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The Art Nouveau movement brought a new style to visual arts and architecture in Europe and Prague. It was developed by a brilliant and energetic generation of artists and designers, Alfons Mucha (1860-1939) being the most distinguished Czech visual artist of the Art Nouveau movement. Art Nouveau designers believed Art should work in harmony to create a total work of art in buildings, furniture, textiles, clothes, and jewelry; all should conform to the principles of Art Nouveau and Art should strive to be a part of everyday life. Art Nouveau was characterized by flower and leaf motifs intertwined with lovely ladies and new modern production methods, methods which tried to erase the fine line between fine and applied arts, or the classical and the modern, hence the name New Art. Mucha left his influence and his legacy in the city of Prague, as there are many fine examples of Art Nouveau architecture in this city. 

Prague Art Nouveau


Prague Art Nouveau Architecture | Municipal House

Municipal House

Completed in 1911, the Municipal House is a fine example of Art Nouveau architecture in Prague, perhaps even the best. Designed by Antonin Balsanek and Osvald Polivka and built on the former site of the Royal Court Palace, the Municipal House is a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike. The large building boasts a stunning concert hall, a grand cafe...

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Prague Art Nouveau Architecture | Hotel Evropa

Hotel Evropa

Located on famous Wenceslas Square, home to revolutions and protests, sits the grand Hotel Evropa. This Art Nouveau beauty was built in 1889 under the name At the Archduke Stephan, but between 1903 and 1905, architects Bedrich Bendelmayer and Alois Dryak rebuilt the structure in the Art Nouveau style with Bohumil Hubschman, Jan Letzel and Ladislav Saloun...

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Prague Art Nouveau Architecture | Hotel Pariz

Hotel Paris

One of the most beautiful buildings and hotels in Prague, Hotel Paris is the work of architect Jan Veirych. Finished in 1904, the splendid hotel featured grand elements of the Art Nouveau movement (the interior was designed by A. Pfeifer and the ceramic mosaics by J. Kohler), such as colorful ceramic mosaics, an elegant staircase with an ornate wrought iron railing, brass motifs, etched glass mirrors and windows, and golden intricate...

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Prague Art Nouveau Architecture | Wilsonova Building

The Wilsonova Building at the Main Railway Station

The main railway station, the largest, busiest and probably the dirtiest in the Czech Republic, used to be a thing of beauty. The Art Nouveau building with its station and ticket hall was designed by the Czech architect Josef Fanta and built between 1901 and 1909. The building had a grand, ornate Art Nouveau entrance and ticket hall complete with a small, decorated ceiling dome, customers would head for their trains in intricate style....

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Prague Art Nouveau Architecture | Industrial Palace

Industrial Palace

Located in Holesovice, Prague 7 sits the historic Art Nouveau gem, the Industrial Palace. One of the first mounted steel structures in the Czech lands, this glass palace is one of the most important Art Nouveau buildings in the city. Designed and built for the Jubilee Exhibition in Prague in 1891 by architect Bedrich Muenzberger and Frantiskem Prasil, the...

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Topic House | Prague Art Nouveau

Topic House

Located on Narodni Street, across from the National Theater, the pretty Topic House is yet another fine example of Art Nouveau architecture in Prague. The house is named after the famous publisher in Prague and was designed and built by Osvald Polivka, the famous architect responsible for the gorgeous Municipal House. The house was a cultural center of activities thanks to the Stransky family who were the founders of Lidove Noviny,...

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Vyšehrad Train Station | Prague Architecture

Vyšehrad Train Station

Located in a whimsical part of Prague that many tourists do not venture to, is the abandoned Vyšehrad Train Station. This Art Nouveau gem sits quietly in her old grandeur, a crumbling boarded up beauty laden with grafiti just waiting (like many other gorgeous structures in the city of Prague) for a new facelift. The neighborhood is beautiful as well as it is surrounded by the Cubist homes of Vyšehrad such as the Kovarovic...

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Saloun's Villa | Prague Sights | Vinohrady

Saloun's Villa

Saloun's Villa, located in a quiet area of Vinohrady, is a former studio of the Czech sculptor Ladislav Saloun (1870-1946), a leading figure of Czech Art Nouveau symbolism and the author of the famous Jan Hus memorial in the Old Town Square finished in 1915. Saloun's Villa is a unique gem of Art Nouveau architecture, which was built between 1908 and 1910 and...

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Prague | Vinohrady Theater Interior | Photo by Dolce Vita

Vinohrady Theater

The lovely Art Nouveau Vinohrady Theater sits on the side of the grand church of St. Ludmila in the neighborhood of Vinohrady. The dominant Art Nouveau theater, home to one of the main drama scenes in Prague opened on November 24, 1907. Hundreds of popular actors, playwrights, and directors have graced the Vinohrady Theater with their presence and talent. The current...

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Koruna Palace | Prague Shopping Passages

Koruna Passage

Located at the bottom of Wenceslas Square, is the Art Nouveau Koruna Palace. Notice the top of this interesting building; a golden crown of pearls sits perched atop of the gray structure, surrounded by massive muscular statues hauntingly acting as sentinel to the palace. The passages offer clothing boutiques such as Oilily, an ice cream stand, a Coloseum Pizzeria (a popular pizza chain in Prague), jewelry and watch stores, a cafe,...

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Bílek’s Villa | City Gallery Prague

Bílek’s Villa - City Gallery Prague

In the lovely Prague Castle quarter known as Hradčany close to the Royal Summer Palace sits an Art Nouveau fairy tale villa designed by František Bílek, an architect and Art Nouveau and Symbolist sculptor. The house, which dates back to 1911, was designed by Bílek himself...

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