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If there is one thing Czechs do best, it is beer. It is quite obvious considering they are the highest beer consumers per capita in the world. With tons of traditional pubs and beer halls, there is plenty of the frothy liquid gold to go around. And the prices, oh the prices! In the wonderful city of Prague beer (pivo to locals) costs around a humble $1.50 a pint, simply amazing. It is quite possibly, the cheapest and best beer in the world. The world-renowned Pilsner Urquell is brewed in Plzen, while Budvar (not to be confused with Budweiser) is brewed in Ceske Budejovice. Beer has a long rich history in the Czech Republic; the city of Brno started brewing beer in the 12th century. A brewery in Plzen employed a German man named Josef Groll in 1842. Groll was experienced in a new improved method that included cold fermentation. The result was the first golden beer; it was an overnight sensation. Trains of Pilsner were transported to Austria every morning and in 1874, Paris and the U.S. had the export at their hands. With so many pubs and beer halls to choose from, you will not be disappointed and you will most certainly be happy and maybe even a bit drunk. Cheers!

Prague Nightlife | Beer Halls and Pubs


U Vejvodu | Prague Nightlife | Beer Hall

U Vejvodu

This classic blue collar dive was given a dramatic makeover in the late nineties. Now, large swathes of refurbished copper adorn the bars and the grandiose main room opens up onto what was once a third-story ceiling. The spacious room features rows of well-tended, comfy tables and booths nestled among alcoves and balconies and big screen TVs showing sporting events. Although it has more or less shed its working class origins, U Vejvodu...

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U Medvidku | Beer Halls

U Medvidku

U Medvidku, or At the Little Bears, is one of a dwindling number of classic Czech pubs operating in Old Town. In a popular tourist destination such as Prague you often come across ‘Czech Pubs’ that are not at all traditional; U Medvidku is the complete opposite, you will be completely satisfied with U Medvidku’s traditional atmosphere, and the fact that Czechs still frequent this real-deal establishment is all the...

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U Sedleru | Czech Traditional Restaurant and Pub

U Sedlerů

Located on the ground floor of an Art Nouveau building by Rudolf Tereba and situated on bustling Karlovo náměstí (conveniently by a tram stop) is the U Sedlerů restaurant and beer hall. The name of the restaurant comes from the mispronounced name of Josef Sedeler, who owned the house around 1730. The current U Sedlerů Restaurant opened in June of 2010 in place of the defunct U Sedlerů brewery; the restaurant continues in the tradition...

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Malostranská Beseda | Restaurant

Malostranská Beseda – Café and Pilsner Urquell Restaurant

Located on the ground floor of the Malostranská Beseda are two fine establishments, the Malostranská Beseda Pilsner Urquell Restaurant and the Malostranská Beseda Café, while the basement level features a cozy pub with brick walls and wooden benches at the tables and large-screen TVs playing the hottest sports games, making it a perfect place to meet with...

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Ferdinanda | Prague Restaurants | Upstairs Interior


If you are looking for truly delicious Czech cuisine favored by locals, you should head to Ferdinanda. It is only a matter of time before this rather secluded restaurant receives rave reviews, becomes an overnight sensation and is conquered by tourists. The establishment boasts a bright interior with farm motifs - rakes serve as coat hangers and feed bins are used as ashtrays. The staff is incredibly warm, friendly and efficient....

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The PUB | Prague Bars | Table Taps

The PUB - Pilsner Unique Bar

The PUB is a cool place to drink fresh unpasteurized beer from individual table taps that you get to operate yourself! The lively atmosphere, unpasteurized beer, delicious food, comfortable seats and decent prices will not disappoint. In fact you may end up drinking the night away with your friends, as it is indeed dangerous to be the pourer of your own drinking fate and since there will not be a line for service at the bar, watch...

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Pivovar Marina

Pivovar Marina

Sample delicious locally crafted Czech beer in Prague's hip neighborhood of Holešovice. Situated in the old harbor area next to the Vltava River, Pivovar Marina (Marina Brewery) is housed in an old industrial boathouse building, one of the original harbor buildings left in the area. The attractive, renovated building boasts high ceilings with exposed rafters (creating an open, airy atmosphere), and a tasteful interior with dark handsome...

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Kolkovna | Prague Restaurants | Old Town


If it sometimes seems as if all the restaurants and bars located around Old Town Square are all extremely tourist-oriented, you should know about Kolkovna. When you happen to be in this area and are feeling thirsty for a glass of real Pilsner, try Kolkovna restaurant. This restaurant, the holder of the Prague 1 City Hall's award "The Best Pub" and of the title "The Best Czech and Slovak Pub" which was given to...

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U zlateho Tygra | Prague Pubs

U zlateho Tygra – At the Golden Tiger

If you wish to experience a traditional Czech pub in the heart of Prague, U Zlateho Tygra is your one-stop shop for a traditional Czech pub with true unpasteurized Pilsner Urquell on tap. This is one of the most centrally located authentic Czech pubs and should be a must on your list of things to see and do in the city of Prague. Be aware that this pub belongs to the locals, which means that the majority of the tables at the pub...

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Zlý časy | Prague

Zlý časy

Looking for craft beer in Prague? If so, hop on a tram, hail a cab or run - straight to Zlý časy. Zlý časy is the craft beer lovers heaven, full stop. Situated in the Nusle neighborhood of Prague 4, just off of pretty Náměstí Bratří Synků, Zlý časy, or Hard Times as it translates, features an array of rare craft beers brewed in the Czech Republic on tap (over 40 kinds of liquid pint heaven) as well as bottled craft beer from all over...

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Pivovar Bašta | Beer

Pivovar Bašta

Located in the residential area of Nusle, across from the Prague 4 City Hall and close to Náměstí Bratří Synků is Pivovar Bašta (in English, Basta Brewery). This is one of the best breweries that the city of Prague has to offer. With fresh, delicious beer made on the premises, a friendly wait staff, non-smoking interior and a large outdoor seating area, plus a large, super affordable menu, this is the place to sample the glories of...

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U Kroka | Pubs in Prague

U Kroka

The non-smoking U Kroka pub under Prague’s Vyšehrad invites you for pleasant get-together with friends where you can drink excellent beer including unfiltered Plzeň. If you are a foreigner who would like to taste traditional and tasty Czech fare and excellent beer, but at the same time want to avoid the hordes of tourists so often seen in the infamous tourist restaurants in the center of Prague, go to the U Kroka pub instead....

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Strahov Monastery Brewery | Exterior

Strahov Monastery Brewery

Perched atop the city part of the Strahov Monastery compound and the lush surrounding Petrin Hill, the Strahov Brewery is a delightful find in the bustling city of Prague. Just steps from the massive Prague Castle complex, the microbrewery serves about ten variations of St. Norbert beer (3 all year round and 7 seasonally) and the brews are all delicious and...

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Pivo a párek | Exterior

Pivo a párek

As the name states, this non-smoking pub is built around a simple, tasty concept – beer and sausages. In a land that is famous for its golden beer, and which was famous for its wide variety of sausages during the First Republic, this place is bound to be a success. The bar’s simple concept allows for visitors to enjoy the simple joys of pub life - good beer, delicious sausages, good, friendly service, and affordable prices....

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At the Black Ox | Prague

The Black Ox – U cerneho vola

Situated in the lovely Loreta Square is the Black Ox pub. The Black Ox is one of the last authentic Czech pubs in Hradcany, the Castle District of Prague. The Black Ox, a true throw back to the past, is a traditional Czech pub that houses a majority of locals drinking fresh Kozel beer from the tap with the occasional tourist thrown in. The ancient interior features rather atmospheric original vaulted ceilings, walls decorated with...

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Pivovarský klub | Interior

Pivovarský klub

Situated in the increasingly-cool neighborhood of Karlín is the supremely popular, and non-smoking, Pivovarský Klub! At Pivovarský Klub, beer lovers can select from an amazing array of 240 international and local bottled beers and six excellent beers on tap. The Prague 8 beer club also offers tasty traditional Czech meals that fantastically compliment this golden drink of the Bohemian gods. The Czech fare on offer includes meals made...

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U Pinkasu Restaurant | Prague

U Pinkasu Restaurant

In the heart of Prague awaits one of the most charming hidden gardens where you can sample hearty Czech food and the delicious amber nectar that is Czech beer. The center of Prague features many establishments serving Czech food and thirst quenching beer but it is sometimes difficult to find one that is not a tourist trap serving overpriced food and badly poured beer. It is with joy that we happily recommend the authentic U Pinkasu...

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U Kalicha | Prague Restaurant

U Kalicha Original Svejk Pub

A Mecca for tourists, U Kalicha has all the essential features of a traditional Czech pub: meat, dumplings, beer and more beer. This popular restaurant has stood on the same spot for over a hundred years and the interior was refurbished sometime in the thirties. The main dining space can seat several hundred guests and the walls are adorned with large cartoon depictions of the literary character Good Soldier Svejk and quotes from...

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Pivovarsky Dum | Prague

Pivovarsky Dum

Pivovarsky Dum is a bustling restaurant, bar and brewery all in one in the hopping New Town district of Prague. Pivovarsky Dum opened in 1998 and has been going strong ever since as a popular microbrewery and restaurant and has proven to be one of the best places to sample the best of the best Czech cuisine and thirst quenching Czech micro beer. The interior is warm and inviting and you may find yourself staying for hours and hours...

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Plzenska Restaurace | Interior

Plzenska Restaurace

Plzenska Restaurace (The Pilsner Restaurant) at Obecni Dum is a combination of excellent traditional Czech cuisine, legendary Pilsner Beer and a unique Art Nouveau interior. The restaurant is located in the basement of the Prague Municipal house, one of Prague's cultural centers which was renovated in the nineties and which features regular concerts, exhibitions...

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Prague Beer Museum Pub | Drinking in Prague

Prague Beer Museum Pub

Located on Dlouha Street, a popular nightspot in the center of Prague’s gorgeous Old Town is the newly opened Prague Beer Museum Pub! This spacious bar’s claim to fame is their unique selection of Czech microbrews. At the long wooden bar you will find 30 different brews on tap to choose from. At first the large amount of different beers might overwhelm you, but do not fret for the Prague Beer Museum Pub has taken the time...

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