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​​Finding a community in which you feel welcome is of utmost importance. Being a member of a community that is centered around your interests and hobbies can make you feel at home. If you are searching for a specific Prague community, whether it be for artistic purposes, honing your language skills, culinary curiosity, etc., have a look at the communities we feature here. Find where you belong in Prague and make the City of Hundred Spires your own.

People of Czechia

Nature of Czechs

Czechs seem rather reserved when introduced to a new person. Their behavior may appear formal – the reason may be the use of the second-person in Czech language, the ‘polite’ form. It is used with people whom you do not know, in a formal social interaction, or when the younger generation is addressing the older one.

The Czech sense of humor or general life attitude may be perceived as ironic or sarcastic. People are naturally very polite and do not tend to be overly direct in communication. After getting to know Czechs better, you’ll come to love their cheerful and helpful character and you’ll appreciate their loyal friendships. They are very hospitable and enjoy being a nation of realistic and very practical people.

Prague Influencers

Firsthand Experiences

Travel and lifestyle influencers are essential to creating trends nowadays – and for a good reason. These Prague influencers march to the beat of their own drum, but have us following along happily. Sharing their firsthand experiences in Prague and the Czech Republic, these influencers capture the city in an authentic way that is both helpful and inspiring. So have a look at our favorites and get inspired to visit Prague today!