Home Staging in Prague

If you have been unsuccessfully attempting to sell or rent your property, it may be the right time for you to take advantage of home staging services in Prague, which are relatively new in the Czech Republic and not that well known, although its benefits are indisputable. Home staging consists in a preparation of a property for sale or rent and its professional presentation in such a way that it will enhance the attractiveness of the property for a possibly biggest number of potential buyers, for example through different arrangements of furniture, use of interior decorations in harmonizing colors, lighting up the interior through natural light and removal of the personal taste of the owner without the property becoming sterile. Everything is neat, windows are clean, lamps have a pleasant light and the whole space gives the impression that it is big and light. Home staging makes it possible for interested people to see a property as it is without any disturbing impressions from personal things. If you are, for example, under pressure time wise and need to move quickly, but at the same time do not want to reduce the price of your property, investment in home staging services will certainly pay off. For this purposes we are presenting here home staging companies in Prague for which a professional preparation and presentation of a property for sale or rent presents a piece of cake.

  • Home Staging | Interior Consultancy Home Staging - Interior Consultants

    If you can't help thinking that the interior of your house or flat is just not quite all you'd like it to be and are not sure what to do about it, the perfect solution for you is the interior designer and consultant Jitka Kobzova and her company Home Staging. Having worked in Kuwait, Dubai and Great Britain, Jitka Kobzova has extensive international experience in the field of interior design and is more than willing to share these experiences with...

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  • SmartSTAGING | Interior Design SmartSTAGING

    Karina Uhlíková's SmartSTAGING Company offers its clients professional services in interior design and home staging. The real estate market is currently flooded with a huge amount of properties for rent and sale and selling or renting a property can consequently become a long-term matter that can even lead to the reduction of the property price. In order to avoid this situation we recommend using the home staging and garden staging services offered by the SmartSTAGING Company, thanks to which you...

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  • Variété Design | Commercial Interior Design Variété Design

    Variété Design is a progressive studio focusing on the areas of interior design and implementation, home and commercial staging, space planning and graphic design. It concentrates mainly on commercial clients for whom it creates interiors perfectly reflecting and corresponding to the individual philosophy and corporate identity of each company. Variété Design achieves this aim by a unique synergy of interior and graphic design, thanks to which it creates comprehensive interior designs and designs also printed materials, logos, business cards, graphic...

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