If you are searching for something new and exciting in the world of design, then make sure to check out the young Czech designers featured on our website. Czech designers have long had a reputation for their avant-garde creations and it is easy to see why. Take for example the Cubist movement, which took off in Paris in the art genre of painting, but in no other country did Cubist architecture and design blossom as it did in Czechoslovakia, making the country one of the only places in the world where you can witness fantastic Cubist architecture. And of course, Czechoslovakia’s participation in the Brussels Worlds Fair in 1958 showed the world that the design nation was capable of many a great things. Unfortunately the world of Czech design was basically held captive during the oppressive years under Communism, but when the Iron Curtain fell in 1989, Czech design started to experience a renaissance, or a rebirth. The Czech design rebirth is continuing to this day and seems to be growing into a cultural phenomenon that could very well once again take the design world by storm and capture imaginations as it did in 1958.