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Concerts of classical music and opera performances are very popular in Prague among locals as well as the people who are visiting the metropolis. And no wonder, Prague could boast with several world-class music and ballet ensembles and a number of music interpreters and singers, which perform here and abroad to bring joy to all of those who love classical music and opera. Classical music became popular in the Czech Republic during the National Revival with talented composers such as Dvorak, Smetana and Janacek emerging into the world of music. They incorporated folk legends and melodies into their music, most notably Smetana with his opera Dalibor and Libuse, which is about the legendary Princess Libuse and her vision of a great city called Praha. It is important to note that Antonín Dvořák became famous in the course of his life and contributed essentially to the European cultural heritage and represents the most performed Czech composer ever. Prague orchestras and smaller music bodies are well known all around the world. They give guest performances for example in the Metropolitan Opera or Carnegie Hall in New York, in La Scala in Milan, in the Royal Albert Hall in London or in the Tokyo Metropolitan Hall. Supporters of ballet and opera shouldn’t miss a visit to the National Theater. World famous operas, written by Czech authors, like Dvořák or Smetana or the Italian opera masterpieces can be viewed in the National Theater venues including the historical building on National Street, the Estates Theater, and in the State Opera building. The four venues of the National Theater offer classical play performances as well and can be viewed in the oldest, historical building (Zitkova building) on National Street and the New Scene theater (placed right next to the historical building), the Estates Theater and the Kolowrat Theater, which is a chamber stage in the original premises of the Kolowrat Palace. The Vinohrady Theater is another venue offering classical plays and musicals. Details about the respective classical performances, places and ticket prices and other information may be found below.