Prague Acting Schools and Acting Classes

Are you considering going to acting school or taking a few acting classes in Prague? Whether you are looking for a professional acting course to enhance your film or stage acting career, or you are simply looking to take a few classes for a new skill, personal development, or just a new way to have some fun acting in Prague, our list of Prague acting classes is just for you. Acting classes are an excellent way for frequent public speakers to learn valuable skills needed for presentations, and acting school is essential for those looking to break into the competitive film industry through movies or commercials, as well as for stage actors looking to improve their portfolio. Beginners and advanced experienced actors and actresses alike will find acting classes in Prague perfectly suited to their level of experience. Whether you need acting classes in English or Czech, there is something for everyone in this jewel of a capital city. 

  • Prague Playhouse Acting Studio | Acting for Film | Prague Playhouse Acting Studio

    Calling all actors and actresses! Prague acting classes in English with, the Prague Playhouse Acting Studio, are the best way to improve your acting and your English at the same time. If you have longed to hit the West End or Broadway, to break into Hollywood or Bollywood, or simply join your local English language theater scene, can help. Brian Caspe, professional actor and acting instructor as well as the founder of the popular Prague Playhouse, teaches a...

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  • DAMU | Summer Courses in Puppetry DAMU Prague Summer Theater School

    Theater courses in English are held in Prague annually at the renowned DAMU Prague Summer Theater School. DAMU, an acronym for the Theater Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, holds this annual English-language summer program in the heart of historic Prague, providing an ideal atmospheric backdrop for acting and theater class themes such as site-specific theater, puppet theater, mask making and performance, nonverbal comedy, authorial performance, set design, and more. Applications are accepted from mid-January til the...

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  • Prague Conservatory | Acting Schools in Prague Prague Conservatory

    The Prague Conservatory, with its seat in three buildings in the center of Prague, was founded in 1888 as the first musical conservatory in central Europe. After successful completion of a six-year study program, its graduates become professional musicians and theater actors and enrich the local art scene with their well-versed talent. The Prague Conservatory offers instruction in playing all types of orchestral instruments, as well as the accordion, guitar, piano and organ, in addition to instruction in singing, composition,...

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