Residents and visitors of Prague have many movie theaters to choose from in the capital city, whether their choice is independent art house theaters in Prague with intimate bars, or large movie multiplexes smelling like delicious popcorn. The independent cinemas in Prague offer unique documentaries, as well as independent movies from around the globe. These art house theaters also hold various film festivals and so every year you can see movies from e.g. the One World Festival focusing on human rights, Days of European Film presenting the contemporary European movies, Mezipatra queer film festival showing movies with gay and lesbian themes and many more. An interesting experience is also live opera shows from the Metropolitan Opera in New York. The difference between multiplex cinemas and art movie theaters in Prague does not of course lie only in the environment, atmosphere and program offer, but also in ticket prices. The multiplexes in Prague offer all the box office smash hits along with the box office prices and also the popcorn might be pricey, but it is worth it for a magical night when you can enjoy the movie projected with the most up-to-date digital projectors including 3D technologies seated in the incredibly comfortable seats. Have a look below at our offer of multiplexes and art movie theaters in Prague that we are recommending and choose the right one for you.