Private High Schools and Higher Professional Schools in Prague

The choice of a high school is very important for the next phases of life of a young person in the Czech Republic, and so it is often not a very easy decision to make. While state high schools offer education free of charge, students not always manage to succeed at being accepted to a particular school and so they must attend paid private high schools in Prague. However, not always is the choice of a private high school governed by failing the entrance exams to state high schools. Private high schools are usually grammar schools or high schools closely focused on one particular subject that usually offer excellent equipment, pleasant school atmosphere and also a young pedagogical team. If finances in your family are not a problem, private high schools in Prague may present a more pleasant way of acquiring a secondary education for you. Besides the above-mentioned high schools we are also presenting higher professional schools in this section that present a paid alternative to university education. Higher professional schools or higher vocational training schools in Prague (VOŠ in Czech) offer a wide selection of study programs from information technologies, tourism, to international trade or media studies and more. Private high schools and higher professional schools in Prague here at are presented through detailed descriptions, photos, maps and contact information.

  • PBVOŠ | Higher Vocational School and High School of Management PB – Vyšší odborná škola a Střední škola managementu

    PB – Vyšší odborná škola a Střední škola managementu, s.r.o., (PBVOŠ), or the High School of Management and Vocational School, provides high-quality secondary and tertiary education and offers to its students many other educational and extra-curricular activities, as well as advantageous cooperation with entrepreneurs and other partners. Founded in 1992 PBVOŠ is a registered educational facility with the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and provides education in the fields of Business Academy and Economic Lyceum completed with a...

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  • Trojské gymnázium | Prague Trojské gymnázium

    The Trojské Gymnázium, a college-preparatory high school in Prague's Troja district, offers general education in an eight-year daily study program. This private high school with a family atmosphere located in an attractive surrounding of the Draháň-Troja natural park near the Vltava River puts emphasis on a low number of students in classes (a maximum of 22). The characteristic atmosphere of the school is reflected also in the name of its education program, which is called “In Troja's basin as in...

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  • Open Gate | Classroom Open Gate

    The Open Gate grammar and primary school, which rewards its students with the International Baccalaureate diploma, is designated for talented students between 6 and 19 years of age. The school gives these studentes the possibility to fulfill their highest potential regardless of their family background. This is achieved thanks to The Kellner Family Foundation that to some degree supports financially more than half of the students at the grammar school and provides grants for the very best of students also...

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  • PORG | Private High School in Prague PORG

    The PORG educational institution, founded in 1990 as the first private school in the Czech Republic since 1948, associates several elementary and grammar schools in Prague and Ostrava, whose comprehensive level of provided education is one of the best in the Czech Republic both among state and private schools. From the academically-oriented secondary schools based in Prague, PORG is represented by PORG Libeň and Nový [new] PORG, a Czech school with international standards. Clear evidence of the high level of...

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  • Carlsbad International School Carlsbad International School

    The Carlsbad International School (CIS) is an exceptional university-prep school for ages 14 -18 that is located in the gorgeous Bohemian countryside, close to the beautiful spa town of Karlovy Vary. The school is within easy reach of the world via Prague’s international airport, making this school a possible choice for international students. The goal of CIS is to produce fine young students who possess the poise and independence to be individual thinkers and at the same time, team players...

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  • Střední průmyslová škola dopravní | Public Transport Economy High School of Transport (SPŠD) in Prague

    The High School of Transport (Střední průmyslová škola dopravní – SPŠD) offers four-year study programs ending with the Maturita school leaving exam in the fields of electronics, information technology, public transport economy, automotive technician and retailer and three-year study programs with apprenticeships ending with certificates in the fields of auto repair mechanic, electrician, electrical mechanic, coachbuilder, car painter, window dresser and locksmith. Graduates of three-year study programs can continue in SPŠD's study programs of salesmanship, entrepreneurship and operation of transport equipment....

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