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If you happen to wander around the city for a bit or if you have lived here for a while you will start to notice one specific thing about the Czech Republic. The country and its fine fellow countrymen are having a love affair with their dogs. That’s right! Czechs will seem at times even more affectionate with their dogs than with their children. Miniature, medium and massive furry friends are welcome in the majority of Prague’s bars, parks, restaurants, pet stores, you name it, Fido’s welcome! And it doesn’t stop with dogs. Rats, ferrets, rabbits and more, it is possible to see people in the park trying to walk all of their furry friends, whether they were meant for leashes and collars or not! All this undivided attention and love towards animals has made Prague a haven for the four legged ones, making pet friendly Prague a mecca for animal lovers themselves. Where else can you drink the world’s best beer with your pet sitting next to you in a pub? You can even find the occasional luxury dog boutique selling top quality products for man’s best friend. Here at Prague-Stay we wish to provide you with up-to-date, fashionable and wise shopping tips and services concerning your little best friends.

  • Prague Vets | Veterinarians in Prague Prague Veterinarians

    The Czech Republic is quite possibly the world’s friendliest country- towards dogs and other animals that is! You literally see them everywhere as they are treated with as much love as a human family member, which of course they do deserve. If you plan on an evening at a pub you will most definitely see at least three dogs, a cat or even a ferret in the evening’s time. If you happen to live in Prague you will definitely start feeling the great doggy itch to go out and buy a precious pouch or some other little animal such as...

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  • Pet Stores in Prague | Pet-Friendly Prague Pet Stores in Prague | Prague Pet Shops

    Pets are a very popular in the Czech Republic, from anything to dogs, to cats, to rats, ferrets, rabbits and even fish. There are quite a few pet shops in Prague spread throughout the city where you can purchase all of your pet’s necessary items. If you wish to completely spoil your pet, specifically your dog, the city features a few unique Prague pet boutiques that sell luxury goods for your four-legged friend. Depending on your style you can find frilly princess dresses or biker garb for your furry friend in Prague pet boutiques and pet stores in Prague.  

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  • Parks for Dogs in Prague Dog-Friendly Parks in Prague

    Prague has many green spaces for your dog to cut loose and simply be a dog. Since dogs are so very popular here you will most definitely run into other dogs, best to be on the lookout for unfriendly canines. Some dog parks in Prague require that dogs be on leashes. Simply keep an eye out for park rules or signs before entering the parks of Prague.  

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  • Prague Pet Hotels | Pet Accommodation in Prague Pet Hotels in Prague | Accommodation for Pets

    Are you going on vacation and need a reliable pet sitter? If so have a look at our recommended Prague pet sitters listed below. All of the pet hotels in Prague are represented by complete reviews with full descriptions, photos, contact information and maps. If you have pets then you know that you must leave them with trusted professionals when you travel in order for you to fully relax. The recommended pet sitters in Prague that we feature here at Prague-Stay are the best of the best. All of the pet hotels in Prague that provide accommodation for your pets...

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  • Pet Groomers in Prague Pet Groomers in Prague

    If you have pets and need to have them groomed then you have come to the right place! Pets, especially dogs are very popular in the city of Prague, which means that little furry friends are more than likely spoiled and very pampered here in the Czech Republic. It is therefore no wonder that services such as dog grooming are often used in Prague. Have a look at our list of pet groomers in Prague listed below. All of the recommended Prague pet groomers are featured in complete reviews with descriptions, photos, maps and contact information.    

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  • Dog Walkers and Sitters in Prague Dog Walkers and Dog Sitters in Prague

    Do you live in Prague with your four-legged creature that needs tender loving care in the form of walking or dog sitting while you are away? If you are a business person, or simply super social and don’t have all the time you wish you could for man’s best friend, let the recommended, experienced dog sitters and dog walkers in Prague listed below do you a favor and keep your furry best friend happy by providing them with exercise and fun! The dog walking and dog sitting agencies in Prague listed here are presented with descriptions, photographs, and contact information....

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