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Prague Castle. It is as forbidding as it is magnificent with its violent stone giants greeting you at the front gate, the glorious St. Vitus, and the macabre stories about Alchemist Lane and the Hunger Tower. It is the largest functioning castle in the world, and it is a beauty at that. The area around the castle, called Hradcany, is lovely as well, with many wondrous palaces such as Schwarzenberg and Sternberg (housing Art exhibitions), the soothing Strahov Monastery and its historical libraries, and the intriguing Loreta Square, where the pilgrimage church of Loreta houses a replica of the house of the Virgin Mary, while the Cernin Palace across the square served as the SS Headquarters during 1939 to 1945. This atmospheric district is peaceful compared to Old Town and Mala Strana and provides absolutely amazing views of Prague.

Prague Sights | The Castle District


Prague Castle | Castle District | Guards

Prague Castle

Prague Castle is the centerpiece of every Prague panorama. It overlooks the city and demands admiration. If you ever find yourself in Prague during summer dusk make sure to take a look at the sun setting behind St. Vitus Cathedral. The view is almost biblical. This complex dates back to the earliest history of Prague and is an important political and cultural venue in Czech history. Based on archeological research, the beginning of...

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Prague Gothic Architecture | St. Vitus

St. Vitus

The Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV commissioned the construction and design of St. Vitus to Frenchman Matthias of Arras in 1344 and after the passing of Matthias to Peter Parler in 1356. Matthias of Arras drew inspiration from French cathedrals, while Peter Parler wished to build a structure unlike any other he has witnessed. St. Vitus is a grand example of Gothic architecture in the city of Prague and yet another testimonial to the...

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Basilica of St. George | Romanesque Architecture

The Basilica of St. George

The Basilica of St. George is the finest example of Romanesque architecture remaining in the great city of Prague. The basilica was partially damaged by fire in 1142 and the main apse and twin steeples were added after. Although the facade of the basilica was renovated in the 17th century in the Baroque style, elements of the Romanesque still exist in the interior as well, results of a meticulous restoration between 1887 and 1908....

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Prague Castle Picture Gallery | Prague Museums and Galleries

Prague Castle Picture Gallery

The looming omnipresence of Prague Castle casts a magical spell over Prague and its citizens. The seat of power for over a thousand years and the largest working castle in the world, this cultural sight is unforgettable and a fantastic way to become acquainted with Czech culture. Spend a day exploring the sprawling castle, you will not be disappointed, as the...

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Royal Summer Palace

The Royal Summer Palace

In the lovely Royal Garden sits the most magnificent example of Renaissance architecture this side of the River Arno, the Royal Summer Palace, or the often-called Queen Anne's Summer Palace. Commissioned by Ferdinand I in 1538 for his loving wife Queen Anne, the palace was designed and built by the combined efforts of Italian stonemasons, who managed the gallery and its breezy arcade and the intricate classical relief decorations,...

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Ball Game Hall | Fine Renaissance Architecture

Ball Game Hall

Located inside the Royal Gardens, overlooking the stag moat, sits this enchanting Renaissance building with an even more bewitching history. First built by Bonifaz Wohlmut and Ulrico Aostali in the mid 16th century to serve as the Royal game hall for an early form of tennis and badminton, the facade of the Ball Game Hall was decorated with...

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Strahov Monastery Brewery | Exterior

Strahov Monastery Brewery

Perched atop the city part of the Strahov Monastery compound and the lush surrounding Petrin Hill, the Strahov Brewery is a delightful find in the bustling city of Prague. Just steps from the massive Prague Castle complex, the microbrewery serves about ten variations of St. Norbert beer (3 all year round and 7 seasonally) and the brews are all delicious and...

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Castle and Palace Gardens | Prague Gardens and Parks

Castle and Palace Gardens

Leading down from Prague Castle on the southern slopes are the Castle Gardens, formerly the Royal Vineyards, and 5 palace gardens (Ledeburg Garden, Palffy Garden, Greater Palffy Garden, Kolovrat Garden and Furstenberg Garden), all of which are connected and form terraced gardens. The effect is a gorgeous chain of lavish manicured gardens that are simply a colorful splendid sight. Take a break from sightseeing and roam the romantic...

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1000 Years of Inca Gold | Prague Museums and Galleries

The Supreme Burgrave House

The wondrous exhibition titled 1000 Years of Incan Gold is currently on display at the Supreme House of the Burgrave. This small, but priceless exhibition is a display of jewelry (huge earrings, massive golden beads, nose pieces), tools, cups, and other household objects, such as golden tweezers. These fascinating objects are displayed in lit up glass showcases with educational and historical texts (in Czech and English)...

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Hradčanské Náměstí at Night

Hradčanské Náměstí

Hradčanské Náměstí, or Hradčanské Square, in Prague's Castle District, is one of those impressive squares that embodies all of the charm, grandeur, and allure of Europe. Steeped in history, Hradčanské Náměstí is the all-in-one scene of some of the most impressive palaces in Prague, such as the Archbishop's...

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Toy Museum | Prague for Children | Vintage Barbies

The Toy Museum

Located in part of the Chambers of the Old Count in the Prague Castle, the Toy Museum in Prague is very entertaining for children and adults alike. 7 rooms on two floors display toys from Ancient Greek times to the present, along with a huge Barbie collection upstairs. Apparently this museum is the 2nd largest of its kind in the world. The collection of the filmmaker and cartoonist Ivan Steiger is on display, featuring wood and tin...

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Lobkowicz Palace | Prague | Inside of the Castle Complex

Lobkowicz Palace

Located in the Prague Castle Complex, the Lobkowicz Palace houses one of the most interesting private collections in Europe. Czech Nobleman Jaroslav of Pernstejn built the beautiful palace in the mid 16th century and this is where the Lobkowicz dynasty would begin. The Lobkowicz family dates back to the 14th century and they are one of the oldest Bohemian families....

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Schwarzenberg Palace | Prague

Schwarzenberg Palace

Newly renovated and more beautiful than ever, Schwarzenberg Palace, located on Hradcanske Square, is one of the best examples of Renaissance architecture in Prague. It is easily recognizable due to the dramatic black and white sgraffito decorations all over the facade of the building. Due to a massive fire in 1541, the three buildings that...

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Prague Rococo Architecture | Archbishop's Palace

Palace of the Archbishop

In 1420 a mob of angry Hussites burned down the original palace of the Archbishop, leaving ruins of what was. Ferdinand I of the Habsburg dynasty decided to build a new structure to take place of the original palace and commissioned the new Archbishop Palace, first built in the style of the Renaissance, then Baroque, then in the 18th century the palace was rebuilt in the Rococo style. Standing guard over the entrance to Prague...

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Prague Baroque Architecture | Sternberg Palace

The Sternberg Palace

Located off of Hradcanske Square is this lovely Baroque palace. It is hidden behind the Rococo Palace of the Archbishop; notice the narrow lane leading to the side entrance of the palace. Walk down the cobblestone lane and enter through a massive wrought iron gate into...

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Loreta | Prague

The Loreta

The Baroque Loreta in Prague was commisioned by Baroness Beligna Katherina von Lobkowicz in 1626 and was maintained by the Capuchins, an order connected with St. Francis of Assisi and his brotherhood. This gorgeous gem has been the site of numerous pilgrimages over the past centuries, and it is easy to understand why. The building was built to promote the legend of Santa Casa, or the house of the Virgin Mary, a copy decorated with...

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Cernin Palace | Prague Sights | Castle District

Cernin Palace

The longest Baroque building in Prague, the Cernin Palace has quite an interesting political past. Built in the early Baroque style (designed by Francesco Caratti) for the Imperial Ambassador of Venice, Count Cernin, the palace was regarded as a pearl of the Baroque, complete with an impressive picture gallery with works by Renaissance masters,...

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Loreta Square | Prague Pilgrimage Site

Loreta Square

Perhaps the most-visited area of Prague, the area surrounding the Prague Castle contains some of the most fantastic buildings and squares in Central Europe, such as the Loreta Square. Just a few steps from Hradčanské Náměstí, just past the Hrzánský Palace, which houses the Prime Minister's office, you'll find the Loreta Square, or Loretánské Náměstí, crowned by the world-famous pilgrimage site of the Loreta...

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The Deer Moat | Parks and Gardens in Prague

The Deer Moat

Located next to the magnificent Prague Castle is the Deer or Stag Moat. The Deer Moat is a beautiful natural ravine made from the Brusnice Stream making it one of the most peaceful places to walk in Prague while it is conveniently and attractively situated next to Prague’s famous castle. Historically the moat used to be part of Prague Castle’s northern...

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Salmovský Palace | Prague

Salmovský Palace - National Gallery

The recently reconstructed Classicist Salmovský Palace together with the adjoining Schwarzenberg Palace at Hradčanské Náměstí are part of the National Gallery in Prague. Salmovský Palace was built between 1800 and 1811 on the site of several smaller aristocratic residences by the Prague archbishop William Florentan, the Prince of Sal-Salm. In 2004 the palace became part of Prague's National Gallery. During a reconstruction based on...

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Strahov Monastery | Prague Sights | Castle District

Strahov Monastery

Perched high above the city of a thousand spires is the second oldest monastery in Prague, the Strahov Monastery, which dates back to the 12th century. A dominant gateway showcases the entrance to the monastery, which is made up of several buildings with the Church of Assumption of our Lady and the Church of St. Roch. The peaceful atmosphere makes Strahov Monastery the perfect place for an afternoon wander or a nap under an ancient...

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Miro Gallery | Museums in Prague

MIRO Gallery

MIRO Gallery, located in the Castle District and situated on the gorgeous grounds of Strahov Monastery is one of the most popular galleries in the magnificent city of Prague. The MIRO Gallery was founded in Berlin in 1987 and was moved to Prague in April of 1994, specifically to the beautiful church of St. Roch, which dates back to the Renaissance era. MIRO...

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Bílek’s Villa | City Gallery Prague

Bílek’s Villa - City Gallery Prague

In the lovely Prague Castle quarter known as Hradčany close to the Royal Summer Palace sits an Art Nouveau fairy tale villa designed by František Bílek, an architect and Art Nouveau and Symbolist sculptor. The house, which dates back to 1911, was designed by Bílek himself...

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Museum of Miniatures | Prague for Children | Miniature Detail

The Museum of Miniatures

This strange, eccentric museum is dedicated to Siberian Anatoly Konenko and his amazing miniatures. And amazed you will be! The museum displays works that are carved and painted, rarities and oddities such as a caravan of camels in the eye of a needle, a portrait of Chekhov on a half of a poppy seed, tiny copies of masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Salvador Dali, Henri Matisse, Sandro Botticelli and Rembrandt, a 3.2mm three dimensional...

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