Wedding Make-up Artists and Stylists in Prague

Probably every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day. This is connected in the first place not only with the right choice of a wedding dress but also with perfect make-up and overall general styling. In order to make your orientation on the present-day market easier we are presenting here at wedding make-up artists and stylists in Prague, thanks to whom you will look perfect on this significant day. Wedding make-up should correspond not only with your personality but also with your hairstyle, dress and accessories that you are wearing. It will certainly pay off to leave this matter up to professionals who have rich experience with wedding make-up and use cosmetic products of the highest quality thanks to which your make-up will not smudge if a tear or two of elation happens to drop on your face. Wedding make-up artists and stylists in Prague presented here belong to the best in their field. All you need to do is choose the right one for you.

  • ECOart SALON ROLLAND | Hairdressers in Prague ECOart SALON ROLLAND

    ECOart SALON Rolland, located in the pretty neighborhood of Vinohrady is a multifunctional space that lovingly combines together the beauty of body, mind and spirit. At this beauty salon – art space and more, you can enjoy top hairdressing, beauty and massage services, all prepared using a holistic approach (bonus points for ECOart Salon Rolland - organic cosmetics are used in procedures, ensuring that you are supporting a worthy salon). This green salon pays attention to environmental policies by adhering...

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  • Bridal Beauty | Bara K. {Bridal Beauty} Bara K.

    Bara K. is the founder of the Bridal Beauty agency under which she offers her services as a professional make-up artist and hairstylist for various festive occasions such as weddings, engagements, portrait shooting and more. Bara K. has a wealth of experience with both small and grandiose weddings in various places mainly in the United States, where she worked for 7 years, as well as in Prague, London, Paris, Venice, Rome, Vienna and other cities. Her style is very natural,...

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  • Barbora Růžičková | Wedding Make-up And Styling Barbora Růžičková – Stylist and Make-up Artist

    Barbora Růžičková is a young professional offering services of a make-up artist and stylist for all occasions including special consultations for brides. Barbora will help both bride and groom to choose the best dress and suit for them and match their overall image that is so important on this significant day. In harmony with your ideas and style she will help you choose the right style of dress for your body shape, as well as colors and accessories and accompany...

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  • Filip Vaněk | Wedding Styling Filip Vaněk – Fashion Stylist and Consultant

    Fashion stylist Filip Vaněk is one of the best and most famous personal stylists in the Czech Republic. He has been involved in fashion styling for many years and among his clients are or were famous personalities of Czech show business, such as the famous presenter Leoš Mareš, model Pavlína Němcová, model and presenter Diana Kobzanová, model Simona Krainová, singer Anna K. and many more. His clients are regularly voted in fashion magazines as the best dressed celebrities. Besides celebrities,...

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  • Wedding Styling | Photo: Jan Vágner New You

    New You's young team offers  the highest possible quality of hair services, professional make-up, beauty advice, styling, total beauty makeover and wedding services with complete photo shooting. As a part of their wedding services New You experts will recommend several variants of make-up and hairstyles and if you are so interested, also help you choose your wedding dress and accessories. The result will be a perfectly matched styling in which you will feel your best. New You's team will also...

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