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Czech food can be best described as comfort food. Czech cuisine has influence from surrounding countries such as Germany and Austria but many of the sweets found in Central Europe originated in the Czech lands. Diet food it is not, the main staple of the Czech diet is meat, with pork being the most common (the most popular meal is roast pork with dumplings and cabbage), alongside beef, chicken, goose, duck, and rabbit. As the Czech Republic is a landlocked country, fish is not very popular; however, the traditional Czech Christmas dinner consists of batter fried carp and potato salad. One of the mainstays of every Czech meal happens to be hearty dumplings, made from wheat or potatoes, dumplings are large and filling, perfect for soaking up meat gravy. Czech snacks, which are served in pubs, include fried cheese, pickled sausage (called ‘drowned men’), and fried potato pancakes. Desserts include many fresh pastries and cakes, as well as yummy fruit dumplings, which are yeast or cheese dumplings filled with berries or other fruits and served warm with melted butter and crumbles of sweet cheese. Popular drinks include, of course their world famous beer, Slivovitz (plum brandy that will knock your socks off!), Fernet Stock and Becherovka (herbal liqueurs) and Czech wine. Many fine dining establishments put their own spin on traditional Czech cuisine making tasty creations that are hard to forget.

Traditional Czech Cuisine


La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise | Fine Dining in Prague

La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise

La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise, winner of a 2016 Michelin Star, is one of the newer stars belonging to the Ambiente chain. This gourmet restaurant serves 7 courses in one delicious extravagant feast, selected from a choice of two tasting menus. Go Bohemian with old-style Czech classics refined and renewed by modern techniques, or try the International menu for a more global choice. Flexibility reigns, so feel free to swap a disliked...

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IN LOCO | Prague


Located among the winding cobblestone streets of Old Town, is the IN LOCO restaurant & bar. This hip Budweiser Budvar restaurant features a spacious, design-friendly interior that is welcoming and perfect for get-togethers with friends and/or family. The open dining area features a very modern and clean design style – with simple attractive décor (photographs), this restaurant lets you focus on the important things, food...

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Hostinec u Tunelu

Hostinec u Tunelu

Craving traditional Czech food and excellent draught beer? If so, head to Karlín's u Tunelu. Located in the city's new trendy culinary neighborhood, which is just a short tram ride / walk away from touristy Old Town, this bustling restaurant serves up delicious, hearty Czech cuisine. Situated on a picturesque street corner, next to the long pedestrian tunnel that connects Karlín to Zizkov in a lovely Art Nouveau building, u Tunelu...

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U Supa | Interior

Hostinec U Supa

Treat yourself to delicious, hearty Czech cuisine and mouthwatering beer at Hostinec U Supa. This spacious restaurant, which seats 200 people (with indoor & outdoor seating) is situated in a building that dates back to the 14th century – it was in this very building that a brewery opened in 1431 that supplied beer to the majority of pubs in old Prague.. making this setting where one of the oldest beer houses in Prague stood....

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Santini Garden

Santini Garden

Situated in an unforgettable setting underneath the looming Prague Castle complex is the popular Santini Garden. This charming restaurant that is housed in a beautifully renovated Renaissance building serves up modern takes on traditional Czech dishes in a lovely, cozy atmosphere. Spend quality time with loved ones all the while enjoying high quality Czech cuisine – if you enjoy al fresco dining under the stars, Santini Garden,...

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V Zatisi | Prague | Old Town

V Zatisi

The V Zatisi restaurant is a refreshing and contemporary alternative to the predominantly classical settings of fine dining establishments in Prague. A famous Czech designer combined this traditional location with a variety of contemporary forms to create a pleasant atmosphere. The interior features bold use of shape and color and is complete with plaster flowers, flying candles, gradient illumination and still pictures; the local...

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La Rotonde | Prague Fine Dining | Interior

La Rotonde in Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel

The Alcron hotel, La Rotonde and Alcron are considered to be synonyms for excellent food by many Czechs. This is clearly no coincidence. Located in the near vicinity of Wenceslas Square right in the center of Prague, this legendary hotel hosts two restaurants, one of them being an Art Deco gem, La Rotonde. Its unique circular design (yes, resembling...

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Mlynec | Prague | Fine Cuisine


Classical elegance combined with a breathtaking view of Charles Bridge and its Old Town Tower makes for an unforgettable dining experience in Prague. Mlynec has the first, and one of the very few, Chefs in the Czech Republic with the Michelin Bibendum award. Did we mention he received it three times? The menu ranges from Japanese and Indian to French and Italian with several Czech favorites as well. The menu is an innovative twist...

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U Vejvodu | Prague Restaurant | Interior

U Vejvodu

While you wander through the narrow, winding streets of Old Town, make sure you find your way to U Vejvodu, a traditional Czech jewel of a restaurant. U Vejvodu has retained the Czech pub spirit, without the so commonly-found smoke and noise, by keeping the Pilsner beer flowing at very reasonable prices. The first impression when you enter the small first level is one of a cozy little pub, but continue a few more steps down the stairway...

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Divadelní Restaurace | Prague

Divadelní Restaurace

Located in Old Town is Divadelní Restaurace, a sister restaurant to Café Slavia and Restaurant Parnas. The fully air-conditioned restaurant is a pleasant blend of dark wood and soft lighting and is also available for private parties of up to 56 guests. The restaurant’s location can’t be...

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Pallfy Palace | Prague Fine Dining

Palffy Palac

An intimate and secluded restaurant located in an 18th century Baroque palace. This restaurant is located on the first floor and cannot be seen from outside giving it a very cozy and private atmosphere. The experience begins even before you enter the restaurant as you stroll down the little cobblestone street with Prague Castle overshadowing the entire area; notice the majestic complex, you will feel truly miniature next to such grandeur....

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Lokál | Traditional Czech Restaurant


If you wish to spend an evening enjoying homemade Czech cuisine, simply do not miss Lokál – this is where it's at in the city of Prague for hearty, quality Czech food with a twist. Many places can boast of serving homemade hearty Czech food in Prague but not many can boast of serving Czech cuisine that is made the slow, good old fashioned way with top ingredients and without artificial ingredients, but lucky for us Lokál can....

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U Sedleru | Czech Traditional Restaurant and Pub

U Sedlerů

Located on the ground floor of an Art Nouveau building by Rudolf Tereba and situated on bustling Karlovo náměstí (conveniently by a tram stop) is the U Sedlerů restaurant and beer hall. The name of the restaurant comes from the mispronounced name of Josef Sedeler, who owned the house around 1730. The current U Sedlerů Restaurant opened in June of 2010 in place of the defunct U Sedlerů brewery; the restaurant continues in the tradition...

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Potrefena Husa | Pankrac | Interior

Potrefena Husa-Pankrac

In the up-and-coming business and shopping center of Pankrac is the newest branch of Potrefená Husa. This third branch opened at the end of August 2009 and is strategically situated opposite the exit of the Pankrác (line C) metro station just across from the Arkády Shopping Center, making Potrefena Husa Pankrac the perfect place to stop for a bite and a beer. With so many office centers and businesses in the area, Potrefená Husa Pankrác...

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U Pinkasu Restaurant | Prague

U Pinkasu Restaurant

In the heart of Prague awaits one of the most charming hidden gardens where you can sample hearty Czech food and the delicious amber nectar that is Czech beer. The center of Prague features many establishments serving Czech food and thirst quenching beer but it is sometimes difficult to find one that is not a tourist trap serving overpriced food and badly poured beer. It is with joy that we happily recommend the authentic U Pinkasu...

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Hegetova Cihelna | Prague Fine Dining | Prague's Finest View

Hergetova Cihelna

Fine dining with some of the best views in Prague, the Hergetova Cihelna restaurant is located in Lesser Town right on the riverbank. It offers breathtaking views of Charles Bridge and Old Town. The terrace is a real treat during spring and summer; dining under the stars with Charles Bridge embracing and connecting the two riverbanks is simply unforgettable. The interior is a subtle blend of traditional architecture with contemporary...

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Malostranská Beseda | Restaurant

Malostranská Beseda – Café and Pilsner Urquell Restaurant

Located on the ground floor of the Malostranská Beseda are two fine establishments, the Malostranská Beseda Pilsner Urquell Restaurant and the Malostranská Beseda Café, while the basement level features a cozy pub with brick walls and wooden benches at the tables and large-screen TVs playing the hottest sports games, making it a perfect place to meet with...

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Ferdinanda | Prague Restaurants | Upstairs Interior


If you are looking for truly delicious Czech cuisine favored by locals, you should head to Ferdinanda. It is only a matter of time before this rather secluded restaurant receives rave reviews, becomes an overnight sensation and is conquered by tourists. The establishment boasts a bright interior with farm motifs - rakes serve as coat hangers and feed bins are used as ashtrays. The staff is incredibly warm, friendly and efficient....

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Pivnice U Lazanskych | Prague

Pivnice u Lažanských

Located in the stone cellar of Restaurant Parnas, is the Pivnice u Lažanských, part of the restaurant complex of Cafe Slavia & Restaurant a.s. Relax in style and partake in some beer-drinking at one of the best locations in town. The interior is warm and inviting with its stone walls, wooden furniture...

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Pivovar Bašta | Beer

Pivovar Bašta

Located in the residential area of Nusle, across from the Prague 4 City Hall and close to Náměstí Bratří Synků is Pivovar Bašta (in English, Basta Brewery). This is one of the best breweries that the city of Prague has to offer. With fresh, delicious beer made on the premises, a friendly wait staff, non-smoking interior and a large outdoor seating area, plus a large, super affordable menu, this is the place to sample the glories of...

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U císařů | Prague Restaurant

U Císařů

At the Prague U Císařů (At the Emperors') restaurant you can taste both Czech and international cuisine in a stylish environment. This intriguing restaurant with its old-fashioned atmosphere features an interior in which original decorative objects like tin dishware, hunting weapons and blacksmith's bellows play an important part in reminding visitors of ages long past. The pub-style brasserie section has a separate entrance and is...

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Konírna Restaurant | Prague

Konírna Restaurant

Located in the lovely Lesser Town district of Prague and situated on the beautiful Maltézské Square close to world famous Charles Bridge, is the splendid Konírna Restaurant. The restaurant has a long history since it is located in the place of a former inn founded in 1771 while the left side of the building (now the Konirna beer hall) used to be a horse stable. This 240-seat restaurant that consists of a salon, a Medieval cellar,...

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Zofin Garden | Prague Restaurants | Zofin Palace and Garden Restaurant

Žofín Garden

Located on quiet Slovansky Island, Žofín Garden is the perfect place to have a delicious meal at affordable prices all the while relaxing on a tranquil island. Slovansky Island is home to the pretty Žofín palace, wonderful views, gorgeous greenery and also the Functionalist Manes building. From...

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Plzenska Restaurace | Interior

Plzenska Restaurace

Plzenska Restaurace (The Pilsner Restaurant) at Obecni Dum is a combination of excellent traditional Czech cuisine, legendary Pilsner Beer and a unique Art Nouveau interior. The restaurant is located in the basement of the Prague Municipal house, one of Prague's cultural centers which was renovated in the nineties and which features regular concerts, exhibitions...

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Cafe Imperial | Prague Cafes

Cafe Imperial

One of the grandest cafes in Prague and situated in the Imperial Hotel, Cafe Imperial brings back the grandeur of the turn of the century in Prague. With millions of ceramic tiles covering the walls and the pillars of the cafe in floral and animal designs depicting oriental or Moorish scenes, the cafe has long been one of the most sought after establishments...

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Port 62 | Restaurant on a Boat | Prague

Port 62

Excellent food and a unique environment, that and more can be expected from the Port 62 restaurant located on a reconstructed 70-meter long boat named Josef Božek anchored in Prague's Modřany. Not only the flavor of the dishes, but also the visual experience from their clean, modern presentation, and from the views of the Vltava River will be certain to delight. The Port 62 restaurant and cafe,  part of the relaxation and sports...

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Restaurace u Českých Pánů | Prague

Restaurace u Českých Pánů

Located in the center of Prague in the New Town district is Restaurace u Českých Pánů, a medieval themed restaurant situated in an old and atmospheric cellar that was built between 1357 and 1360. Do not be fooled by the New Town district’s name, for Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV founded New Town in the Gothic period, making it anything but new and the perfect setting for an ‘ancient’ restaurant. The Gothic interior...

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U Zlaté konvice | Prague Restaurant

U Zlaté konvice

The U Zlaté konvice restaurant promises the best authentic Czech cuisine to be found in Prague‘s Old Town Square. You can come here for specialties from the grill such as excellent roasted piglet, grilled pork hock and various meals of Old Bohemian cuisine, such as the leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary, fresh fried spinach and potato dumpling or the potato pancakes filled with smoked meat and cabbage. You will certainly like...

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SoKool | Prague | Interior


The SoKool bar & restaurant is located in the peaceful residential quarter of Vinohrady on the edge of the large Riegrovy sady park in the building of Sokol - the local YMCA. The new elegant interior of the restaurant is a result of a recent meticulous reconstruction of the hideous former Communist-era restaurant. SoKool has a capacity of about 70 people plus opens a pretty terrace in the summer with a view of...

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U Kalicha | Prague Restaurant

U Kalicha Original Svejk Pub

A Mecca for tourists, U Kalicha has all the essential features of a traditional Czech pub: meat, dumplings, beer and more beer. This popular restaurant has stood on the same spot for over a hundred years and the interior was refurbished sometime in the thirties. The main dining space can seat several hundred guests and the walls are adorned with large cartoon depictions of the literary character Good Soldier Svejk and quotes from...

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Pivovarsky Dum | Prague

Pivovarsky Dum

Pivovarsky Dum is a bustling restaurant, bar and brewery all in one in the hopping New Town district of Prague. Pivovarsky Dum opened in 1998 and has been going strong ever since as a popular microbrewery and restaurant and has proven to be one of the best places to sample the best of the best Czech cuisine and thirst quenching Czech micro beer. The interior is warm and inviting and you may find yourself staying for hours and hours...

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Potrefena Husa | Prague Restaurants | Interior

Potrefená Husa-Vinohrady

Potrefená Husa is a chain in the Czech Republic that combines delicious food at affordable prices with excellent, friendly service. The chain first opened in Vinohrady in 1999 and has been going strong ever since, opening new restaurants throughout the city of Prague. Potrefená Husa-Vinohrady offers a varied international menu with favorites such as duck, cheeseburgers, chicken wings, homemade pastas, soups, fresh salads and much...

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Potrefena Husa Dejvice

Potrefená Husa-Dejvice

Located in Prague 6 is the Potrefená Husa-Dejvice. The second of the Potrefená Husa chain to open in Prague, the establishment of the restaurant is proof of the excellence of food, service and ambiance that the Husa name guarantees. The fully air-conditioned restaurant with free Wi-Fi is situated close to the wide avenues of Vítězné Náměstí on the corners of Terronská and Verdunská streets, the restaurant is situated in the same place...

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The PUB | Prague Bars | Table Taps

The PUB - Pilsner Unique Bar

The PUB is a cool place to drink fresh unpasteurized beer from individual table taps that you get to operate yourself! The lively atmosphere, unpasteurized beer, delicious food, comfortable seats and decent prices will not disappoint. In fact you may end up drinking the night away with your friends, as it is indeed dangerous to be the pourer of your own drinking fate and since there will not be a line for service at the bar, watch...

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U Medvidku | Beer Halls

U Medvidku

U Medvidku, or At the Little Bears, is one of a dwindling number of classic Czech pubs operating in Old Town. In a popular tourist destination such as Prague you often come across ‘Czech Pubs’ that are not at all traditional; U Medvidku is the complete opposite, you will be completely satisfied with U Medvidku’s traditional atmosphere, and the fact that Czechs still frequent this real-deal establishment is all the...

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Folklore Garden | Praha

Folklore Garden

Located in a residential and hilly area in Prague 5 is the Folklore Garden. Situated in a gorgeous renovated brick mansion, the Folklore Garden is the best place to experience a Czech countryside atmosphere all the while never having left the center of Prague. The unforgettable dinner and folklore show is complete with traditional Czech cuisine, talented musicians and dancers wearing colorful costumes. The two and a half hour show...

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Kampa Park | Prague Restaurant | A Room with a View

Kampa Park

On a small peninsula jutting over the Vltava River, one of the most amazing locations in Prague, sits the famous Kampa Park restaurant. Hollywood actors, world-famous musicians and celebrity personalities have been blown away by the creative fusion and the extravagant menu with its impressive selection of international dishes. Guests can choose to dine in a variety of places including winter gardens, cozy intimate rooms, or outdoor...

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Hotel Hoffmeister | ADA Restaurant

Restaurants in Hotel Hoffmeister

In the Hotel Hoffmeister complex, complete with the Lily Wellness & Spa Center, located directly under the majestic Prague Castle among the historical palaces of Mala Strana (Lesser Town), there are two restaurants – ADA and RIA. Many monarchs and presidents from all around the world including Queen Elizabeth II, Boris...

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Le Papillon | Prague | Fine Cuisine

Le Papillon at Le Palais Hotel Praha

Just 5 minutes drive from Prague's Old Town, you will find one of Europe's most luxurious 5 star experiences. Set in a historic listed building from 1897 housing the famous Hotel Le Palais Prague and decorated by the beautiful frescos of the famous Bohemian painter Ludek Marold, Le Papilon is a shining star as the most luxurious dining experience in Prague. This boutique...

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Strahov Monastery Brewery | Exterior

Strahov Monastery Brewery

Perched atop the city part of the Strahov Monastery compound and the lush surrounding Petrin Hill, the Strahov Brewery is a delightful find in the bustling city of Prague. Just steps from the massive Prague Castle complex, the microbrewery serves about ten variations of St. Norbert beer (3 all year round and 7 seasonally) and the brews are all delicious and...

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Francouzska Restaurace | Prague

Francouzska Restaurace Art Nouveau at the Municipal House

Prague's Obecni dum (Municipal House) is a supreme example of Art Nouveau architecture – this fascinating beauty that is situated on the corner of U Obecniho domu and Na Prikope streets, often hosts concerts, exhibitions and other social events. The ground floor of this beautiful building (specifically in the...

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CzecHouse Grill & Rotisserie | Beef

CzecHouse Grill & Rotisserie

"Tradition today" is the motto of CzecHouse Grill & Rotisserie, a dynamic non-smoking eatery set in the Prague Hilton Hotel, open to all those looking for exceptional food. This Hilton Prague flagship restaurant offers a creative concept, which enables each guest to have an unforgettable dining experience. To keep tradition alive, it is necessary to find the right balance between innovative approaches and traditional...

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Kolkovna | Prague Restaurants | Old Town


If it sometimes seems as if all the restaurants and bars located around Old Town Square are all extremely tourist-oriented, you should know about Kolkovna. When you happen to be in this area and are feeling thirsty for a glass of real Pilsner, try Kolkovna restaurant. This restaurant, the holder of the Prague 1 City Hall's award "The Best Pub" and of the title "The Best Czech and Slovak Pub" which was given to...

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Kuře v hodinkách | Bar

Kuře v hodinkách

Located off the beaten path is the gem of a restaurant called Kure v Hodinkach, which translates to A Chicken in a Watch, the name of a strange and famous Czech Art-Rock album from the band Flamengo. If the name is any indication, the restaurant with its main floor and warm cellar bar is decorated with rock and roll photos of international and Czech stars, old concert posters, framed album covers, a guitar shaped light and more. Fully...

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