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Over the past decade there have been ugly rumors spread about the gastronomic reputation of this city in the heart of the old continent. And truly there was nothing to remember about Prague's restaurants, unless you were a hot dog connoisseur searching for new presentations or flavors, or perhaps the never-ending tables of dumplings drowning in thick brown stew. The motherland of ‘goulash s knedlíky’ eventually became populated with a more sophisticated crowd and the outbreak of the nouveau cuisine was ready to begin. Nowadays you can find some of the most progressive restaurants in this melting pot of the latest fusion trends and traditional recipes. Progressive as these restaurants may be, though, Prague is still maturing in terms of ‘fine dining’ and many restaurants still serve bowls of thick goulash waiting to be devoured. While you take an evening stroll through the magnificent Old Town on its cobblestone lanes, you can easily pop into a traditional Italian trattoria without any worries, or spoil yourself in an exclusive French restaurant serving absolutely scrumptious foie Gras, almost rivaling high-class restaurants in France. Ranging in variety from traditional Asian eateries to Southeast Asian fusion restaurants, traditional Greek gyros stands and Japanese and Korean sushi houses, you can try a large choice of international cuisines and spoil yourself with the newest trends in modern gourmet dining. The interiors of the majority of restaurants have been renovated mostly in the Baroque and Art Nouveau styles, but many newcomers are following the latest trends in interior design. You can even try an Icelandic or Gothic restaurant in this newly established Mecca of true gourmets. And let us not forget Czech food, the finest establishments update basics and draw on worldly flavors to create a special kind of continental fusion cuisine with fine ingredients from all over Europe, while finding bohemian inspiration in classic recipes to prove the beauty of centuries old Czech fare. If you are searching for fine dining establishments in Prague, you will not be disappointed as the city continues to impress all the while making all the correct moves towards the exceptional European standard of fine dining... Our Apartments in Prague in the Old Town and Malá Strana.

Fine Dining in Prague


La Finestra | Restaurant

La Finestra in Cucina

La Finestra in Cucina is the sister restaurant to the ever-popular Aromi restaurant, as well as to the La Bottega di Finestra and Gastronomica deli shops & bistros. These fine establishments...

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Aromi | Prague

Aromi - Enoteca Con Cucina

Riccardo Lucque, an Italian chef with rich international experience in Manhattan and London, opened the Aromi restaurant in 2005. In accordance with its motto "simplicity, tradition and passion" this restaurant / bistro offers inhabitants of Prague, as well as visitors, a unique opportunity to taste authentic and delicious Italian cuisine, with an emphasis on seafood. The interior was designed by EDIT Architects in...

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Sansho | Beef Dish | Prague Fine Dining


Experience good, honest gourmet food in a comfortable, urban setting in the heart of Prague! The city’s new culinary obsession is rightly justified with Sansho, a lovely comfortable eatery in the city center that combines fantastic and funky Asian cuisine with a simple, unpretentious interior and warm atmosphere. The restaurant is the brainchild of Head Chef Paul Day, an experienced chef that gained South East Asian food experience...

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Grand Cru Restaurant & Bar

Grand Cru Restaurant & Bar

Grand Cru - Prague's premier culinary establishment where you can experience a unique culture of food and wine at a higher level. Located in Old Town and situated in a charming renovated historical house, Grand Cru is both a classy restaurant and wine bar. The restaurant serves up delectable international cuisine by means of dishes made with seasonal top quality ingredients, of course expertly paired with rich wines to create a harmony...

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Sasazu | Photo by Dolce Vita

SaSaZu Restaurant

The SaSaZu restaurant is a grand discovery in the gastronomical scene of the golden city of Prague. And it must be said that this discovery is quite extraordinary, since this restaurant serves South-East Asian cuisine and therefore gives you the opportunity to taste the authentic and exotic flavors of Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and other countries from that region in the stylish and genuine environment of this Prague restaurant....

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Zdenek's Oyster Bar | Fresh Seafood

Zdenek's Oyster Bar

Zdenek's Oyster Bar that is often considered as the best seafood restaurant in Prague by gourmets, offers specialties from the sea and land. You can taste here several kinds of excellent oysters served on drift ice with various dressings, shrimps, lobsters, crabs and other delicacies prepared under the leadership of chef Jiří Nosek who has gained experience in many renowned Prague restaurants, such as Kampa Park, Alcron and C'est...

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Kalina Cuisine & Vins

Kalina Cuisine & Vins

The Kalina Cuisine & Vins gourmet restaurant is definitely a culinary establishment you should add to your list of favorite restaurants. Situated in the heart of Prague on Dlouhá Street, the restaurant will captivate you with its high quality cuisine created with prime products and paired with exclusive wines - carefully selected in order to harmoniously supplement the food. The Kalina cuisine & vins restaurant was established...

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Alcron | Restaurant with a Michelin Star


The renowned Alcron restaurant is one of the first two restaurants in Prague to receive a Michelin Star (2012); continuing this tradition every year up to its latest Star in 2016, it is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Prague. It also ranks regularly among the Top 10 Restaurants in the Czech Republic according to Maurer's Grand Restaurant Guide. The head chef of Alcron and of the La...

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La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise | Fine Dining in Prague

La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise

La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise, winner of a 2016 Michelin Star, is one of the newer stars belonging to the Ambiente chain. This gourmet restaurant serves 7 courses in one delicious extravagant feast, selected from a choice of two tasting menus. Go Bohemian with old-style Czech classics refined and renewed by modern techniques, or try the International menu for a more global choice. Flexibility reigns, so feel free to swap a disliked...

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Field Restaurant | Prague

Field Restaurant

Visit Field Restaurant – a farm-to-fork, Michelin Star (2016) establishment and sample delectable fresh cuisine in Prague. Situated in the charming Old Town quarter of Prague, Field Restaurant combines a casual yet inviting atmosphere together with high class cuisine and an innovative menu. The culinary goal of the talented chef and staff members at Field is to feed you with excellent food sourced locally from reputable farmers...

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Casa De Carli | Prague Fine Dining

Casa De Carli

Located in the center of Prague's sought after Old Town, Casa De Carli is home to some of the best Italian cuisine in town. To set it apart from other fine dining Italian establishments, Casa De Carli serves modern Italian fare – the delicious, delectable dishes prepared are simply a rebirth of traditional Italian cuisine! Casa De Carli's philosophy is simple: to provide wonderful high quality fare full of fresh, seasonal ingredients...

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RED Pif | Elegant Interior


Located in the center of Prague's Old Town is RED Pif, a three in one establishment that acts as a restaurant, wine bar, and wine boutique shop. RED Pif features a large selection of natural wines from small reputable winemakers and offers delectable food paired perfectly with such wines. If you happen to love wine, then you simply cannot miss this wine restaurant that stocks exceptional wines from France and Moravia that are personally...

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Buddha-Bar | Prague | Fine Dining and Bar


Located in Old Town, a legendary Buddha-Bar now graces the cobblestone streets, bringing to Prague an attractive combination of the exotic and mysterious atmosphere of Asia, French colonialism, and modern technologies. The mystical bi-level restaurant and bar adorned in rich reds and golds, gorgeous fabrics, dimly-lit chandeliers and a giant resin Buddha overlooking it all, is the perfect place to escape from the norm and try tempting...

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Spices Restaurant | Fine Cuisine

Spices Restaurant & Bar

Spices Restaurant & Bar at the Mandarin Oriental Prague has infused fresh culinary ideas with Eastern flavors and has spiced up fine dining in Prague. Spices is located on the ground level of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Prague. The whole complex is a restored medieval monastery which impeccably combines its rich historical spirit with far eastern...

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George Prime Steak | Classy Interior

George Prime Steak

In the center of Prague's Old Town you will find George Prime Steak restaurant, the best steakhouse in Prague. This American style steakhouse has it all – delicious juicy prime steaks, fresh seafood, chef-driven entrees, robust wines from California, classic cocktails, and so much more. The mission of this restaurant is simple – to be the best steakhouse in Prague and to serve perfect steaks. This dedication has the restaurant...

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Celeste | Dolce Vita Photo | Praha

Celeste Restaurant & Bar

Located in the famous Dancing House – also known as the Fred and Ginger House, on the top two floors, is the Celeste Restaurant & Bar. Celeste Restaurant & Bar, sister restaurant of Celeste Bistro, offers fine French cuisine on the top two floors of an unrivalled modern...

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AUREOLE | Fancy Setting

AUREOLE Fusion Restaurant & Lounge

Located on the 27th floor of the Prague City Tower – one of the tallest buildings in the city – is Aureole Fusion Restaurant & Lounge. This unique project created one of the highest restaurants in all of Bohemia, and the experience of dining there is unforgettable. The first striking thing that will catch your interest is, of course, the amazing panoramic view of the city of one hundred spires – it is truly mesmerizing....

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Coda | Prague Fine Dining | Terrace


One of the best Prague fine dining restaurants, Coda restaurant in the Aria Hotel in the heart of Prague in Malá Strana, is an excellent option for those unwilling to compromise on quality when it comes to fine dining. David Sasek, the Chef of Coda, is not willing compromise either. He commonly uses the Sous Vide method of preparing meat under a vacuum which lets the...

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Pot-au-Feu | Prague Fine Dining


Recommended in the 2015 Maurer Grand Restaurant Guide, Pot-au-Feu is a establishment located in the charming neighborhood of Prague's Old Town. Pay a visit to this small restaurant and enjoy delicious European fare prepared by Chef Jan Kracík, or under his close supervision – the intimate size of the establishment ensures this. Pot-au-Feu offers traditional Czech and European dishes, created with emphasis put on French preparation...

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Piano Nobile at Chateau Mcely | Gorgeous Lux Interior

Piano Nobile at Chateau Mcely

Piano Nobile is an award-winning restaurant, winner of the independent Maurerův výběr Grand Restaurant survey in 2014. Situated in Chateau Mcely, a five-star chateau hotel that is gorgeous and eco-chic, Piano Nobile has our vote as the perfect getaway restaurant when you are in need of a ultra-romantic setting. A true fine dining experience awaits at Piano Nobile; the elegant rich interior of the establishment is complemented by a...

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Mlynec | Prague | Fine Cuisine


Classical elegance combined with a breathtaking view of Charles Bridge and its Old Town Tower makes for an unforgettable dining experience in Prague. Mlynec has the first, and one of the very few, Chefs in the Czech Republic with the Michelin Bibendum award. Did we mention he received it three times? The menu ranges from Japanese and Indian to French and Italian with several Czech favorites as well. The menu is an innovative twist...

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Le Terroir | Prague

Le Terroir

Wine production has a tradition almost as long as is the history of our civilization. The first evidence of it goes back to 4000 BC in ancient Egypt. Since then, however, human experience, wisdom and developing technologies have greatly refined and perfected the resulting product. Some of the finest samples of this drink of the gods can be ordered in Le Terroir, a unique restaurant in the Old Town of Prague created by true wine lovers,...

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Augustine Restaurant | Beef Filet

Augustine Restaurant

The gorgeous Augustine Restaurant is housed in a glass-covered courtyard that uniquely incorporates three listed and protected trees, in the monastery complex that is The Augustine Prague hotel. It offers a sophisticated European menu including delicious local Czech specialties. With its floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a spacious terrace, the restaurant is a light, relaxing space in the heart of historic Prague. The winning combination...

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Le Papillon | Prague | Fine Cuisine

Le Papillon at Le Palais Hotel Praha

Just 5 minutes drive from Prague's Old Town, you will find one of Europe's most luxurious 5 star experiences. Set in a historic listed building from 1897 housing the famous Hotel Le Palais Prague and decorated by the beautiful frescos of the famous Bohemian painter Ludek Marold, Le Papilon is a shining star as the most luxurious dining experience in Prague. This boutique...

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CottoCrudo | Modern Italian Cuisine

CottoCrudo at the Four Seasons

If you wish to taste delectable and authentic Italian fare in a modern and sleek setting, head to CottoCrudo at the Four Seasons Hotel Praha! CottoCrudo is an exciting new Italian eatery where you can sample not only the best of Italy’s culinary cooked offerings but also a lovely offering of high quality cold Italian treats. . At CottoCrudo Executive Chef...

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Cantinetta Fiorentina | Prague Fine Dining

Cantinetta Fiorentina

Looking for authentic Tuscan cuisine in the heart of Prague? If so, do not miss the fine dining establishment of Cantinetta Fiorentina. Situated in a gorgeous Art Nouveau building in the center of Prague on the Pařížská shopping boulevard, Cantinetta Fiorentina serves up some of the best Italian cuisine around. Established in 2010 Cantinetta Fiorentina is dedicated to the art of “haute couture” fine dining – meaning...

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AvantGarde Restaurant | Interior

AvantGarde Restaurant

AvantGarde is a fine culinary establishment boasting a stylish attractive interior, an innovative menu and top attentive service. Conveniently located in Prague 6 directly on Evropská Street, AvantGarde is a perfect spot for business meals or private dinner gatherings. The restaurant offers meals throughout the day starting with a nice variety of breakfasts options, business lunches, and a full dinner menu with delectable international...

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Celeste Bistro | Fine Dining

Celeste Bistro

Celeste Bistro is a newly opened restaurant located in the gorgeous setting of the Jewish Quarter in Prague’s Old Town. Sister restaurant to Celeste Restaurant & Bar situated in New Town in the famous Dancing House, Celeste Bistro features the same quality and French cuisine concept. The interior boasts a minimalistic design, earthy tones and...

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Francouzska Restaurace | Prague

Francouzska Restaurace Art Nouveau at the Municipal House

Prague's Obecni dum (Municipal House) is a supreme example of Art Nouveau architecture – this fascinating beauty that is situated on the corner of U Obecniho domu and Na Prikope streets, often hosts concerts, exhibitions and other social events. The ground floor of this beautiful building (specifically in the...

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U Maliru | Prague Fine Dining

U Maliru

Located in picturesque Mala Strana, not five minutes from the famous Charles Bridge, on an equally picturesque and tranquil square is the U Maliru Restaurant. Serving fine French cuisine, U Maliru was one of the first fine dining establishments to open in Prague and has kept the reputation of being one of the best. U Maliru is the perfect place to take your loved one for a romantic candlelit meal they will never forget. The interior...

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Pallfy Palace | Prague Fine Dining

Palffy Palac

An intimate and secluded restaurant located in an 18th century Baroque palace. This restaurant is located on the first floor and cannot be seen from outside giving it a very cozy and private atmosphere. The experience begins even before you enter the restaurant as you stroll down the little cobblestone street with Prague Castle overshadowing the entire area; notice the majestic complex, you will feel truly miniature next to such grandeur....

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Le Grill Restaurant | Prague

Le Grill Restaurant at Kempinski Hybernska Prague Hotel

One reason to believe that Prague is gaining back its reputation as the European capital of culture, a reputation that was unfortunately lost during five decades of totalitarian governments, is that a new and luxurious member of the legendary Kempinski Hotel chain was opened in Prague in October 2008. Another reason to believe...

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V Zatisi | Prague | Old Town

V Zatisi

The V Zatisi restaurant is a refreshing and contemporary alternative to the predominantly classical settings of fine dining establishments in Prague. A famous Czech designer combined this traditional location with a variety of contemporary forms to create a pleasant atmosphere. The interior features bold use of shape and color and is complete with plaster flowers, flying candles, gradient illumination and still pictures; the local...

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Chateau Mcely | Exterior

Chateau Mcely

The five-star eco-chic chateau hotel, Chateau Mcely,  the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic, is located in a picturesque village of Mcely less than one hour's drive northeast of Prague. This luxury hotel surrounded by a beautiful English park with its high quality of service, beautiful interiors and breathtaking setting will please even the most demanding of clients. The chateau was opened in 2006 after a meticulous...

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Zinc | Sea Scallops and Steamed King Prawn

Zinc Restaurant

Zinc Restaurant, located in the Hilton Old Prague Hotel in the immediate vicinity of Namesti Republiky, will impress you with its minimalist interior inspired by the fascinating works of Czech Cubist architects. The elegant simplicity of the design will let you focus on the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of this restaurant: the varied selection of delicious meals prepared by the highly professional team of cooks under Executive...

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CzecHouse Grill & Rotisserie | Beef

CzecHouse Grill & Rotisserie

"Tradition today" is the motto of CzecHouse Grill & Rotisserie, a dynamic non-smoking eatery set in the Prague Hilton Hotel, open to all those looking for exceptional food. This Hilton Prague flagship restaurant offers a creative concept, which enables each guest to have an unforgettable dining experience. To keep tradition alive, it is necessary to find the right balance between innovative approaches and traditional...

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Bastion Prague Restaurant | Beautiful View

Bastion Prague Restaurant

The original Bastion Prague Restaurant promises an excellent gastronomic experience with a pleasant ambiance combined with a breathtaking view of Prague. The restaurant is located in the vicinity of Folimanka park and was named after a historical bastion (a projecting part of a fortification built at an angle to the line of a wall) from the 14th century, on which it is located, and which was built during the construction of the southern...

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Sarah Bernhardt Restaurant | Interior

Sarah Bernhardt Restaurant

Experience one of Prague's best restaurants – the Sarah Bernhardt Restaurant, which is considered to be one of the top ten fine dining establishments in Prague. The Sarah Bernhardt Restaurant is one of the finest restaurant settings in Prague, which offers a wide selection of food. Anyone who is in search of an unforgettable experience of French gastronomic grandeur and traditional Czech cuisine won’t find better...

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Villa Richter | Prague Fine Dining

Villa Richter

Located on an ancient mass of bedrock close to the grand Prague Castle is the lovely Neo Classicist Villa Richter, which features three restaurants. Built in the 1930s by architect Josef Peschka, the villa overlooks the city of Prague and St. Wenceslas Vineyard and provides incomparable views of Lesser Town, Old Town, New Town and the winding snake like Vltava River. St. Wenceslas Vineyard dates back to the 10th century A.D. and has...

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Hotel Hoffmeister | ADA Restaurant

Restaurants in Hotel Hoffmeister

In the Hotel Hoffmeister complex, complete with the Lily Wellness & Spa Center, located directly under the majestic Prague Castle among the historical palaces of Mala Strana (Lesser Town), there are two restaurants – ADA and RIA. Many monarchs and presidents from all around the world including Queen Elizabeth II, Boris...

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Aquarius Restaurant | Prague

Aquarius Restaurant at the Alchymist Grand Hotel

Located in one of the most beautiful districts of Prague and situated in the equally beautiful Alchymist Grand Hotel is the Aquarius Restaurant. This magically Old World establishment features the best French, Italian, and Mediterranean cuisine that the city of Prague has to offer. The fine cuisine is complemented with a professional, friendly staff and...

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La Rotonde | Prague Fine Dining | Interior

La Rotonde in Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel

The Alcron hotel, La Rotonde and Alcron are considered to be synonyms for excellent food by many Czechs. This is clearly no coincidence. Located in the near vicinity of Wenceslas Square right in the center of Prague, this legendary hotel hosts two restaurants, one of them being an Art Deco gem, La Rotonde. Its unique circular design (yes, resembling...

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Hegetova Cihelna | Prague Fine Dining | Prague's Finest View

Hergetova Cihelna

Fine dining with some of the best views in Prague, the Hergetova Cihelna restaurant is located in Lesser Town right on the riverbank. It offers breathtaking views of Charles Bridge and Old Town. The terrace is a real treat during spring and summer; dining under the stars with Charles Bridge embracing and connecting the two riverbanks is simply unforgettable. The interior is a subtle blend of traditional architecture with contemporary...

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Kampa Park | Prague Restaurant | A Room with a View

Kampa Park

On a small peninsula jutting over the Vltava River, one of the most amazing locations in Prague, sits the famous Kampa Park restaurant. Hollywood actors, world-famous musicians and celebrity personalities have been blown away by the creative fusion and the extravagant menu with its impressive selection of international dishes. Guests can choose to dine in a variety of places including winter gardens, cozy intimate rooms, or outdoor...

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Barock | Prague Fine Dining


Located on fashionable Pařížská Street, is Barock, a famous Prague restaurant and lounge. Practically across the street from the Old New Synagogue, Barock sits in the heart of historic and fashionable Prague 1. Long considered one of the best establishments in Prague, Barock is the culinary place to be seen. Adorning the walls are massive photographs of gorgeous supermodels, although some will tell you that these beautiful creatures...

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Bellevue | Prague Fine Dining | Interior


As the sun sets and the sky turns a fiery red, the view through the front windows of Bellevue restaurant displays a masterful composition; the glimmering Vltava river flowing gently under the astonishing Charles Bridge, crowned above by the majestic Prague Castle. The glass-enclosed...

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Divinis | Prague Fine Dining


Divinis is a cozy intimate restaurant serving excellent Northern Italian cuisine and top-notch wines. The menu is small, but prominent Czech Chef Zdeněk Pohlreich, who uses only fresh imported ingredients from the sun-drenched Mediterranean, makes the dishes expertly and with love. Aside from the seasonal main menu, which features among other delicious delicacies Osso bucco with braised vegetables and capers, Braised Veal with Marsala...

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La Veranda | Interior

La Veranda

La Veranda is a restaurant fully aware of its responsibilities. Apart from being responsible for providing its customers with excellent service and food that is not only delicious but also healthy, La Veranda, as any 21st century restaurant should, clearly feels responsible for supporting quality suppliers. Therefore most of the products used to prepare food are bought directly from small (some of them organic farms) Czech farms in...

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Da Emanuel | Italian Food in Prague

Da Emanuel

Located on a quiet residential street in Prague 6 is Da Emanuel, one of Prague’s hidden gems that serves some of the best Italian cuisine the city has to offer. The nautical interior, inspired by owner Emanuele Ridi’s childhood in Elba, is an intimate space complete with a brick vaulted ceiling, small cozy tables and al fresco seating on the quiet street. Once you sit down at this attractive establishment you will be treated...

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Belcredi | Exterior at Night

Letenský zámeček

In 1715, count Frantisek von Valdstejn loved the views of the glorious center of Prague from the fields of Letna Park so much that he decided to have the Belvedere folly built there. Unfortunately, only 30 years later the building was blown up by the French invaders and then rebuilt elsewhere. Nowadays, you can enjoy the same fascinating views from the windows of...

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Parnas | Prague Fine Dining in Old Town


Dine in candlelight with the majestic Prague Castle, the flowing, winding Vltava River and the mesmerizing Gothic Charles Bridge as the romantic backdrop to your fine dinner. Parnas Restaurant is part of the Café Slavia complex and is located in the magical Old Town quarter of Prague. Parnas restaurant offers tasty Czech and international cuisine as well as flambéed...

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Ristorante Pagana | Fine Dining

Ristorante Pagana

One of the things that might strike you about Prague is how popular Italian food is; there is quite literally, a pizzeria on almost every corner. Unfortunately, the quality is often quite poor and in nine out of ten cases the food offered should really be called Czech-Italian instead of traditional Italian. It is therefore always a pleasant surprise to discover a true original in a deep sea of bad replicas, a real Italian restaurant...

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La Vita e Bella | Fine Dining in Prague

La Vita e Bella

If the name of this restaurant is true, life is beautiful. You will certainly feel this way when the staff of this restaurant takes you on a culinary expedition across different regions of Italy and will show you some of the gems hidden under the general term Italian cuisine, it is much more varied than you had expected. What is more, all this exciting exploration will be possible without leaving the streets of Prague's Old Town....

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The Sushi Bar | Prague Dining

The Sushi Bar

The first and best sushi restaurant in the Czech Republic! Located next door to the Seefood Shop, this small restaurant has been serving freshly prepared sushi of all varieties since 1999. The interior is simple and carefully designed. A wooden floor and pale golden walls give the small room a feeling of spaciousness complemented by light. The sushi selection is...

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