Organic Products in Prague | Organic Food, Natural Cosmetics and Supplies

Recently there has been a significant increase in the number of stores selling organic food, natural cosmetics and supplies in Prague. More and more people realize how important it is to pay attention not only to what we are eating, but also how we ourselves can help reduce the human impact on the environment, e.g. by using environment-friendly detergent. It is also known for example that natural cosmetics are much safer to use as they do not contain any chemically and synthetically made ingredients. In Prague you will find numerous specialized establishments selling anything and everything bio from organic vegetables and organic food to eco-friendly detergent. The selection of these organic products is indeed wide and even some larger grocery stores are stocking organic goods and meat. Take a look at our list of stores selling organic food, natural cosmetics and supplies in Prague and discover products that you may have not heard about yet.

  • Greenwave | Organic Shopping in Prague Greenwave Bio Cosmetics

    Located close to the Narodni Trida metro station is the Greenwave Bio Cosmetics store. Inspired by the ‘going green’ trend all around the world, the store promotes a healthy lifestyle by providing natural products that support ecological issues and decent production throughout the world. As soon as you enter the peaceful store your senses are greeted by the harmony of the fresh and natural scents of the essential oils and you are immediately relaxed and miles away from the hustle...

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  • Weleda | Natural Cosmetics Weleda

    Weleda dates back to 1921 when a popular movement called anthroposophy by Dr. Rudolf Steiner encouraged people to see a holistic system that links body, mind and spirit to the natural world. And so Dr. Steiner together with a Dr. Ita Wegman and a team of scientists came together in Arlesheim, Switzerland to see how they could apply such a philosophy to healing patients in a holistic manner with natural ingredients and by doing so created one of the world’s...

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  • BIOOO.CZ | Kotva Department Store BIOOO

    If you are searching for natural, organic / bio products in Prague, look no further than BIOOO. Located in the city center of Prague in the Kotva shopping complex, BIOOO is a great source for all things natural. This kiosk offers a very extensive selection of organic foods, cosmetics, home products including cleaning supplies and even Czech made pillows and sheep wool duvets. BIOOO supports a healthy lifestyle for all – and by purchasing goods from BIOOO's shop you can...

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  • Mcely Bouquet | Nature Cosmetics Mcely Bouquet

    The owner of the luxury five-star Chateau Mcely hotel in central Bohemia developed the purely natural Mcely Bouquet cosmetics. In the development of this cosmetic range Inez Cusumano followed the local herbal and alchemical tradition through which she mediates the healing energy of the former aristocratic seat and surrounding natural environment, not only in the chateau's relaxing and healing Mcely Spa, but also to those who decide to buy these unique cosmetic products for home use. Balms, bath salts, oils,...

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  • Manufaktura | Prague Shopping Manufaktura

    Established in 1991 Manufaktura, a popular gift shop chain selling a variety of handmade Czech goods, is a 100% Czech company, and is famous for selling traditional handmade wooden toys and folk art plus a wide variety of natural cosmetics and soaps inspired by balneology and made from natural Czech ingredients such as Czech beer, Moravian wine, Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary) thermal salts, Dead Sea salt, curative herbs, and more. Manufaktura was created with the idea of protecting traditional Czech and...

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  • Country Life | Prague Specialty Shop Country Life

    Founded in 1991, Country Life is a health haven for organic food and other products such as natural cosmetics. Besides running 4 health food stores, Country Life also runs their own 400 acre organic farm that supplies produce to the public complete with a bakery, a vegetarian restaurant, and a cosmetic shop. And as if that didn't sound good enough, they also present lectures, organize health weeks, and operate health clubs. The health food stores offer organic barley, buckwheat, spelt,...

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