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In a landlocked country that is miles and miles from the fabled country of Japan, sushi is becoming increasing popular in the land of pork and dumplings. There are not many sushi bars in Prague, however with the small amount of sushi restaurants always packed, it is surely a trendsetting cuisine in the making in the Czech Republic. The small number of sushi bars/restaurants is bound to grow as the dining trend becomes increasingly popular. If you are searching for sushi restaurants in Prague, have a look at our recommended Japanese establishments listed below. All of the Prague sushi bars and Japanese restaurants in Prague are represented by complete descriptions, photographs, maps and contact information. 



Prague | Sushi Bars


The Sushi Bar | Prague Dining

The Sushi Bar

The first and best sushi restaurant in the Czech Republic! Located next door to the Seefood Shop, this small restaurant has been serving freshly prepared sushi of all varieties since 1999. The interior is simple and carefully designed. A wooden floor and pale golden walls give the small room a feeling of spaciousness complemented by light. The sushi selection is...

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Nagoya | Prague Sushi Bars


Nagoya sushi house is an authentic and unpretentious sushi bar located in the lively area of Andel with the popular shopping center Novy Smichov nearby. After a long day of shopping, what perfect way to relax than by enjoying some tasty traditional Japanese cuisine including sushi rolls, sashimi, grilled dishes and skewers, salads, soups, tempura dishes and more. Some have labeled Nagoya the best Sushi bar in Prague and this is a...

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Samurai | Sushi Plate


Thanks to the high-quality fresh fish and the dedicated knowledgeable staff, the Japanese restaurant Samurai is rated as one of the best of its kind in the Czech Republic. Besides the unique Japanese food and the fusion menu, the team of Japanese and Czech chefs also makes authentic Teppanyaki on an iron griddle right in front of you, so you are free to ask for specific requests, which brings an additional dimension to dining...

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Mash Hana Restaurant | Prague

Mash Hana

Excellent sushi, excellent service – that is Mash Hana. Located in Prague 6 right around the corner from the Hradčanská metro station and close to the world famous Prague Castle, Mash Hana is a traditional Japanese restaurant serving authentic and heathy Japanese cuisine. The interior is lovely and consists of a lot of simple wooden elements, paper lanterns, fans, etc. - it will make you feel as though you have left Prague......

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Yami Sushi House | Prague Sushi Bars

Yami Sushi House

Yami Sushi House, which is exactly as the name states (yummy!), serves traditional sushi rolls and fusion rolls with interesting creative spins that will leave your taste buds drooling and wishing for a return performance from the clever Chefs. Located in Prague’s Old Town just a few blocks from famous Old Town Square, Yami is bright and attractive inside and with the inventive menu featuring sushi rolls such as the Mermaid...

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Planet Sushi | Prague Sushi Bars

Planet Sushi

Planet Sushi, part of a large chain of about 50 restaurants in Central and Eastern Europe, have also expanded to Prague, in the bustling Anděl district close to the popular shopping center Nový Smíchov. You can look forward to yummy sushi specialties served in a comfortable interior that combines traditional Japanese and modern design and nice staff dressed in traditional kimonos. The restaurant aims to accommodate all tastes and...

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Sakura | Sushi

Sushi Sakura & Sakura Garden

Sakura Restaurant, where exotic Japanese cuisine is served up with style, can be found at three deliciously easy to reach locations in Prague, as well as in the famous spa town of Karlovy Vary. The first of these to be opened was Sushi Sakura in Dejvice, in an impressive functionalist building formerly the residential palace of Zemská bank known as „Skleňák“ among locals. The second branch, Sakura Garden, is located in...

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Galaxy Room | Be Kara Ok!

Be Kara Ok! Karaoke Box Klub

Be Kara Ok! offers a completely new type of entertainment in the city of Prague and what's more, features mouthwatering sushi treats. This sushi bar combined with karaoke venue features 5 separate private sound proofed karaoke rooms or boxes that are the perfect place to celebrate a birthday, host a team building activity or just go with a group of friends to have a blast on any night of the week! The private boxes are non-smoking...

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Hanabi | Prague Sushi Bars

Hanabi Sushi House

Located in magical Old Town, Hanabi is family to the Yami Sushi House and therefore offers the same huge menu with an amazing variety of traditional rolls and fusion rolls with new exciting culinary spins. The interior is clean, sleek and calm. You will find yourself returning time and time again with your friends to try new innovative rolls. Some interesting sushi rolls offered at Hanabi include the Seoul to Soul Roll (deep fried...

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Miyabi | Prague | Sushi


Miyabi is a truly authentic Japanese restaurant close to Karlovo Namesti in Prague 1 with an attractive, simple and clean interior decorated with natural elements such as bamboo and stone. The menu is varied and includes a good selection of maki and nigiri rolls, sashimi, tempura and teriyaki dishes, soba noodles, fresh salads, and interesting tasty desserts including tiramisu with green tea, green tea sorbet and wagashi. A wide variety...

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Millhouse Sushi Kaitan | Sushi in Prague

Millhouse Sushi Kaitan

Millhouse Sushi Kaitan is a sushi bar located in the lively garden of the Slovansky Dum shopping center and cinema complex, a perfect green spot to enjoy mouthwatering sushi before or after a shopping outing or a film viewing. Millhouse Sushi Kaitan also boasts one of the only running sushi conveyor belts in Prague, full of tasty sashimi, maki rolls and nigiri rolls and much more made fresh by the Japanese Sushi Chef. The standard...

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