Dog-Friendly Parks in Prague

Prague has many green spaces for your dog to cut loose and simply be a dog. Since dogs are so very popular here you will most definitely run into other dogs, best to be on the lookout for unfriendly canines. Some dog parks in Prague require that dogs be on leashes. Simply keep an eye out for park rules or signs before entering the parks of Prague.


  • Petrin Hill | Prague Gardens and Parks | Walking Path Petřín Hill

    Overlooking the glorious city of Prague is the equally beautiful Petřín Hill, one of the former vineyards of King Charles IV. This is the place to go and relax under a blooming cherry tree during a clear spring day or smell the fragrant beauties in the lovely rose garden on a lazy summer night, and it is also the perfect place to capture the wonder of Prague via your camera. It is a steep walk up Petřín, so if you...

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  • Kampa Island | Prague Gardens and Parks Kampa Island

    Separated from the mainland of Mala Strana by the Certovka (Devil's Canal), leafy Kampa Island is a lovely place to spend your leisure time. The manmade island was the result of the narrow Certovka stream, dug to power water mills (a few of these mills still exist today). The name of the stream is rumored to be named after a nasty spirited woman who resided in a nearby home titled the Seven Devils and who also washed her dirty laundry...

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  • Stromovka | Prague Parks and Gardens Stromovka Park

    Located in Prague 7, Stromovka (place of trees) Park is the largest of its kind in the city of Prague. The history of Stromovka dates back to 1268, when Premysl Otakar II used Stromovka as the royal hunting grounds. The park was open to the public in 1804, after Czech nobles saved the grounds from complete demolishment from the reign of Maria Theresa who ordered everything cut and burned. The park is no longer full of deer to hunt; the...

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  • Letna Park | Prague Gardens and Parks Letna Park

    Located on an embankment overlooking the meandering Vltava, Letna Park is an interesting and relaxing place to spend your leisure time. To begin with, you may notice a very large ticking metronome, recognition of time, located at the base of the park. This was once the area that held the largest monument to Stalin in the whole world. Erected in 1955, the monstrous monument featured the largest group monument in Europe standing at 15.5 meters in height and 22 meters...

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