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In a country full of meat, dumplings, beer, potatoes, and even more meat, it is lucky for the health food nuts out there that organic or bio places even exist. But exist they do and surprisingly in large and growing numbers. Prague plays host to numerous establishments that sell anything and everything bio from organic produce to eco friendly detergent, even the larger grocery stores are stocking organic goods and organic meat products as well (Tesco and Delvita carry organic beef, pork and lamb). Many restaurants and fine dining establishments feature organic dining as well. Currently organic farms inhabit approximately six percent of farmland in the Czech Republic, a number that is steadily growing and should reach ten percent by 2010. If you are searching for organic/bio restaurants in Prague have a look at our recommendations below. 

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Jídlo lásky | Prague

Jídlo lásky

Raw healthy food prepared with love – that is the simple, great concept behind Jidlo lásky (food of love). With several bistros throughout Prague (most of which are connected with yoga or Bikram yoga studios), Jidlo lásky is a great place for refueling your body (your temple) after an invigorating yoga class, for lunch, for a quick snack, etc. Jidlo lásky offers fresh raw dishes from the main menu (all mouth-watering healthy...

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Spices Restaurant | Fine Cuisine

Spices Restaurant & Bar

Spices Restaurant & Bar at the Mandarin Oriental Prague has infused fresh culinary ideas with Eastern flavors and has spiced up fine dining in Prague. Spices is located on the ground level of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Prague. The whole complex is a restored medieval monastery which impeccably combines its rich historical spirit with far eastern...

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La Veranda | Interior

La Veranda

La Veranda is a restaurant fully aware of its responsibilities. Apart from being responsible for providing its customers with excellent service and food that is not only delicious but also healthy, La Veranda, as any 21st century restaurant should, clearly feels responsible for supporting quality suppliers. Therefore most of the products used to prepare food are bought directly from small (some of them organic farms) Czech farms in...

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Pallfy Palace | Prague Fine Dining

Palffy Palac

An intimate and secluded restaurant located in an 18th century Baroque palace. This restaurant is located on the first floor and cannot be seen from outside giving it a very cozy and private atmosphere. The experience begins even before you enter the restaurant as you stroll down the little cobblestone street with Prague Castle overshadowing the entire area; notice the majestic complex, you will feel truly miniature next to such grandeur....

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Tricafé | Rich Coffee


The best coffee in town! Located in the center of Prague's Old Town that is characterized by its maze of cobblestone streets and close to the Gothic Charles Bridge and the fabled Vltava River is Tricafé, a cozy attractive place that has our vote for one of the best coffee establishments in Prague! This child-friendly non-smoking cafe serves rich bio-organic/direct trade Coffee Source brand coffee, which is regarded as some of the...

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Moment Bistro & Cafe | Vegan Bistro

Moment Bistro & Cafe

Located in Vinohrady is Moment Bistro & Cafe, a popular vegan establishment that is full of health and happiness. Offering cruelty-free vegan food for lovers of veggies and fresh healthy food in a hip urban environment (bonus points: there is always good music playing, and there is a children's corner in the back of the bistro), Moment Bistro & Cafe seems to belong in a larger city, somewhere like Berlin perhaps. Moment offers...

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Vegetarian Restaurant Country Life | Dessert

Vegetarian Restaurant Country Life

Founded in 1991, Country Life is a health haven for organic food and other products such as natural cosmetics. Besides running 4 health food stores, Country Life also runs their own 400 acre organic farm that supplies produce to the public complete with a bakery. Country Life has one restaurant located in the Old Town area complete with a separate heath food store...

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Country Life | Prague Specialty Shop

Country Life

Founded in 1991, Country Life is a health haven for organic food and other products such as natural cosmetics. Besides running 4 health food stores, Country Life also runs their own 400 acre organic farm that supplies produce to the public complete with a bakery, a vegetarian restaurant, and a cosmetic shop. And as if that didn't sound good...

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CzecHouse Grill & Rotisserie | Beef

CzecHouse Grill & Rotisserie

"Tradition today" is the motto of CzecHouse Grill & Rotisserie, a dynamic non-smoking eatery set in the Prague Hilton Hotel, open to all those looking for exceptional food. This Hilton Prague flagship restaurant offers a creative concept, which enables each guest to have an unforgettable dining experience. To keep tradition alive, it is necessary to find the right balance between innovative approaches and traditional...

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