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Kunstkomora | Rare Antiques in Prague


Are you a collector of antiques, trinkets or special objects from foreign lands? If so, and if you wish to add to your eclectic collection of valuable world objects, or if you just fancy a wander through one of the most interesting shops in Prague, then Kunstkomora – where collecting in an art form – is for you. Kunstkomora is a unique shop in the center of Prague where you can find a whole range of valuable antique curiosities and gaze...

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Zbraslav Chateau | Prague Museums and Galleries

Zbraslav Chateau

Zbraslav Chateau is now closed having been returned to its private owner and the Asian Art collection will be housed in Kinsky Palace; the exhibition will open in December 2009.  The history of Asian Art represented in Prague is not an extensive one, but an interesting one, and the city, even country, owes its respect and many thanks to a man named Lubor Hajek. He studied Religion and Indology at Charles University after WWII and was a self-taught...

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Your Prague Adventure

Prague Tourist Traps will assist you in planning your authentic visit to this lively city and steer you away from numerous 'tourist traps' that sadly exist in this eccentric capital.

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