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In the Czech Republic there is a little something called a Cukrárna, a favorite of adults and children alike; it is a sweet shop, bakery and confectionary all rolled into one! These lovely shops are everywhere just waiting to be explored. And let me tell you, when you enter you will indeed feel just like a kid in a candy shop. Rows and Rows of tempting tarts filled to the brim with fresh colorful forest fruits hiding the thick sweet cream inside, delectable chocolate tortes, bon bons, delicious cheesecake, a variety of truffles, fanciful marzipan creatures, yummy ice cream and so much more to tempt you! If you are searching for sweet shops or bakeries in Prague have a look at our comprehensive list of Prague bakeries below.

Prague | Sweet Shops


Cacao Prague | Prague Cafe and Sweet Shop

Cacao Prague

Visit Cacao Prague - a cafe, confectionery, restaurant and lounge today - and enjoy some of the best ice cream and sweet treats that Prague has to offer! Cacao Prague offers a variety of great homemade cakes that simply put, delectable. Once you taste the homemade desserts at Cacao Prague, you can bet that you will be returning time and time again to sample some more of their mouth watering creations. And let us not forget about the...

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Mysak Sweet Shop | New Town

Mysak Sweet Shop

Located steps from Wenceslas Square on lively Vodičkova Street, is the famous Mýsák sweet shop, well, a reconstructed version of the legendary sweet shop, as the Rondo-Cubist building that housed the famous confectionary from 1910 collapsed in 2006. In the true spirit of renovation and nostalgia, the structure was rebuilt and the sweet shop reopened its famous doors in 2008. Mýsák sweet shop was one of the most popular establishments...

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Prague Chocolate | Sweet Shop

Prague Chocolate

The family company Pražská čokoláda s.r.o. (Prague Chocolate s.r.o.) manufactures and sells the brand Steiner & Kovarik® (founded by Silvie Steinerová and Petr Kovařík in 2011) and a historical brand Nachfolger®. Steiner & Kovarik® and Nachfolger® products are sold throughout Prague in their charming little chocolate boutiques found in equally charming locations. Prague Chocolate offers high quality chocolate...

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Angelato | Prague Sweet Shops


Angelato serves authentic Italian gelato bursting with a velvety texture and an angelic taste that will surely satisfy and delight. With a wide variety of inventive and delicious flavors that range from classic to exotic and a thorough dedication to quality production using only the highest-quality ingredients, Angelato has been rightly labeled as the best ice cream establishment in Prague! The company will not tell you their secret...

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Ovocný Světozor | Famous Ice Cream

Ovocný Světozor

Who among Prague’s residents would not know the Ovocný Světozor (Fruity Světozor) sweet shop chain with its offer of excellent cakes and other sweet delicacies and its renowned soft-serve strawberry-banana flavored ice-cream? Ovocný Světozor is renowned for its fruit cakes and ice-cream sundaes. Its offer also contains various whipped cream cakes and cheesecakes, pancakes and waffles, but lovers of savory dishes need not fear,...

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Saint Tropez | Interior

Patisserie Saint Tropez

Located in the bustling area of New Town in Prague and situated in the Art Nouveau Lucerna and Novak Passages is the highly popular, even famed French confectionary Patisserie Saint Tropez, the only holder of the Valrhona expert award in the Czech Republic and creator of the largest chocolate bar made in the Czech Republic (made especially for the opening of the patisserie). This authentic French sugar shop sells a colorful variety...

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Antonínovo pekařství Bakery | Prague

Antonínovo pekařství Bakery

Located in the residential neighborhood of Žižkov, in between the TV Tower covered with creepy babies and the bustling Jiřího z Poděbrad Square is the super popular Antonínovo pekařství Bakery. This bakery first opened in January 2014 and has pretty much taken over the spot for top bakery in this area – this establishment sees literal lines pouring out of it on a daily basis. Hoards of bread lovers and pastry fans descend on...

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Petite France Boulangerie & Patisserie

Petite France Boulangerie & Patisserie

Petite France Boulangerie & Patisserie offers traditional French pastries and breads in a charming little bakery shop on the pretty street of Myslíková in the city center of Prague. This authentic French bakery creates wonderfully delicious homemade artisan bread that is baked every night in its off-site bakery. Using French flour together with custom-milled Czech flour and traditional craft baking technologies from France, Petite...

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Amato Gelateria & Cafe | Prague

Amato Gelateria & Cafe

Visit Gelateria Amato in Prague's Letná neighborhood for your gelato fix. This authentic gelateria serves up delicious authentic Italian gelato that will have you singing the praises of all things Italian. It is widely known that Gelateria Amato offers the real deal – the line of customers lining up daily for their sweet fix is a good indication... don't be discouraged by the long line, the wait is worth it! Choose a paper cup...

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Sweetlife Bakery | Prague Sweet Shops

Sweetlife Bakery

Sweetlife Bakery, a family run establishment, has two locations in the gorgeous city of Prague. The bakers and pastry chefs at Sweetlife bakery have experience in the Czech Republic and abroad and specialize in American, Czech and international sweets that are sure to please even the most demanding sweet tooth. The goal of the bakery is to mix baking traditions with new culinary methods together with international knowledge, all in...

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Yobar | Frozen Yogurt

Yobar - Frozen Yogurt

Enjoy quality frozen yogurt at Yobar, one of the most exciting sweet spots to visit in the city of Prague. Yobar, a chain that goes all the way back to 1919, was created in Barcelona, Spain; to the joy of sweet treat lovers Yobar now has two locations in Prague. At Yobar you can sample delicious thick frozen yogurt, a much healthier version of ice cream. Made with Czech milk, the high quality frozen yogurt at Yobar is an excellent...

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Breadway | Prague Bakeries


Looking for fresh baked artisan bread in the center of Prague? Or perhaps you need a quick lunch or dinner on the go – if so, head to Breadway on Prague's Národní Street where you will find delicious homemade breads and wonderful sandwiches available for takeaway. Breadway is a small bakery that very often has a line of eager patrons waiting outside its doors for a fresh tasty treat – proof of the high quality and unbeatable...

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au Gourmand | Prague Cafes

au Gourmand

French style bakery and pastry shop, close to Old Town Square, located on one of the most beautiful streets in Prague. The window display is the first thing that catches your eye with an inviting selection of savory baked goods. Once you enter you will feel as though you have stepped back in time to the 1920s. It is clean and simple with stunning colorful preserved tiles, wrought iron chairs and intimate tables. Two glass display...

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Italská cukrárna | Sugar Shop in Prague

Italská cukrárna

If you are craving some sugar in your life, don’t miss Italská Cukrárna, (Italian sugar shop in English), almost a Prague institution when it comes to sweet shops in the center of town. Ask any 30-something Prager and they will tell you that they recall going there when they were little to enjoy a cup or cone of some of the best ice cream that Prague had to offer. Not much has changed at Italská cukrárna, a cute and charming...

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Passion Chocolate | Chocolate Bars

Passion Hand Made Chocolate

This Prague-based chocolatier creates magical mouthwatering chocolate bars and Belgian pralines from high quality ingredients. Dedicated to supplying Prague chocolate lovers with locally-produced chocolate with a modern twist and distinctive character, Passion Chocolate makes 9 different flavor combinations of chocolate bars, which are available in three different sizes: large chocolate tablet – 100g, small tablet – 30g,...

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Gold Pralines | Prague

Gold Pralines

Established in 2003, the Gold Pralines Company focuses mainly on the production and sale of delectable Belgian pralines. The Gold Pralines Company has three stores in the Czech Republic, two in the center of Prague (one in Old Town close to Náměstí Republiky and one in New Town close to Wenceslas Square through the Lucerna Passage) and one in Ostrava. The freshly made chocolate pralines and other delectable sweets at Gold Pralines...

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Leonidas | Fine Chocolates in Prague


Pop into any Leonidas chocolate shop or kiosk in a local Prague shopping mall and sample some of the world's best chocolates. Leonidas creates fresh, fine Belgian chocolate bars, pralines, truffles and more, all made from original family recipes. Celebrating their 100 year anniversary in 2013, the Leonidas brand has always and continues to produce fresh velvety-smooth chocolate for the masses, and is committed to many more years of...

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Viva Praha | Handmade Rock Candy

Viva Praha

Viva Praha is a pleasant sweet shop located just off of Old Town Square. At Viva Praha you can purchase fine Belgian chocolates, hard rock candy and Belgian beer. In this vibrant shop you will find a wide selection of Belgian artisan chocolate on offer, including chocolate pralines and bars made from some of the best chocolatiers from small workshops in Bruges. Besides all this lovely chocolate you will find an exciting rock candy...

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Koruna Pralines | Chocolate Butterflies

Koruna Pralines

Located on Prague's bustling Národní Street is the wonderful Koruna Pralines chocolate shop. At Koruna Pralines you can find an exciting assortment of dark, milk and white chocolate pralines, chocolate bars, chocolate figurines, and more – all made in the Czech Republic from a traditional Belgian recipe. The chocolate pralines are available for single purchase or as a boxed gift set. Koruna Pralines also has already made gift...

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Cafe Šlágr | Prague Cafes

Cafe Šlágr

This charming First Republic cafe and sweet shop is full of character and delicious goodies. Located in Prague's charming, up-and-coming neighborhood of Vršovice, Cafe Šlágr is not only an attractive, cozy cafe, but also one of the best places in Prague to buy homemade baked goods that include pastries, made to order tortes, gluten-free cakes, and more – all of which are made from old family recipes. The interior of the...

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Cukrárna Alchymista | Lavender Cupcakes

Cukrárna Alchymista

Cukrárna Alchymista, or the Alchemist sugar shop and café is a wonderful find in the center of Prague’s residential area of Letná, close to the Sparta Stadium. The Alchemist is a non-smoking, retro sweet shop, café and tea room that features a lovely outdoor seating area in the form of a beautiful English garden, complete with a small fish pond. The interior of the café was inspired by the period of the First Republic and features...

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Art Cakes Prague

Art Cakes Prague

Everyone wishes for an amazing wedding cake or dessert table for their special day. Why not entrust your wedding dessert table to Art Cakes Prague – a reputable cake and dessert company that creates gorgeous wedding cake creations and sweet treats to place alongside them. With Art Cakes Prague on your side you will get not just a tasty cake, but a sweet table that is simply a work of art – a work of art that reflects and...

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Cukrárna Cukrárna | Layered Cake

Cukrárna Cukrárna

In the Prague quarters of Vinohrady and Nusle you will find the much-loved Cukrárna Cukrárna, a well-known bakery which prepares high-quality cakes, desserts and several kinds of ice-cream homemade in-house for its customers. At Cukrárna Cukrárna everything is made with love using ingredients of the highest quality – you can really taste the real butter and whipped cream in the gateaus. Cukrárna Cukrárna is a socially-conscientious...

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Choco Loves Coffee | Chocolate Truffles

Choco Loves Coffee

A magical world of chocolate made of cocoa beans of the highest quality with no added preservatives, artificial sweeteners and colors awaits you in the Vinohrady chocolaterie Choco Loves Coffee. The local chocolate delicacies create a multifarious symphony of shapes, aroma and tastes that will simply enchant you. In this Prague chocolaterie you will discover many new secrets of chocolate that will amaze and delight you. Whether you...

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Paul | Prague Cafe


If you would like to treat yourself to a French pastry, strong coffee, fresh sandwich, or simply a lovely French baguette, head to your neighborhood Paul. With branches throughout the magical city of Prague, Paul is quickly becoming a favorite café of Prague inhabitants. This family operated brand has an intriguing history of baking that dates back to 1889 when their first bakery would open its doors to the people of Croix in Northern...

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Prague City Cake | Beautiful Design Cakes

Prague City Cake

Prague City Cake Company offers unique design cakes made to order, elaborately crafted down to the last detail and brought to perfection not only in appearance, but also in taste. If you long for a truly perfect cake, seek out the team of creative enthusiasts at Prague City Cake who will design a cake based on your requirements and perfect for your special occasion. Their cakes are inspired by architecture, music and fine arts, or...

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The Candy Store | American and British Sweets

The Candy Store

Do you crave American and British sweets such as candy bars, soda pop, hard candy, tasty savory crisps and more? If you do, you no longer have to daydream about these super sweet and salty snacks! The Candy Store in Prague, to the pure delight of all those in love with American and British sweets and snacks has it all! The Candy Store stocks a wide variety of sweet and savory treats and you can find there products from big names in...

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Creperie Cafe Girafe | Prague

Creperie Cafe Girafe

Located in Prague’s residential district of Suchdol is the popular Creperie Café Girafe. This special café features an exotic décor of dark woods and green tropical plants alongside photographs, woodcarvings and more of giraffes. Opened in 2006, Café Girafe is a popular establishment that offers an array of delicious homemade treats including their specialties: French crêpes and Breton galettes, which are savory pancakes made...

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