Oriental Carpets in Prague

It has been said that a home without an oriental carpet is a home without a soul. If you are in the market for an oriental carpet in Prague, you have come to the right place. An oriental carpet can add certain richness to any space that no plain rug or carpet can simply do. The array of patterns, colors, themes, sizes and origins will delight you to no end, ensuring that even the selection of your very own oriental carpet will prove to be an exciting time when decorating your home. Transport yourself and your interiors to exotic lands with an authentic oriental rug, you will definitely fall in love with your carpet and thanks to the highest quality natural materials that are woven without pile or knotted with pile by rug makers steeped in centuries of handicraft traditions, you can be sure that your piece of the Orient will last for centuries to come and will provide a keepsake to your children and your children’s children. Oriental carpets are more than beautiful coverings for your floors as they are also rich investments. To buy an oriental rug is to buy into an ancient tradition and art form that originated in Persia. Oriental rugs are organized by origin and include Persian, Arab, Anatolian, Kurdish, Caucasian, Central Asian, Turkestanian, Chinese and Tibetan rugs and more. Celebrate the long and rich tradition of oriental carpets and add a priceless and gorgeous item of functional décor to your home. Listed below are recommended oriental carpet sellers in Prague. All of the Prague carpet stores that stock oriental rugs are represented with complete descriptions, photographs, contact information and maps.  

  • Oriental Carpets Palacka | Showroom Oriental Carpets Palacka

    If you are searching for oriental carpets in Prague pay a visit to Oriental Carpets Palacka. Oriental Carpets Palacka has two showrooms, a smaller one in Brno and a large showroom in Prague located in the city center in Vinohrady. The company dates back to 1993, however the company was started subconsciously in 1968 when Mr. Palacka traveled all over this great globe of ours and experienced different cultures and learned about and how to respect their traditions. His experiences...

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  • Yurt | Red Oriental Rugs Yurt

     Welcome to Yurt, the exotic home of premium oriental and Persian carpets in Prague! The moment you enter this remarkable store, located conveniently just off of Wenceslas Square in the city center of Prague, your senses will be assailed with the sights, smells, colors, and wonders of exotic oriental and Persian carpets, exotic antique and new wooden furniture from Indonesia, and refreshingly-different home decor items such as saddle bags made for use on camels, but capable of acting as totally...

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  • Ariana Carpets | Prague Oriental Carpets Ariana Persian Carpets

    If you wish to decorate your home with rich oriental carpets and Persian rugs then do not miss Ariana Persian Carpets, a spacious oriental carpet showroom in Prague 7. At Ariana Carpets you can see a wide range of classic and contemporary design rugs and carpets that are handmade with the highest quality materials. These traditional and contemporary rugs make any interior seem rich, mysterious, exotic and classic. Opened in 2008 in the Czech Republic Arena Carpets has a good...

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  • Buchara Persian Carpets | Prague Buchara Persian Carpets

    Located in Vinohrady, and operating in the Czech Republic since 2004, Bukhara Persian Carpets is one of the largest showrooms of oriental rugs in the Czech Republic. Bukhara Persian Carpets offers an impressive collection of over 5,000 rugs all of which are hand-woven and unique. In the 250m2 showroom you will find a wide variety of rugs that showcase a range of intricate themes, a rich palette of colors and a selection of different sizes. The showroom not only features...

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  • Interdesign Praha Carpets | Oriental Rugs  Interdesign Praha Carpets

    At Interdesign Praha you will find a wide variety of authentic Persian and oriental rugs. The rugs offered at Interdesign Praha range from classic to modern and feature an array of intricate patterns, a rich sampling of colors and different sizes, ensuring that there is a carpet for everyone! All of the carpets at Interdesign Praha are select and are of the highest quality and are imported from Iran (Persia), Turkey, Afghanistan, China, India and other places in the East...

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