residential street of Plaska is the charming Café Lounge at the Hunger Wall Residence, a warm and lovely café and restaurant where you can easily spend hours sipping gorgeous international and Czech wines and tasting delicious starters and tapas, hot savory soups, fresh crisp salads, and hearty sandwiches. Café...

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Nostress | Prague Restaurant and Cafe

Nostress Cafe Restaurant Gallery

Located in an attractive and sought after part of Old Town, Nostress Café Restaurant Gallery is the perfect place to sit and enjoy a colorful French-Asian fusion meal, or to sip on illy Italian coffee while sampling a Belgian dessert; so check your problems and stress at the door and enjoy. The interior is simple and clean with traces of Asian inspiration found in the bulky wooden tables and the colorful paper lanterns hanging from...

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Cafe Savoy | Prague Cafes

Cafe Savoy

This stunning cafe is located on the western riverbank, not far from Kampa Island and just across the street from Lesser Town. As a monument to Prague`s rich history, this airy and open cafe is a great place to relax and breathe in the aroma of the past. Situated on the ground floor of a fin de siecle building, this cafe has been around since 1893. Once a decadent coffeehouse, the Savoy was a favorite smoky haunt in the era after...

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Siddharta Cafe | Prague Restaurant

Siddharta Cafe

Siddharta Café is a lovely variation of the famous Buddha-Bar concept. This trendy intimate restaurant/lounge/bar has a Pop Art feel with colorful transparent lit Buddha statues and bright modern Buddha paintings, gorgeous turquoise and black chairs, plenty of natural light, plus rich jewel-toned chandeliers. The menu presented by the Siddharta Cafe chef Josef Vojtech features tasty international cuisine while keeping the focus on...

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Mysak Sweet Shop | New Town

Mysak Sweet Shop

Located steps from Wenceslas Square on lively Vodičkova Street, is the famous Mýsák sweet shop, well, a reconstructed version of the legendary sweet shop, as the Rondo-Cubist building that housed the famous confectionary from 1910 collapsed in 2006. In the true spirit of renovation and nostalgia, the structure was rebuilt and the sweet shop reopened its famous doors in 2008. Mýsák sweet shop was one of the most popular establishments...

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Cafe Louvre | Prague Cafes | New Town

Cafe Louvre

This grand Art Nouveau establishment has greeted many distinguished figures, Kafka and Einstein among a few. The grand staircase will lead you to the first floor where you will be stunned by the impressive interior with its dominant red color, abundance of open space, large windows and classic setting. Cafe Louvre was closed during the Communist regime as it was perceived as too decadent and free spirited. It reopened after the Velvet...

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Café Nová Galerie

Café Nová Galerie

The exceptional art space of the Nová Galerie (New Gallery), situated in the quarter of Vinohrady, has formed an attractive cafe. The combination of the cafe’s location and unique atmosphere simply encourages you to have lively discussions about art and artists, or with artists themselves. If you visit, you will be able to spend your time...

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Phill's Twenty7 | Prague

Phill's Twenty7

Visit Phill's Twenty7 bistro and cafe in the popular neighborhood of Holešovice today for some delectable eats in a hip atmosphere. This establishment is close to home design shops and the old Holešovice harbor, and is situated in one of Prague's up-and-coming neighborhoods. This attractive, design-friendly eatery offers excellent international cuisine in a modern and stylish setting. Phill's Twenty7 was opened due to its owner's...

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Phill's Corner

Phill's Corner

Visit Phill’s Corner - a cool design cafe - today and enjoy a delicious breakfast / brunch and more. Located in Holešovice, a former industrial suburb that is now considered a hotspot for housing and design, Phill’s Corner is the sister establishment to Phill's Twenty7 – a beloved design bistro offering great food & drinks....

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Cafe-Cafe | Prague Cafe | Interior


Cafe Cafe is trendy, contemporary and chic! A place where locals and visitors rub shoulders with the rich and the famous; it is not unlikely to sip your espresso next to a famous singer or football player. The interior is an interesting blend of exposed brick, simple furniture, excellent lighting and TV screens playing Fashion TV. The music is always a mix of lounge and house with occasional mainstream hits thrown in. The...

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Café Neustadt | Prague Cafes

Café Neustadt

Located in the bustling center of Prague and situated in the ivy-covered courtyard of the New Town Hall complex is the hip Café Neustadt. This modern non-smoking establishment with free Wi-Fi is a great place for those seeking homemade goods, amazingly delicious coffee, great drinks and an overall cool atmosphere. Open early serving breakfast and staying open until the night crowd rolls in for DJ sets, live music or socializing, this...

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Bacaro | Prague Cafe


Looking for a stylish cafe with cozy interior, spacious outdoor seating and a great offer of fresh food, high-quality wines and fine coffee? If so, we have found a special place for you. Do not hesitate, and pay a visit to Bacaro, a French-style cafe, located on Vinohradská Street, the main transport and social hub of the lovely city quarter of Vinohrady. The lovely design of the cafe that features many small details will make you...

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Bistro PROTI PROUDU in Prague's neighborhood of Karlín is a great little family-friendly bistro that is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At this stylish welcoming bistro you can enjoy a wide variety of nutritious international dishes including a variety of fresh sandwiches made with homemade bread, homemade hearty soups, some Sardinian specialties, etc. The interior, combining elements of glass, wood, natural stone; the soothing...

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Oliver's Coffee Cup

Oliver's Coffee Cup

Located on fabled Wenceslas Square is Oliver’s Coffee Cup. This attractive cafe, which could be considered a hidden gem in an area overrun with chain cafes, is conveniently situated in the center of the city – making it appealing to both locals and tourists. The cafe is housed on the first floor of the Dům Módy department store building – get your caffeine fix and do some light shopping, why don’t you? The...

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Jídlo lásky | Prague

Jídlo lásky

Raw healthy food prepared with love – that is the simple, great concept behind Jidlo lásky (food of love). With several bistros throughout Prague (most of which are connected with yoga or Bikram yoga studios), Jidlo lásky is a great place for refueling your body (your temple) after an invigorating yoga class, for lunch, for a quick snack, etc. Jidlo lásky offers fresh raw dishes from the main menu (all mouth-watering healthy...

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La Bohème Café | Prague

La Bohème Café

Located in Vinohrady in a spacious former design furniture showroom is La Bohème Café – one of Prague's best local cafes. This stylish coffeehouse acts as a social gathering spot for coffee lovers, but also as the European headquarters of La Bohème Coffee (coffee that is highly reputable and enjoyed all over the world) – upstairs you will find the roasting machines – can you smell fresh roasted coffee yet? Because...

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Bitcoin Coffee | Prague

Bitcoin Coffee

Visit Bitcoin Coffee today for an excellent espresso or cappuccino and a dose of cyber chat. Bitcoin Coffee is located in the former industrial area of Holešovice and is situated on the ground floor of Paralelní polis – aka the Institute of Cryptoanarchy. As you can guess from the cafe's name, Czech crowns are not accepted for payment – you can only use bitcoin here (min. bitcoin purchase CZK 100; there is a bitcoin converter...

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Prague Chocolate Cafe & Bistro

Prague Chocolate Cafe & Bistro

Located in Mala Strana on the ultra charming Nerudova Street is the equally charming Prague Chocolate Cafe & Bistro, part of the Pražská čokoláda s.r.o. (Prague Chocolate s.r.o.) businesses. This cafe is housed in a lovingly-restored historical building that is situated underneath the imposing and intriguing Prague Castle complex....

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New York Café | Grand Interior

New York Café

Located in the center of Prague and situated in the grand historical lobby of the Boscolo Prague Hotel, a five-star establishment that is part of the luxury Boscolo Hotels chain from Venice, Italy (Est. 1978), is the New York Café. This amazingly palatial neo Renaissance hotel that was originally home to a bank (there is now a bar situated in the former...

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Leica Gallery Prague

Leica Gallery Prague

In the center of Prague sits a wonderful contemporary photography gallery that features not only a great exhibition hall but also an attractive modern cafe and bookshop. Leica Gallery Prague, established in 2002 in the Supreme Burgrave's House of the Prague Castle, and located in their permanent New Town location since 2008 focuses on exhibiting contemporary Czech and Slovak photography. The gallery has one main goal – to give...

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Café Royal | Prague Nightlife

Café Royal

Fancy spending an evening in an old renovated movie theater from the glorious 1920s – First Republic style? If so your dreams will come true at Café Royal, a lovely - splendid in fact – cinema that has been meticulously renovated and now acts as an entertainment venue / movie theater in the heart of Prague's popular Vinohrady. This cool establishment is a wonderful mix of First Republic grandeur and old Hollywood glamour....

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Café Jen | Interior

Café Jen

Located in Prague 10 on pretty Kodaňská Street is Café Jen, a wonderful young establishment that is simply put, delightful. Café Jen offers a comfortable attractive space where you can sit, relax and enjoy some fresh homemade food – this neighborhood cafe has it all. The popular cafe brings to mind cafes abroad where cafes are central in shaping the community; regulars can be seen populating the cafe daily. This is in fact the...

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au Gourmand | Prague Cafes

au Gourmand

French style bakery and pastry shop, close to Old Town Square, located on one of the most beautiful streets in Prague. The window display is the first thing that catches your eye with an inviting selection of savory baked goods. Once you enter you will feel as though you have stepped back in time to the 1920s. It is clean and simple with stunning colorful preserved tiles, wrought iron chairs and intimate tables. Two glass display...

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Cafe Rudolfinum | Prague

Cafe Rudolfinum

Café Rudolfinum is a beautiful spacious café located in the Old Town district of Prague and situated in the Rudolfinum complex, which consists of a magnificent concert hall and a large art gallery. This swanky establishment features high ceilings, tall windows and parquet hard wood floors with elegant yet simple furnishings,...

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Tea Mountain | Prague

Tea Mountain

Located in Prague's delightful Karlín district is the equally delightful Tea Mountain. This authentic tea room is a special place in Prague – with their delicious rich teas, fine presentation, knowledgeable service and more, Tea Mountain will leave you with a most memorable experience. This gem of a tea room serves up a great variety of teas, including teas from exotic far away lands such as India, Japan, and China. Tea Mountain...

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Monolok Cafe | Prague Cafe

Monolok Cafe

Located in Prague's pretty Art Nouveau neighborhood of Vinohrady is the popular Cafe Monolok. This cafe serves up perfection in a cup – made with coffee from local roaster Coffee Source and created by skillfully trained baristas, you will be hard pressed to find a better coffee drink in Prague. Cafe Monolok offers a variety of coffee drinks including espresso, cappuccino, corretto, affogatto, vacuum pot, drip, etc., ensuring...

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Original Coffee | Prague Cafe

Original Coffee

Located in Old Town directly off of the pretty Bethlehem Square is the Original Coffee cafe. This cafe is a welcome choice for enjoying delicious high quality coffee in an original fun interior. Established in 2012 in Vinohrady as a Czech roaster of specialty coffee from around the world, Original Coffee eventually moved to the center of Old Town and is now housed in a building that featured a cafe in the 1920s. The interior is simple...

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Hashashira Bistro | Fresh and Tasty

Hashashira Bistro

Conveniently located behind the National Museum close to public transportation is the Hashashira Bistro. At this charming bistro you will find a variety of delicious homemade soups, quiche, fresh salads and more. Made with love and quality ingredients, the soups at Hashashira will currently have you returning for more. Each day two different soups are offered, alongside two main entree options, and two homemade dessert options; daily...

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Kaaba Cafe | Dolce Vita Photo

Kaaba Cafe

Located in the residential Art Nouveau area of Prague 2 Vinohrady is Kaaba, a super colorful breath of cool and hip fresh air with a true retro atmosphere where you can sample American (scrambled eggs on toast) and French style breakfasts, light sandwiches and salads, superb gourmet coffees and other hot drinks including hot chocolate, an Ovaltine drink called Ovomaltina (13 vitamins, natural minerals and malt extracts) and a variety...

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Tricafé | Rich Coffee


The best coffee in town! Located in the center of Prague's Old Town that is characterized by its maze of cobblestone streets and close to the Gothic Charles Bridge and the fabled Vltava River is Tricafé, a cozy attractive place that has our vote for one of the best coffee establishments in Prague! This child-friendly non-smoking cafe serves rich bio-organic/direct trade Coffee Source brand coffee, which is regarded as some of the...

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Kavárna Pražírna | Barista

Kavárna Pražírna

Conveniently located in Prague's center close to the I.P. Pavlova metro/tram station is Kavárna Pražírna, a cafe serving delicious freshly roasted coffee. The coffee craze has really hit Prague in the last few years and thanks to this places like Kavárna Pražírna exist, where you can actually have your coffee freshly roasted and ground. This is obvious upon entering the cafe as the wonderful rich aroma of freshly roasted Arabica coffee...

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Klub V. kolona | Prague

Klub V. kolona

Klub V. kolona is located directly in the premises of the psychiatric hospital in Bohnice and live concerts, theater performances, exhibitions, forums and other cultural events take place here. The main aim of the club that was opened as the second training facility of the civic association Green Doors in 1999 is to draw people from the neighborhood to the mental hospital and also to connect the care in the hospital with community...

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Friends Coffee House | New Town

Friends Coffee House

Located in New Town, is the newly opened Friends Coffee House. This immensely popular coffee house has it all and you will be sure to fall under its spell. Friends Coffee House, a spacious and non-smoking café is a welcome addition to the Prague café scene and is situated in a lovingly renovated building that presents an attractive, unique and historic space. Operated by two avid travelers and their friendly staff, the café boasts...

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Saint Tropez | Interior

Patisserie Saint Tropez

Located in the bustling area of New Town in Prague and situated in the Art Nouveau Lucerna and Novak Passages is the highly popular, even famed French confectionary Patisserie Saint Tropez, the only holder of the Valrhona expert award in the Czech Republic and creator of the largest chocolate bar made in the Czech Republic (made especially for the opening of the patisserie). This authentic French sugar shop sells a colorful variety...

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I Need Coffee | Interior

I Need Coffee!

Situated off of Palackého náměstí is I Need Coffee!, a lovely little coffee shop that serves a damn good cup of joe! This delightfully cozy, yet modern cafe serves delicious coffee drinks brewed from La Boheme beans and available in the an espresso, macchiato, Americano, cappuccino, piccolo and latte. If you feel like something different than coffee, why not try a Provencal Pastis, Italian Aperol, Campari & soda, or Crodino (a...

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Café Colore | Interior

Café Colore

Located in the center of Prague on the corner of Palackého and Jungmannova streets is Café Colore, a charming cafe that resembles Parisian and Viennese coffeehouses. This bustling New Town cafe is always full of life, making it the perfect place to meet up with friends and enjoy a tea, coffee (the cafe serves delicious and rich Julius Meinl coffee) and a homemade dessert, sip on some wine, beer or spirits, have a light lunch or dinner,...

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The Globe | Bookstore and Cafe

The Globe

The Globe, hailed as a Prague institution – a title it surely deserves – is a lovely restaurant, café and bookstore with over 10,000 new and used titles ranging in diversity, located in the New Town section of Prague. The Globe, established in 1993, and famous as the first English bookstore in Prague, features some of the best home cooking in the city of Prague and offers juicy burgers, crisp salads, colorful pastas, a...

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Caffe Futurama | Prague Cafe

Caffe Futurama

Located in the up-and-coming Prague district of Karlín and situated by the fabled Vltava River is Caffe Futurama. Open from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and serving tasty international meals in large portions for small prices, Caffe Futurama is set to become the place to be for a good breakfast, lunch or dinner in Karlín; you may also want to keep in mind that between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. free soup comes with your lunch...

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Moment Bistro & Cafe | Vegan Bistro

Moment Bistro & Cafe

Located in Vinohrady is Moment Bistro & Cafe, a popular vegan establishment that is full of health and happiness. Offering cruelty-free vegan food for lovers of veggies and fresh healthy food in a hip urban environment (bonus points: there is always good music playing, and there is a children's corner in the back of the bistro), Moment Bistro & Cafe seems to belong in a larger city, somewhere like Berlin perhaps. Moment offers...

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Dos Mundos | Prague

Dos Mundos

On the search for some great tasting high quality coffee in Prague? If so, head to Dos Mundos, a small cafe/shop where you can sample and/or purchase fresh roasted Dos Mundos coffee in Prague's Vinohrady neighborhood. The unassuming cafe is simple, clean and elegant – perfect for an interior that places emphasis not on decor but on the product they are promoting. Dos Mundos coffee is quite simply some of the best coffee we have...

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Starbucks | Prague Cafe | Entrance


Prague recently saw the opening of its first Starbucks, the global coffee phenomenon. Starbucks features a wide variety of coffee and treats, standard around the world, ideal for visitors not wanting to experiment and who long for their accustomed taste of Starbucks Coffee. The first Starbucks opened in a beautifully restored building, situated on Lesser Town Square under the Prague Castle. Service is efficient, professional and friendly....

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Costa Coffee | Quality Coffee in Prague

Costa Coffee

If you are a lover of fine coffee and love to grab one to go on your way to work or to a social event, Costa Coffee is your one stop shop. With locations throughout Prague, Costa Coffee is conveniently available for you wherever you might be in Prague. Super coffee quality and a high class and ethical franchise style, Costa Coffee is Britain’s answer to America’s Starbucks; in fact Costa Coffee is the second largest coffeehouse...

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Cafe Šlágr | Prague Cafes

Cafe Šlágr

This charming First Republic cafe and sweet shop is full of character and delicious goodies. Located in Prague's charming, up-and-coming neighborhood of Vršovice, Cafe Šlágr is not only an attractive, cozy cafe, but also one of the best places in Prague to buy homemade baked goods that include pastries, made to order tortes, gluten-free cakes, and more – all of which are made from old family recipes. The interior of the...

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Cukr Kava Limonada | Prague Cafes

Cukr Kava Limonada

This cafe is as interesting as its name (Sugar, Coffee, Lemonade). Nestled in the Baroque Lesser Town, this establishment is an ideal place to wind down after sightseeing, meet with friends, or grab a bite to eat on your lunch break. It has a very warm and inviting atmosphere with wooden elements such as the painted wooden ceiling and wooden floors. The interior is a pleasant blend of the traditional with contemporary elements added...

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Creperie Cafe Girafe | Prague

Creperie Cafe Girafe

Located in Prague’s residential district of Suchdol is the popular Creperie Café Girafe. This special café features an exotic décor of dark woods and green tropical plants alongside photographs, woodcarvings and more of giraffes. Opened in 2006, Café Girafe is a popular establishment that offers an array of delicious homemade treats including their specialties: French crêpes and Breton galettes, which are savory pancakes made...

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Rosenberg Palace Cafe | Prague

Rosenberg Palace Cafe

Located within the massive Prague Castle Complex is the Rožmberský Palác or the Rosenberg Palace, a fine Renaissance palace. Located on the ground floor of the palace and in a small courtyard garden is the new Café Rožmberský palác, a perfect place to stop in and unwind after a long day of wandering about the pretty castle. The Café’s interior is a modern architectural design that blends perfectly and sensitively with the historic...

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Bistro & Obchod No. 19 | Prague Bistro

Bistro & Obchod No. 19

A fresh daily soup of the day and a main course from seasonal ingredients are offered by the cozy Bistro & Obchod No. 19 on Karolíny Světlé Street in the center of Prague not far from the National Theater. The homely atmosphere of this bistro that can seat only a few guests is the result of its intimate interior, very nice staff and an excellent and imaginative menu that draws from Czech as well as foreign cuisines. Even though...

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Cafe Montmartre | Prague Cafes

Cafe Montmartre

Located in the whimsical district of Old Town in the center of Prague is Café Montmartre, which is better known to locals as Cabaret Montmartre. Founded in 1911, it is one of Prague’s legendary intellectual hot spots where Bohemians would and still do gather to discuss the arts and culture. The café is situated in a spacious, charming old building called U třech divých, or the House at the Three Savages. Café Montmartre has...

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Malostranská Beseda | Restaurant

Malostranská Beseda – Café and Pilsner Urquell Restaurant

Located on the ground floor of the Malostranská Beseda are two fine establishments, the Malostranská Beseda Pilsner Urquell Restaurant and the Malostranská Beseda Café, while the basement level features a cozy pub with brick walls and wooden benches at the tables and large-screen TVs playing the hottest sports games, making it a perfect place to meet with...

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Oliva Restaurant & Cafe | Fine Cuisine

Oliva by Amandine

Situated in the intriguing area close to the Vltava River between Palackého Náměstí and Vyšehrad - an ancient landmark in Prague - is the delightful Oliva Restaurant by Amandine. Oliva by Amandine features an airy interior with emphasis on the fresh color green, a most friendly atmosphere and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. This popular restaurant...

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Styl & Interier | Al Fresco Cafe

Styl & Interier

Styl & Interier – a popular and charming courtyard cafe plus your one stop shop for all of your home décor needs! Located in New Town on bustling Vodičkova Street is this unique combo of a garden cafe and interior design showroom. The always-popular garden cafe is situated in a spacious, tranquil courtyard covered in greenery that boasts wicker chairs and potted flowers. Inside you will find more seating for the colder...

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Argument | Prague

Argument - Restaurant & Cafe

Argument Restaurant & Café is a popular eatery specializing in fresh fish and lava grilled meat. The popular restaurant and café’s slogan is ‘the freshest place in Prague 6’ and it is easy to see why. The mouthwatering modern international cuisine served at Argument Restaurant & Café is made from only the highest quality ingredients and served by professional friendly staff members in an attractive, comfortable...

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Mamacoffee | Colorful Interior

Mamacoffee Cafe

Mamacoffee started off as a small coffeehouse on Londynska Street in Vinohrady. Their specialty was selling delicious and robust fair trade coffee (from Ethiopia, Brazil and Tanzania), teas, ceramics and accessories at reasonable prices. As their strong bodied coffee brewed people started to pay attention and what started off as something small and ethical has caught on around the city of Prague and now Mamacoffee has six locations...

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Soup in the City | Interior

Soup in the City

Everyone loves soup! And that is exactly why the Fusion Hotel Prague created a relaxed and comfortable soup café where you can sample a lovely variety of healthy, well-balanced soups. Due to the increasing popularity of soups in general, soup cafes have started to pop up around the city of Prague, but Soup in the City is the best as their soup selection has something for everyone. Inside this cool soup café you can choose from fresh...

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Hush | Cocktails in Prague


Located in bustling New Town is the funky Hush bar. Hush is more than just a bar; Hush is a lounge, a café with free wi-fi, a cocktail bar and a music bar all wrapped up into one popular, hip and happening hot spot in the Prague nightlife scene. Hush is comprised of three spacious rooms decorated in warm colors with ethnic décor on the wall and plasma TVs. The largest of the rooms features a fully stocked bar and doubles as the dance...

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Just Bagel | Egg Sandwich

Just Bagel

Searching for a little breakfast hangout in the center of Prague? Oddly enough breakfast haunts are not that easy to find in the city of one hundred spires, but thanks to Just Bagel you can meet up with your friends or colleagues early in the morning for a tasty bite to eat during the workweek from 7 a.m. or on the weekends from 9 a.m. Just Bagel serves a variety of toasted bagel sandwiches that are hearty, fresh and delicious and...

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Mad Bar | Party People

Mad Bar

Located in Lesser Town close to the winding Vltava River is Mad Bar, a cool café and restaurant featuring a unique atmosphere, friendly regulars and hip temporary art exhibitions. Mad Bar is in fact one of the best places in Prague to sample light interesting international fare, good drinks, the best beer in the world and more. The establishment consists of a spacious front room, an intimate back room, and a calm courtyard with a...

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Coffee and Cigars | photo

Coffee and Cigars

Coffee and Cigars is a coffeehouse combined with a restaurant, boasting a contemporary design and a wide and colorful selection of light meals and drinks located just steps from Wenceslas Square in the Svetozor arcade. Bring your laptop and enjoy the free Wi-Fi Internet connection while sipping a delicious cappuccino or a glass of fresh orange juice. If you happen to be hungry, you will appreciate the variety of salads, steak, and...

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Paul | Prague Cafe


If you would like to treat yourself to a French pastry, strong coffee, fresh sandwich, or simply a lovely French baguette, head to your neighborhood Paul. With branches throughout the magical city of Prague, Paul is quickly becoming a favorite café of Prague inhabitants. This family operated brand has an intriguing history of baking that dates back to 1889 when their first bakery would open its doors to the people of Croix in Northern...

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Cafe Imperial | Prague Cafes

Cafe Imperial

One of the grandest cafes in Prague and situated in the Imperial Hotel, Cafe Imperial brings back the grandeur of the turn of the century in Prague. With millions of ceramic tiles covering the walls and the pillars of the cafe in floral and animal designs depicting oriental or Moorish scenes, the cafe has long been one of the most sought after establishments...

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Artisan | Beef Dish with Wine

Artisan Restaurant & Cafe

Located at the bottom of the leafy, lush Petrin Hill you will find a treasure, the Artisan Restaurant & Café. This little hidden non-smoking gem is an intimate and comfortable place to spend a romantic candlelit evening with a loved one and a perfect place for a 2 or 3-course business lunch. The location is beneficial as you can sample the delicious varieties of lovingly prepared food and then continue your relaxing evening or...

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Grand Cafe Orient | Prague Cafe | Interior

Grand Cafe Orient

One of the best cafes in Prague is located in the Cubist House of the Black Madonna. The Grand Cafe Orient is in sync with the architectural style of the house and showcases the most elegant Cubist interior in the world. The cafe reopened in March 2005 after an extensive renovation based on black and white photographs, trying to reclaim...

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Bakeshop | Prague | Old Town

Bakeshop Praha

This establishment is located in the heart of Old Town just steps away from Old Town Square. It has become a household name in the area for its baked goods. Everything in the shop is made from scratch and 100% fresh as goods are baked daily. The diverse selection of goods is quite extensive ranging from bread to loaf cakes, savory pies, canapes, and even wedding cakes. Bakeshop even makes homemade sourdough bread, which is one of...

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Cukrárna Alchymista | Lavender Cupcakes

Cukrárna Alchymista

Cukrárna Alchymista, or the Alchemist sugar shop and café is a wonderful find in the center of Prague’s residential area of Letná, close to the Sparta Stadium. The Alchemist is a non-smoking, retro sweet shop, café and tea room that features a lovely outdoor seating area in the form of a beautiful English garden, complete with a small fish pond. The interior of the café was inspired by the period of the First Republic and features...

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Kavarna Lucerna | Cafes in Prague

Kavarna Lucerna

Overlooking the strange and the fantastic hanging St. Wenceslas sculpture on his upside down dead horse by the one and only controversial Czech artist, David Cerny, you will find the intriguing Lucerna Café. Situated in the intricate Lucerna Passage, the café is a welcome spot to stop and take in the special architectural charms of the Art Nouveau passage on...

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NoD Roxy | Experimental venue

Experimental venue NoD Roxy

The experimental venue NoD on the upper floor of the Prague club Roxy combines a theater space, gallery and a newly reconstructed café, where you can relax before or after an exceptional cultural event that you can be sure to experience here. The space is defined as an experimental venue, since it is open to art and social experiments. It is very versatile and besides theater performances also film and music productions take place...

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Bresto Wine Bar & Cafe | Prague

Bresto Wine Bar & Cafe

Located in bustling New Town close to Wenceslas Square, St. Longin Rotunda (one of the oldest buildings in the city of Prague) and the pretty St. Stephan Church is the popular Bresto Wine Bar & Café. Bresto specializes in two things, wine and coffee. The establishment offers a wide assortment of the best international wines including the drink of the gods from France, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Bulgaria and the...

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La Caveau French Wine & Cheese Shop | Prague

Le Caveau French Wine & Cheese Shop

Located in the residential area of Zizkov in Prague is Le Caveau a combined wine and cheese shop with an intimate wine tasting area. Le Caveau, a family operated company aims to import quality international wines at affordable prices, which is exactly what you will find at Le Caveau. Le Caveau specializes in top quality French wines, all of which are tasted by a viticulturist before the final purchase. A large portion of the French...

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Cafe Ebel | Prague Cafes

Cafe Ebel

Your neighborhood coffeehouse at its best! Located in secluded and charming locations throughout Old Town, Café Ebel is warm and very inviting. The café interiors have an eclectic feel to them with wooden tables, antique furniture, and random wall art. The staff members are very friendly and complete the cozy atmosphere in these intimate cafes. Café Ebel specializes in fresh 100% Arabica coffee, imported from around the world and...

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Kafe Kakao | Bright Interior

Kafe Kakao

In the quiet residential Prague district of Vinohrady you will find the charming and bright Kafé Kakao café. The interior is colorful, lovely and looks slightly like a café which should be found on the East coast of America; it is then fitting that the café is located on Americká Street. The welcoming atmosphere and staff together with the tasty treats, fairtrade coffee, fresh salads, and delicious desserts will surely make you a...

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Tynska Literary Cafe | Entrance

Tynska Literary Cafe

Tucked away secretly in a winding lane not far from Old Town Square and Tyn Church is the hugely popular Tynska Literary Café, named so as many publishers use it as a venue to promote newly published books. Open the double wooden doors and step down into a world of Czech...

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RedRoom Bar & Cafe | Prague

RedRoom Bar & Cafe

Located on bustling Myslíkova Street, situated between Karlovo Namesti and the winding Vltava River is RedRoom Bar & Cafe, a popular nightspot with tourists and local Bohemians alike. RedRoom Bar & Café features a spacious and bright red interior decorated with original wall art and friendly professional staff members who mix expert thirst-quenching cocktails. RedRoom Bar & Cafe is proud to feature live entertainment nightly...

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Cafe Bambus | Interior

Cafe Bambus

Café Bambus is a happening and bustling daytime hangout and nightspot that serves tasty food available in a lunch and dinner menu that includes international cuisine, delicious Thai specialties and more. Café Bambus also doubles as a bar and is crowded night and day, a true testimonial to the café’s tasty food, cool atmosphere, good music and delicious cocktails. The cozy interior features close tables, a warm color scheme and...

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Cafe Na půl cesty | Terrace

Café Na půl cesty

If you visit Café Na Půl Cesty, where you can hear interesting unsigned bands, then by your mere presence you are participating in a project of social rehabilitation. Café Na Půl Cesty is located in a park in Pankrác in a detached one-story brick building and is run by the Green Doors NGO. Green Doors integrates people with short-term cases of schizophrenia back into ordinary life. One way to do this is to employ...

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Culinaria | Prague Specialty Shop


Located in Old Town, Culinaria is an interesting unique place to shop and dine. If you are ever feeling homesick head to Culinaria where you can purchase goods from all over the world, goods such as freshly baked chocolate chip, peanut butter and oatmeal raisin cookies, and even Doritos! Besides selling wonderful American treats and international gourmet food, Culinaria also serves an affordable varied selection of tasty homemade...

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Czech Inn Kavarna | Prague

Czech Inn Kavarna

Located in the popular residential area of Vinohrady and situated in a gorgeously renovated Art Nouveau building is the Czech Inn Kavarna Café & Bar. Belonging to the design hotel / hostel but open to the public, the bar is located on the ground floor and is in a large, beautiful oblong room with intricate ceiling moldings depicting grape vines, hops and instruments, motifs from what once was the King’s Vineyards, or Vinohrady....

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Velryba Cafe | Prague Nightspot

Velryba Cafe

Kavarna Velryba, or whale café in English, is a popular and bustling nightspot in the center of Prague. Located close to Národní Trida and the National Theater and other artsy cafes and boutiques, Velryba is situated in a hip quarter of Prague. This is a great place to spend time with friends discussing, drinking, eating and simply being. Velryba plays host to one of the coolest intellectual, hipster spots in the city, making it quite...

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The Museum of Decorative Arts | Prague

Cafe at the Museum of Decorative Arts

Located in the Museum of Decorative Arts, this lovely oblong cafe is a true treat for a good cup of coffee before or after hitting the museum. The walls are lined with an array of vintage clocks; ponder the concept of time while sipping on a hot cappuccino with your friends. The general crowds that frequent the cafe include students from nearby Charles University and artists as well. The cafe at the Museum of Decorative Arts is a...

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Cafe 35 at the French Institute | Exterior

Cafe 35 at the French Institute

Located in New Town and active in the Czech Republic for over 120 years, the French Institute is indeed an institute in its own right with a library, a cinema, a gallery, a café, school and more. The perfect place for a Francophile or a French expat, the French institute feels inexorably French, especially the café which features a true Parisian atmosphere and offers coffees, hot chocolate, tea, wine, beer, hot and cold sandwiches...

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