Wedding Destinations Abroad

Are you nervous by the thought of officially binding your life with your significant other in the presence of your relatives and other acquaintances? If you are a private person then you might be attracted by the idea of a wedding abroad with only your loving partner. The best part about a wedding abroad is the wide array of idyllic locations on our amazing planet. The offer of Prague travel agencies offering weddings abroad is quite broad. Would you like to get married on the Seychelles, Mauritius, and Cuba or on an island in Polynesia? These wedding destinations are not a problem, all you need to do is choose the right location for you. You can be wed on a beach with the sea murmuring only a few feet away, surrounded by a scented garden with palm trees, in a fairy tale thatched roof gazebo or in a luxury hotel restaurant. Travel agencies in Prague offering weddings abroad will arrange all formalities for you including air tickets, transfers and accommodation in a luxury hotel or a bungalow on the beach depending on your wishes. The agencies will also provide an interpreter, a photographer, organize a celebration and arrange all other necessary things, so that you can look forward to your wedding in paradise, which will provide you with lovely memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Borghetto Poggio Bianco | Tuscan Wedding Borghetto Poggio Bianco Weddings

    Are you planning the big day and wish for a picture perfect dream setting? If so, why not consider getting married in Tuscany, the beating heart of Italy! At Borghetto Poggio Bianco you can experience all that the Italian countryside has to offer with your loved one, ensuring that your destination wedding will simply be unforgettable right down to the smallest beautiful detail. The romantic farmhouse and equally magical Tuscan countryside make for an incredible getaway for you and your...

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  • Blue Marlin | Wedding Destinations Abroad Blue Marlin

    Are you dreaming of a wedding ceremony on the beach of a romantic island amidst an azure blue sea? If so, then all you need to do is contact the Blue Marlin travel agency seated in Prague 4 that specializes in Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives and exotic weddings abroad. The owners of the Blue Marlin travel agency have personal experience with weddings abroad, thanks to which they have a clear idea what it means to organize a wedding outside of the...

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  • Exclusive Tours | Weddings in the Maldives Luxury Weddings Abroad with Exclusive Tours

    The Exclusive Tours travel agency will organize a fairytale wedding for you on Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives, Tahiti, Bora Bora and other destinations and fulfill all your wishes regarding a romantic wedding ceremony on a beach with soft white sand. If you long for a stress free luxury wedding in an unforgettable exotic place, then the Exclusive Tours traveling agency is an ideal partner for you. While a marriage concluded in Mauritius and Seychelles is formally acknowledged and it is not...

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  • Perfektní svatba | Wedding Destinations Abroad Perfektní svatba

    The Perfektní Svatba wedding agency located in the center of Prague on Růžová Street will arrange an exclusive wedding abroad for you. The Perfektní Svatba wedding agency can boast of years of experience and dozens of satisfied clients, for which it has arranged weddings in various places around the world, including the British Virgin Islands and Tobago in the Caribbean, the Mauritius and Maldives Islands in the Indian Ocean or in the case of foreigners, Prague! Perfektní Svatba will meet...

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  • YachtWedding | Wedding on the Beach YachtWedding

    The European YachtWedding wedding agency, with its branch in Prague's Old Town, is a member of the prestigious Yacht Romance Group with offices on three continents. Its services are designated for demanding clients who want to experience a wedding ceremony at an exclusive and original place, set off for an unforgettable honeymoon, celebrate a wedding anniversary in an exotic environment, or experience a unique engagement in a romantic atmosphere abroad. YachtWedding offers exclusive places suitable for wedding ceremonies, such as...

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  • Travel & Business Centre | Weddings Abroad Wedding Abroad with Travel & Business Centre

    Do you dislike the idea of a classic wedding and would you rather prefer to spend your wedding day only with your partner somewhere in an exotic land far away? If so, then a wedding abroad is an ideal option for you, and which the Travel & Business Centre travel agency located on Prague's Na Příkopě Street will be honored to arrange for you. Thanks to its services you can start your common way through life in places that are...

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