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Prague is full of inspiring places where you can work. Whether you are a coffee lover, a seeker of silence, or a social person, you can be sure to find your most comfortable working spaces here. The variety ranges from public places that are free, to hot desks, dedicated desks or flexi offices for those who need specially designed, more luxurious offices. The working spaces offer a different scope of services such as onsite cafes or coffee machines, meeting rooms, phone booths, Wi-Fi, gyms, kindergartens, venue rental discounts, electronic device rentals, washrooms, relaxation & chillout zones, consultancy and networking opportunities, and more.

Opening hours differ but most of the coworking spaces are open 24/7 on the contrary to the public venues that are available on average from 8am till 8pm. Furthermore, if you are looking for a temporary job while you are in Prague, visit the page Startupjobs, the biggest startup job portal in the Czech Republic.

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