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Cafe Savoy

This stunning cafe is located on the western riverbank, not far from Kampa Island and just across the street from Lesser Town. As a monument to Prague`s rich history, this airy and open cafe is a great place to relax and breathe in the aroma of the past. Situated on the ground floor of a fin de siecle building, this cafe has been around since 1893. Once a decadent coffeehouse, the Savoy was a favorite smoky haunt in the era after the Velvet Revolution, before its modern redecoration in late 2001. Although recently reconstructed, this venue offers a stunning, elegant wooden and marble Art Nouveau interior under a seven meter high Neo-Renaissance ceiling with magnificent chandeliers and large windows overlooking the tree lined street and classical buildings. The service is impeccable with a highly professional and attentive staff. They will be happy to recommend any of the mouthwatering pastries carefully displayed by the bar. If you're looking for a sophisticated light lunch, gourmet meal or a simple cup of coffee and dessert in a classical setting, Cafe Savoy is guaranteed to meet your expectations.

Address: Vítězná 5, Prague 5, +420 257 311 562, www.ambi.cz

Article tags: Art Nouveau, Traditional Czech Cuisine, International Cuisine, Restaurant in Lesser Town, Cafe in Lesser Town, Breakfast Served, Vegetarian-Friendly

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