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Holešovice is a former industrial area turned art gallery central in the north of Prague. Situated on the Vltava River, Holešovice makes up the majority of Prague 7. Holešovice features many attractions including the Veletržní palác of the National Gallery, DOX Center for Contemporary Art, many cafes and pubs, the Prague Fairgrounds, Stromovka Park - Prague’s largest green space, outdoor market areas, interesting night spots such as SaSazu, Cross Club and more. The area also features many intriguing design showrooms. If you wish to see a different side of Prague, Holešovice is a good place to visit. The area is also home to Prague’s second largest train station, Nádraží Holešovice.

Holesovice Sights | Prague Sightseeing


Prague Functionalist Architecture | Sculpture

Veletrzni Palace - National Gallery

Prague has first-rate museums dedicated to Medieval and Classical art, but what about the more controversial Modern art? No need to worry; the city of Prague has various Modern art and Postmodern installations, private gallery openings and fine museums to feed your need of the Modern. Just take a look around as you stroll through this lovely city, even certain areas covered in colorful graffiti scream Modern art. The Veletrzni Palace,...

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Dox | Prague Galleries | Exterior

Dox Center for Contemporary Art

This exciting new art gallery located in Holesovice is a breath of much needed fresh air for the city of Prague. Opening at the beginning of October of 2008, this large independent modern gallery wowed viewers with the opening exhibition titled Welcome to Capitalism, which featured a collection of paintings and installations by Jose Maria Cano, Michael Bielicky in collaboration with Kamila Richter, and Dirk Reinbold, Matej Kren and...

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Prague Art Nouveau Architecture | Industrial Palace

Industrial Palace

Located in Holesovice, Prague 7 sits the historic Art Nouveau gem, the Industrial Palace. One of the first mounted steel structures in the Czech lands, this glass palace is one of the most important Art Nouveau buildings in the city. Designed and built for the Jubilee Exhibition in Prague in 1891 by architect Bedrich Muenzberger and Frantiskem Prasil, the...

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Hanavský Pavilion | Prague

Hanavský Pavilion

Located in leafy Letna Park and perched overlooking the city of Prague and the winding Vltava River with the world famous Charles Bridge is the neo Baroque Hanavský Pavilion. This gorgeous building was built for the National Jubilee Exhibition in 1891 and was located in the Prague Fairgrounds area by the Industrial...

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Lapidary of the National Museum | Prague

Lapidary of the National Museum

Located in Holesovice and situated at the Prague exhibition fairgrounds is the Lapidary of the National Museum. The lapidary features a large collection of stone sculptures, most of which were created in Bohemia from the 11th century to the 19th century. The National Museum has over 2,000 sculptures in total kept in a safe, however only the best 400 are exhibited here. At the Lapidary you can see the original sculptures from the

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Stromovka | Prague Parks and Gardens

Stromovka Park

Located in Prague 7, Stromovka (place of trees) Park is the largest of its kind in the city of Prague. The history of Stromovka dates back to 1268, when Premysl Otakar II used Stromovka as the royal hunting grounds. The park was open to the public in 1804, after Czech nobles saved the grounds from complete demolishment from the reign of Maria Theresa who ordered everything cut and burned. The park is no longer full of deer to hunt;...

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