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Called the Baroque Pearl of Prague, it is the most enchanting and romantic part of Prague. The history of Mala Strana, however, dates further back than the Baroque period and most of the Baroque architecture was constructed after a devastating fire in the 16th century, which destroyed the previous structures. Lesser Town or Mala Strana, as locals call it, boasts fairy tale charm that defies time and nourishes the spirit of centuries past. Lesser Town begins with Charles Bridge and clusters between the river, Prague Castle and the surrounding hills. Some of the main attractions include the Church of Our Lady Victorious and Wallenstein Palace with its impressive gardens.

Prague Sights | Lesser Town


Charles Bridge | Prague

The Charles Bridge

In 1357 Charles IV commissioned the construction of a bridge that would connect the two Vltava riverbanks and would make Prague an important trading route between the East and the West. According to the royal astronomers, construction of the bridge commenced at the suitable, lucky time of 5:31am on July 9th 1357. In palindromic terms this time can be numerated as a sequence of ascending and descending odd numbers (135797531); these...

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Prague Baroque Architecture | St. Nicolas

St. Nicolas Church

The giant green dome looming over Lesser Town Square belongs to the wondrous St. Nicolas, one of the finest examples of High Baroque architecture in Central Europe, this massive imposing dome and the Catholic church have continued to look over and protect the Lesser Town for centuries. Built by Christoph Dientzenhofer and his son Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer...

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Lesser Town Square | Lesser Town | Tram

Lesser Town Square

This square has been the hub of Lesser Town for over 10 centuries. Its centerpiece is the grand church of St. Nicholas, which can be seen from both sides of the river. This Baroque masterpiece features an impressive 70m dome with a Holy Trinity fresco painted on it. Construction of the church began in the early 1700s and many distinguished artists of the Baroque period left their mark, particularly in terms of frescoes. Wolfgang Amadeus...

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Wallenstein Garden | Prague Gardens and Parks

Wallenstein Garden

Located in Mala Strana, or the Lesser Quarter, Wallenstein Garden is a beautiful manicured garden with lush greenery, shaped hedges, a large pond with a islet featuring a marble fountain of Hercules, statues representing heroes from Greek mythology, an aviary, peacocks to feed and even an Italian grotto with artificial stalactites (look for the animals and fantastic creatures hidden in the stalactite wall). The garden is conveniently...

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Malostranská Beseda | Culture House in Prague

Malostranská Beseda

Situated in the beating heart of Lesser Town is the Malstranská Beseda. What is now a late Renaissance gem dates back to 1478 when it was built as a city hall for Lesser Town. The City Hall functioned as the headquarters for 11 Concilers and the Mayor, plus provided space for the imperial magistrate and clerk to administrate and to judge civil and criminal cases, to make decisions about oprhan placement and other things. Later in...

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Vrtba Garden |  Prague Gardens and Parks

Vrtba Garden

The UNESCO listed Vrtbovska zahrada or Vrtba Garden, is located in the charming quarter of Mala Strana. Vrtba Garden, designed by Frantisek Maximilian Kanka in 1720, is considered one of the most beautiful Baroque gardens in Central Europe. Although small and intimate, the garden features everything a Baroque garden should; elegant staircases, statues and sculptures (by Matyas Bernard Braun), terraces, colorful flowerbeds incorporated...

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View of Prague from the Kinský Gardens

Kinský Gardens

Spreading over a lush 22 hectares in Prague's magnificent park area just where Smíchov meets Lesser Town, near Petřín Hill, you will find the splendid Kinský Gardens. Begun in 1825 by the patriotic Count Rudolf Kinský, these gardens were created to form a purely natural landscape without romantic excess, in celebration of the Czech National Revival, a nationalistic cultural revival movement that led into the First Republic period,...

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Musaion Ethnographic Exhibition | Prague

Musaion Ethnographic Exhibition

Located in the lush green space of Petrin Hill and Kinsky Garden is the National Museum’s Musaion Ethnographic Exhibition. Since 2005 this exhibition has been housed in the Kinsky Summerhouse, an attractive Empire style...

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The Church of Our Lady Victorious | Lesser Town Sights

The Church of Our Lady of Victory

The Church of Our Lady of Victory is the famous pilgrimage site of the Infant Jesus of Prague, and one of the oldest Baroque buildings in Prague, built for German Lutherans in 1613 probably by Giovanni Maria Filippi the court builder of the Emperor Rudolf II, and originally named the Church of the Holy Trinity. The Catholic order of Discalced...

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Petrin Hill | Prague Gardens and Parks | Walking Path

Petřín Hill

Overlooking the glorious city of Prague is the equally beautiful Petřín Hill, one of the former vineyards of King Charles IV. This is the place to go and relax under a blooming cherry tree during a clear spring day or smell the fragrant beauties in the lovely rose garden on a lazy summer night, and it is also the perfect place to capture the wonder of Prague via your camera. It is a steep walk up Petřín, so if you wish, you can take...

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Memorial to the Victims of Communism | Prague Sights

Memorial to the Victims of Communism

Located at the base of Petrin Hill on Ujezd Street in Mala Strana is this disturbing series of statues dedicated to the victims of the Communist era between 1948-1989. A original total of seven (two were damaged due to a bomb in 2003) male statues appear to be disintegrating and decaying before our very eyes, the first man whole, the next man missing a limb, ripped open, to the last man who has become virtually nothing....

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Petřín Lookout Tower | Prague

Petřín Tower

Next to the Mirror Maze on Petřín Hill you will find Prague's own intriguing miniature of the Eiffel Tower. Built for the General Land Centennial Exhibition in 1891, the Petřín Lookout Tower is the romantic symbol of Petřín Hill. It was erected above Prague only two years after the completion...

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Mirror Maze | Prague for Children | Entrance

The Mirror Maze

The location of the Mirror Maze alone is worth the visit, perched atop Petřín Hill, the maze will entertain children big and small alike. The maze is not giant by any means, but it has a hall of distorting mirrors and is located in a small fairy tale like building, sure to capture your imagination; it is a miniature remainder of the exhibition grounds from 1891....

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Lesser Town Bridge Tower | Prague Towers

Lesser Town Bridge Tower

The Lesser Town Bridge Tower on the western end of the Charles Bridge is its youngest part. It was finished in 1464 under the reign of king George of Poděbrady on the site of a Romanesque tower that was built together with the smaller so-called Judith Tower that has been preserved until this day. Both towers are connected through a gate with battlements from the early 15th century protecting the entrance to Lesser Town. The model...

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Cathedral of St. Lawrence on Petřín Hill in Prague

Cathedral of St. Lawrence on Petřín Hill

The principle church of the Old Catholic faith in the Czech Republic, the Cathedral of Saint Lawrence, called Sv. Vavřinec in Czech, is located on leafy green Petřín Hill, next to Petřín Lookout Tower and the Hunger Wall. Originally built in a Romanesque style, it was rebuilt later in...

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Kampa Island | Prague Gardens and Parks

Kampa Island

Separated from the mainland of Mala Strana by the Certovka (Devil's Canal), leafy Kampa Island is a lovely place to spend your leisure time. The manmade island was the result of the narrow Certovka stream, dug to power water mills (a few of these mills still exist today). The name of the stream is rumored to be named after a nasty spirited woman who resided in a nearby home titled the Seven Devils and who also washed her dirty laundry...

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Kampa Museum | Prague Museums and Galleries

Kampa Museum

An eccentric contemporary collection located on the left riverbank of the Vltava, housed in the old Sova Mill, named after Vaclav Sova, the original owner in the 15th century. It should be noted that this museum is worth a visit especially for the building that has been magnificently renovated after centuries of fires, floods, and damage. On a clear day in Prague one should head to Kampa Museum on Kampa...

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Lennon Wall | Lesser Town

Lennon Wall

Hidden among parks, embassies, the canal of the Devil, and picturesque squares, is the Lennon Wall, a small colorful wall with a vivid history as well. The wall is old and already charming as most walls in Mala Strana go, but this one is special as it is full of layers of vibrant graffiti; layers of the past one could say. Most of the bright graffiti is dedicated to John Lennon and lyrics of the Beatles. The wall became a problem...

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Maltese Square in Prague

Maltese Square

Maltese Square, or Maltézské náměstí, is famous for housing the Knights of Malta and the Church of Our Lady Under the Chain, as well as a statue of St. John the Baptist which was erected in thanksgiving after the end of a plague in 1715. Located in charming Lesser Town, the church was originally the Church at Bridge's End, since it was located near the end of the former Judith Bridge, which was destroyed...

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Czech Museum of Music | Prague

Czech Museum of Music

Located in Mala Strana and situated in the former Baroque church of St. Mary Magdalene is the Czech Museum of Music. The church was built in the 17th century but was rebuilt in its current style and was used also for a police barracks and archive. The result is a mixture of architecture styles that is pleasant and atmospheric. The grand assembly hall is especially impressive and is a great place to listen to live classical music concerts...

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Muzeum Montanelli | Prague

Museum Montanelli

Located in the gorgeous Lesser Town district of Prague and situated on charming Nerudova Street is the privately owned and operated Museum Montanelli. Run by The DrAK Foundation, the museum’s main goal in existing is to administer and present the collections of both the DrAK Foundation and private collections. Shows are composed of monographic exhibitions of artists and group exhibitions. It is interesting to note that viewings...

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Facade Detail of St. Joseph

St. Joseph Church in Mala Strana

Built at the behest of Carmelite sisters and completed in 1692, surprisingly not much is known about this mysterious little church situated a stone's throw from the Charles Bridge in charming Mala Strana, or Lesser Town. Experts are unable to agree on the architect responsible for this little gem, which is rather unusual in Prague where many famous...

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St. Michael's Church in Prague's Kinsky Gardens

St. Michael's Church in the Kinský Gardens

This small wooden jewel was physically relocated to Prague in 1929, to celebrate the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the annexation of Carpathian Ruthenia (the Subcarpathian region) into then-Czechoslovakia after WWI. Also known by its longer name of The Carpathian Church of St. Michael the Archangel, the entirely-wooden...

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