Courses and Schools of Interior Design in Prague and the Czech Republic

Interior design is not purely free art, as it has to fulfill many parameters and so it is necessary to think also of its practical dimension. A dictum says that the ideal or substance of design itself is the interconnection between beauty and usefulness. Even the most beautiful chair will be useless for us if it cannot be used for its original purpose. And that is what needs to be considered from the very beginning, possibly already at the stage when you are choosing a school and art courses focusing on interior design. In this section you will find a list of courses and schools of interior design in Prague and the Czech Republic that will lead you in an interesting and creative way to the very substance of interior design.

  • Intermezzo | Jana Hradecká Interior Design School Intermezzo

    Intermezzo’s School of Interior Design in Prague is designated for all those who are interested in interior design, new trends in housing and decorating, as well as in the history and development of individual styles. The founder of the school is the interior designer Jana Hradecká, the owner of the Intermezzo Design Studio. At the Interior Design School Intermezzo you will not only study theories but also practice and you can even acquire your first client here. You can rely...

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  • Home Staging Academy | Prague Home Staging Academy

    The Home Staging Academy offers a wide range of daily and distance courses and seminars in the fields of interior design and home staging. Its aim is to prepare its students for opening a business in these fields and for possible related pitfalls. Courses are taught by experts with many years of practice whose precious experience will certainly be appreciated by any student. Individual courses can be arbitrarily combined, as their topics are freely related. The courses offered include Basics...

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  • Private High School of Art and Management | Student Work Private High School of Art and Management

    The Private High School of Art and Management (SSOŠUM) located in a reconstructed building in the Prague city center offers a four-year daily study program concluded with a maturita leaving-school exam. Talented applicants can choose from three specializations – graphic design, interior design, and applied photography and media. Applicants need to successfully pass talent exams in order to be accepted to the school. Students in the Applied Photography and Media Specialization program focus on editorial photography, advertising photography and film/television...

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  • Private High School of Art and Design | Studio Private High School of Art and Design in Prague 6

    The Private High School of Art and Design in Prague 5 offers a four-year daily study program as well as a semester study within a lifelong learning program for applicants above 18 years of age. Applicants are accepted to both study programs on the basis of talent exams. Besides their specialization in one of the following programs – painting (also possible to study in English or French), visual arts in advertising – graphics in advertising, metal and jewelry arts –...

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  • Interior Design – Ave Art Ostrava | Courses in Prague Interior Design – Ave Art Ostrava

    If you are interested in interior design and would like to become a professional in this field then you need the courses of interior design offered by the Ave Art Ostrava School not only in Ostrava, but also in Brno and Prague. The school has been organizing courses since 2007 and during the first four years of their existence 160 satisfied participants were enrolled. An expert guarantor of the course is ing. arch. Aleš Student, a long-standing guarantor of the...

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