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The Old Town is among the oldest and by far, the most beautiful district in the Czech Capital of Prague. The core of the historical center is Old Town Square, which started as a marketplace in the 10th century and has been the site for many political and cultural events that have shaped the history of Prague. The ancient lanes of cobblestone form a mysterious maze in which even the most orientated is bound to get lost... Check our Apartments in Prague

Prague Sights | Old Town


Old Town Square | Old Town | Tourists

Old Town Square

Old Town Square draws the greatest number of visitors in Prague as it boasts meticulously preserved buildings and monuments: the Church of Our Lady in front of Tyn, The Old Town City Hall and the Baroque church St. Nicolas. One building that truly dominates the square is the Old Town City Hall, which dates back to 1338. In 1410 the astronomical...

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Tyn Church | Old Town | Church Spires

The Church of our Lady before Tyn

This Gothic church from the mid 14th century is perhaps the second signature landmark in Old Town Square (after the Astronomical Clock). It was the main church during the time of the Hussites. The interior of the church, especially the altar, is one of the most elaborate ones in the Czech Republic; its centerpiece is the portrayal of the rise of Virgin Mary...

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Prague Rococo Architecture | Kinsky Palace

Kinsky Palace

On one of the most beautiful squares in Europe, sits the lovely neo Rococo Kinsky Palace with its delicate pink and white stucco facade. Between 1755-65 it was built for Jan Arnost Goltz, on the grounds of two old hotels. Goltz wished for a Rococo palace that would feature two entrances under two balconies and a balustrade on the first floor. The Kinsky family would become the new owners after the death of Jan Arnost Goltz and reside...

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Prague Renaissance Architecture | The House at the Minute

The House at the Minute

In the magical Old Town Square sits the lovely Renaissance pearl, The House at the Minute. Covered in ornate Sgraffito decorations depicting Greek mythology as well as references to biblical and Renaissance legends, this house is easily recognizable with such an impressive facade. The House at the Minute was built at the beginning of the 15th century as a house in the late Gothic style and was supposedly a tobacconist's shop. Sgraffito...

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Estates Theater | Old Town | Exterior

Estates Theater

One of the most beautiful theaters in Europe, the Estates was built at the end of the 18th century in midst of the cultural enlightenment across Europe. Its construction was driven by the idea that Prague needed a theater to enhance its charm, according to Count Frantisek Antonin Nostitz Rieneck, who financed the construction. Throughout the years it has housed many performances by world famous artists and composers, Wolfgang Amadeus...

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Karolinum | Old Town | Charles University


The Karolinum is the original building of Charles University, Central Europe's oldest university, founded by Charles IV in 1348. Throughout the centuries many distinguished figures, such as Jan Hus held lectures at the Karolinum. Charles University has facilities all over Prague today and the Karolinum is the seat of the administration of Charles University...

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Prague Cubist Architecture | The House at the Black Madonna

The House at the Black Madonna

Built from a reinforced concrete skeleton from the School of Chicago, the House at the Black Madonna is truly an engineering feat and delight. Architect Josef Gočár finished the house between 1911 and 1912, adhering to strict codes from the city of Prague regarding...

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Municipal House | Old Town | Exterior

The Municipal House

The Municipal House is the Art Nouveau gem of Prague. Adjacent to the Powder Tower, the Municipal House is the beginning of the royal mile. It was built on the grounds of a former Royal Court Palace between 1905-1911 and houses a large concert hall. Both exterior and interior are elaborately decorated with Art Nouveau elements and motifs; some of the greatest...

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Náměstí Republiky | Municipal House of Prague

Náměstí Republiky

Náměstí Republiky translates to Republic Square, and this beautiful square indeed exemplifies the variety of the beauty and history of the Czech Republic. With buildings ranging in age and architectural style from the 1475 Powder Tower (Prašná brána), refinished and redecorated in the 1800's in a highly romanticized Neo-Gothic style, to the austere Baroque...

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The Stone Bell House | City Gallery Prague

The Stone Bell House - City Gallery Prague

The Stone Bell House is just one of the remarkable buildings located on Old Town Square and one of the oldest monuments in Prague housing short-term exhibitions of the City Gallery Prague. The oldest part of the building dates back to the second half of the 13th century. Only in the 1970s and 1980s during extensive reconstruction...

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Powder Tower | Old Town | Gothic Detail

The Powder Tower

This impressive monument is one of the 13 original entrances to Old Town. The Gothic building dates back to the reign of King Vladislav II Jagiello in 1475 when it was known as the Mountain Tower, it was later used to store gunpowder in the 17th century, hence the current name. It is an elaborate 65-meter...

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Klementinum | Baroque Library


The Klementinum sits on over 2 hectares and is one of the largest complexes in Europe and is home to the Czech Republic’s National Library. Situated in the romantic area of Prague’s Old Town, the Klementinum dates back to the 11th century when a chapel was erected and dedicated to St. Clement. In the middle ages, the complex became a Dominican monastery and afterwards in 1556 a Jesuit college and was at one point the third...

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Prague Art Nouveau Architecture | Hotel Pariz

Hotel Paris

One of the most beautiful buildings and hotels in Prague, Hotel Paris is the work of architect Jan Veirych. Finished in 1904, the splendid hotel featured grand elements of the Art Nouveau movement (the interior was designed by A. Pfeifer and the ceramic mosaics by J. Kohler), such as colorful ceramic mosaics, an elegant staircase with an ornate wrought iron railing, brass motifs, etched glass mirrors and windows, and golden intricate...

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Rudolfinum Gallery | Prague

Rudolfinum Gallery

The Rudolfinum Gallery is a spacious and attractive art gallery situated in the multi-purpose Rudolfinum cultural complex, which houses a gorgeous concert hall and a grand turn of the last century café. J. Schulz, who also designed the National...

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Bedřich Smetana Museum Building | Prague

Bedřich Smetana Museum

Located in Old Town and situated on the Vltava River close to the world famous Charles Bridge is the Bedřich Smetana Museum. This museum is housed in a gorgeous neo Renaissance building that was formerly the Old Town Water Works. The building was constructed in 1883-4 and features a beautiful sgraffito façade designed by famous Czech painters Mikoláš Aleš and František Ženíšek that makes the building unforgettable. The city of Prague...

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Rudolfinum | Dvorak Hall

The Rudolfinum & the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

The Rudolfinum is a multi-purpose cultural complex, which houses a gorgeous concert hall, home to the renowned Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, a grand turn of the last century café and a spacious art gallery that displays temporary international contemporary art exhibitions. The cultural...

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McGee's Ghost and Legend Tours

McGee's Ghost and Legend Tours

Behold the dark side of Prague! The untold, mysterious history behind the bewitching capital is just waiting to grab your undivided attention as you wander through the narrow winding cobblestone lanes in the middle of the night! What an exciting adventure for older children, teenagers, and adults alike- and a memorable one at that! The best ghost and legend tours Prague has to offer are from McGee's Ghost Tours of Prague. With interesting...

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Old Town Bridge Tower | Prague

Old Town Bridge Tower

The Old Town Bridge Tower is one of the most beautiful Gothic buildings in Europe. The tower was built in the second half of the 14th century together with the Charles Bridge on its right bank side not only as a fortification, but also as a certain type of triumphal arch. The tower was namely on the route of the coronation parades leading to St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle. The tower has a shape of a three-floor prism with battlements...

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Gambit Photo | Prague Gallery

Gambit Photo

Located in the historic area of Prague’s Old Town directly in the heart of the city and situated in a charming old building is the unique Gambit Photo Gallery. Gambit Photo is an intimate gallery space offering a fresh breath of artistic air to an otherwise touristy area of Prague. Gambit Photo focuses on the art of quality photography and offers gorgeous pieces to add to or start a photography collection with their superb selection...

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Museum of Decorative Arts | Prague

Museum of Decorative Arts

THE MUSEUM OF DECORATIVE ARTS IS CURRENTLY BEING RENOVATED AND IS SET TO OPEN IN JULY 2017.  Located in a cultural square that houses the Rudolfinum Gallery and concert hall, the Academy of Decorative Arts and the Faulty of Philosophy is the Prague Museum of Decorative Arts. This splendid museum was erected at the very end of the 1800s...

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Havel Market Detail | Prague Shopping

Havel Market

One of the oldest markets in the city, Havel Market dates back to 1232. Originally selling only produce, the market has changed over the years, mainly with tourists in mind. Lately it seems though that the produce stalls are starting to outnumber the souvenir stalls, which is a good thing as many stalls sell the same tourist junk you can find all over Old Town. Some stalls however offer inexpensive handmade Czech crystal and glass...

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Golden Ring House | Prague

The Golden Ring House - City Gallery Prague

Hidden on tiny Týnská street near Old Town Square is the Golden Ring House, an exhibition space of City Gallery Prague. Originally, the medieval Golden Ring House consisted of two buildings that were later merged into one. Its early Gothic period cellars and the corridor on the first floor with barrel vaulting and fragments of wall paintings from the late 15th century have been preserved until today. The Golden Ring House hosts a...

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Bethlehem Chapel | Old Town | Exterior

Bethlehem Chapel

Bethlehem chapel was completed in 1394 and was the venue where Jan Hus, distinguished writer, thinker and philosopher, preached from 1402 to 1412 before he was burned at the stake in 1415; thus making Bethlehem Chapel the birthplace of the Hussite cause. In the 18th century the chapel was demolished. The ruins of the chapel were discovered in 1920, and It was rebuilt exactly the same (based on drawings, old documents, etc.) in the...

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Cubist Lamp Post | Cubism in Prague

Lamp Post

The only Cubist lamp post in the world is found in the city of Prague amid a combination of architectural styles including the Functionalist Bata building, the Gothic Church of our Our Lady of the Snow, and the Secession Adam Pharmacy building. Such is the scenery of the center of Prague; different architecture styles coexist on the uniform cobblestone streets. The lamp post by Emil Kralicek, is tucked away in a corner off of Wenceslas...

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Topic House | Prague Art Nouveau

Topic House

Located on Narodni Street, across from the National Theater, the pretty Topic House is yet another fine example of Art Nouveau architecture in Prague. The house is named after the famous publisher in Prague and was designed and built by Osvald Polivka, the famous architect responsible for the gorgeous Municipal House. The house was a cultural center of activities thanks to the Stransky family who were the founders of Lidove Noviny,...

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The City Library | Prague

The Municipal Library – City Gallery Prague

Located on Mariánské Square with such grand buildings as Old Town City Hall, The exquisite Baroque Clam Gallas Palace and a section of the massive Klementinum complex is City Gallery Prague’s exhibition hall at the Municipal Library. The building was built in 1925 to 1928 and was designed by František Roith, an architect and student of Otto Wagner at the Vienna Academy. The building was originally intended for use as a cultural...

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Náprstek Museum | Prague

Náprstek Museum

Located in the Old Town district of Prague, known for its winding cobblestone lanes, colorful Baroque facades and world-class sights is the intriguing Náprstek Museum. This museum features a collection of unique ethnographic oddities gathered by 19th century Czech nationalist Vojta Náprstek, whose love of traveling and primitive cultures brought...

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St. Cross Rotunda | Prague

St. Cross Rotunda

The second oldest rotunda in Prague from the end of the 11th century is the St. Cross rotunda located in a quiet courtyard in Old Town. The rotunda was fortunately saved from demolition in the 19th century and Architect V. Ullman and painter B. Waschsmann renovated the lovely St. Cross rotunda from 1862 to 1865, originally the structure had only one window, the reconstruction brought two more. J. Manes added the decorative circular...

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Old Town Square Christmas Market | Prague

Old Town Square Christmas market

With its impressive background, the Christmas market in Old Town Square is a sight to behold! With a massive Christmas tree brought in from the Sumava Mountains and decorated with lights and ornaments, cute wooden stands selling mulled wine, sausages, Czech specialties and silly souvenirs, and golden lit up angels, this Christmas market is sure to please. The location and beautiful setting of this Christmas market is the true winner,...

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