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The Czech Republic is quite possibly the world’s friendliest country- towards dogs and other animals that is! You literally see them everywhere as they are treated with as much love as a human family member, which of course they do deserve. If you plan on an evening at a pub you will most definitely see at least three dogs, a cat or even a ferret in the evening’s time. If you happen to live in Prague you will definitely start feeling the great doggy itch to go out and buy a precious pouch or some other little animal such as a cute furry rabbit. So in all due time you will need the assistance of a neighborhood Prague veterinarian. Lucky for you the Czech Republic has a handful of good veterinarians in Prague that speak English. If you are searching for a veterinarian in Prague have a look at our recommended Prague vets listed below. Complete descriptions, photographs, contact information and maps represent all of the veterinarians in Prague listed here. If you have a beloved pet the most important thing for their health is to have a qualified Prague vet ready for you when your animal needs them.

  • Vetnemo - Libuš Veterinary Hospital | Prague Vetnemo - Libuš Veterinary Hospital

    The Libuš Veterinary Hospital in Prague 4 is the place where professional doctors provide their patients with complex care at the highest level of veterinary medicine, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do not hesitate to contact Vetnemo with all your animal needs, whether you are an owner of a dog, cat, small mammal or reptile. Thanks to high-standard equipment and professional doctors, Vetnemo offers a wide range of services including preventive medicine including vaccinations, de-worming and examinations...

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  • Horoměřice Veterinary Clinic - MVDr. Herčík | Emergency Room Horoměřice Veterinary Clinic - MVDr. Herčík

    The family Veterinary Clinic of MVDr. Herčík in Horoměřice, with its excellent reputation and long tradition, is not only popular among breeders from Prague but also those from distant parts of the Czech Republic. The highly professional attitude of the staff members and the pleasant atmosphere of the clinic are appreciated not only by the pet owners, but also by the animal patients themselves. The clinic includes, among other things three modern emergency rooms, two excellently equipped operating rooms, a...

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  • Animal Clinic | Vet Clinic in Prague Animal Clinic - Bílá Hora

    The Animal Clinic in Bílá Hora opened its doors in 2003 and ever since has had a steady flow of furry family pets grace its halls. The Bílá Hora Animal Clinic specializes in orthopedics including the treatment of fractures, growth deformities, dysplasia and more as well as spinal surgery, oncology and soft tissue surgery. The clinic also performs endoscopies, ultrasounds (power and color Doppler) and X rays plus provides hospitalization for intensive and surgical animal patients. Physiotherapy including laser and...

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  • Řehák Animal Clinic | Prague Veterinarian MVDr. Řehák

    Located in Prague 7 in the residential area of Holesovice, is the office of MVDr. Miroslav Řehák, a well-known Prague vet that can help with all of your petcare needs. The veterinarian sees such animals as dogs, cats, tropical birds, ferrets, reptiles, rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, turtles and more. Prague Veterinarian Dr. Řehák provides complex services including preventative care (prevention of internal parasites – roundworms, ringworms, etc. and external parasites – fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, etc.), vaccinations for animals (including rabies,...

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  • Duchek Vet Center | Puppy Duchek Vet Center

    If your pet has an urgent medical problem, the Stodůlky Veterinary Hospital operated by the Duchek Vet Center, with its 24 hour service at no extra charge, will be able to help. In addition to the veterinary hospital, Duchek Vet Center also operates a veterinary e-shop out of Prague 5 - Smíchov, a website that is definitely worth checking out if you need anything for your family pet. The main philosophy of the Duchek Vet Center is based on a...

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  • Anděl Veterinary Clinic | German Shepherd Anděl Veterinary Clinic

    "Your pet is our priority!" is the motto of the team of experienced veterinarians who are ready to fully and professionally take care of your pets. The Anděl Veterinary Clinic in Prague 5 - Smíchov is a division of the same owner's veterinary clinics in Beroun and Králův Dvůr and you can be sure that your pets will be taken care of in every clinic. The Anděl Veterinary Clinic offers preventive and therapeutic medicine for dogs, cats and other animals...

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  • Anima Veterinary Clinic | Prague Anima Veterinary Clinic

    If you worry about the health of your pet and do not know who to turn to, take your beloved family friend to the Anima Veterinary Clinic. With two locations in Prague 5 – Smíchov and Barrandov, your pet will undoubtedly be in good hands. Anima offers a modern and professional approach in a nice and pleasant environment, with high-quality appliances and equipment, which allows the veterinarians to perform a wide array of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures directly at the...

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  • Panda Animal Clinic | A Happy Patient Panda Veterinary Clinic

    Since 2003, Panda Veterinary Clinic has been located in the quiet neighborhood of Vinohrady in between Riegrovy Sady and the Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord. Its comprehensive services include prevention, vaccination and surgeries at all levels. At the clinic they treat not only the most common pets such as dogs, cats, and rabbits, but also reptiles and exotic birds. Panda Clinic is equipped with professional appliances and its team consists of veterinarians with long-term professional practice...

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