Dog Walkers and Dog Sitters in Prague

Do you live in Prague with your four-legged creature that needs tender loving care in the form of walking or dog sitting while you are away? If you are a business person, or simply super social and don’t have all the time you wish you could for man’s best friend, let the recommended, experienced dog sitters and dog walkers in Prague listed below do you a favor and keep your furry best friend happy by providing them with exercise and fun! The dog walking and dog sitting agencies in Prague listed here are presented with descriptions, photographs, and contact information. Leave your furry friend in the trusted hands of experienced dog sitters and dog walkers and leave your guilt behind about not spending enough time with your beloved family dog.  

  • Pawz | Dog Walkers and Sitters in Prague Pawz

    If you find yourself short on time for walking your dog, and your four-legged friend would like to spend more time outside than just the few minutes a day that you have free, then you are sure to love the Prague dog walking services by the Pawz Company that offers dog walking and sitting in Prague. It provides one-to-one loving care; daily walks are set by each dog's owner, who decides about the form of the walk, its duration and...

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  • Petland | Pet Boarding in Prague Pet Boarding by Petland

    If you are searching for professionals with a kind approach to take care of your pet for some time, contact Aneta Baklová and her family hotel for pets located in the quiet Prague quarter of Vyšehrad. Petland offers its clients and their pets an individual approach and a home-like atmosphere, where your dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, bird or other animal will feel comfortable and at home, and where they will have all of the care and attention that they...

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