The Czech Republic is famous for its production of fine art glass. Just take a look around you and you will notice that almost every tourist shop sells Czech glass and crystal in styles ranging from lovely glass beaded necklaces to Czech crystal vases, wine glasses, champagne flutes and more, the list goes on. The companies that continue to wow us are the world renowned Moser, established by Ludwig Moser in 1857 and still considered one of the best Czech glass producers and Swarovski, famous for high end crystal glamour. The sought after and renowned Czech glass designers Rony Plesl, Jiří Pelcl and Olgoj Chorchoj are splendid designers to look out for as their products capture the true beauty of traditional high quality Czech glass in classic and modern designs. The Května Glass Factory is also another star to look out for if you are looking for high quality design glass. If you are searching for Czech crystal or Czech design glass have a look at our recommended Czech crystal and glass shops in Prague listed below.