Arts and Entertainment in Prague

If there is one thing Prague does best, it is entertainment, especially theater and music. With an overwhelming number of gorgeous classical concert halls, cool rock and roll dives, innovative theaters, and independent cinemas; this pulsing city has nights of entertainment to offer. Although the quality of the entertainment matches that of Western standards, the prices, however, do not. Take the opera for example: the best tickets range from 850kc to 1000kc. With the current rate of the dollar (17) that is from $50-$60 and we are talking front row Ladies and Gentlemen. Not bad for a night at the opera. The majority of operas are in Italian, French and Czech; most theaters offer electronic subtitles located subtly above the stage.

  • Prague Arts and Entertainment | Classical Music, Ballet and Opera Venues | © Státní opera Praha Classical Theater in Prague | Music, Opera, Plays and Ballet

    Concerts of classical music and opera performances are very popular in Prague among locals as well as the people who are visiting the metropolis. And no wonder, Prague could boast with several world-class music and ballet ensembles and a number of music interpreters and singers, which perform here and abroad to bring joy to all of those who love classical music and opera. Classical music became popular in the Czech Republic during the National Revival with talented composers such as Dvorak, Smetana and Janacek emerging into the world of music. They incorporated folk legends and melodies into their music, most...

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  • Cinemas in Prague | Movie Theaters in Prague Cinemas in Prague | Movie Theaters in Prague

    Residents and visitors of Prague have many movie theaters to choose from in the capital city, whether their choice is independent art house theaters in Prague with intimate bars, or large movie multiplexes smelling like delicious popcorn. The independent cinemas in Prague offer unique documentaries, as well as independent movies from around the globe. These art house theaters also hold various film festivals and so every year you can see movies from e.g. the One World Festival focusing on human rights, Days of European Film presenting the contemporary European movies, Mezipatra queer film festival showing movies with gay and lesbian...

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  • Contemporary Theater | Experimental Theater in Prague Contemporary Theater | Experimental Theater in Prague

    Bold, unique, avant-garde, unconventional, a break from Classical – all of these can be used to describe contemporary theater and experimental theaters in Prague. In the capital city there is a range of theaters that present contemporary shows, shows complete with non-verbal and verbal stories presented with dance, music and interesting visuals. Experimental theater groups often focus on site-specific art projects created for specific space and time where space plays the most important element and tool in the whole performance. Here at Prague-Stay we are presenting to you small theaters with intimate atmosphere, less conventional theaters, as well as experimental...

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  • Open Mic Venues Open Mic Venues

    In an arty intellectual city like Prague, one would expect to find smart venues featuring stimulating open mic nights where ideas, talent, and tales join and are spun intricately together. There are very few venues where you can catch an open mic night in English featuring acoustic sets, poetry readings and prose. These few venues though are fantastic and worth seeking out. The majority of them are held in English bookstores; a perfect opportunity to do some book shopping, listen to some interesting artists, relax and sip on a nice glass of red.

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  • DVD & Video Rental DVD & Video Rental

    If you are searching for a DVD & Video rental in Prague look than further than our comprehensive list of establishments located throughout Prague. The majority of these select DVD & video rental establishments feature international films, old Czech standards and new Czech cinema. Some of the establishments offer region 1 and region 2 DVDs.

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