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The Czech Republic is quite possibly the world’s friendliest country- towards dogs and other animals that is! You literally see them everywhere as they are treated with as much love as a human family member, which of course they do deserve. If you plan on an evening at a pub you will most definitely see at least three dogs, a cat or even a ferret in the evening’s time. If you happen to live in Prague you will definitely start feeling the great doggy itch to go out and buy a precious pouch or some other little animal such as a cute furry rabbit. So in all due time you will need the assistance of a neighborhood Prague veterinarian. Lucky for you the Czech Republic has a handful of good veterinarians in Prague that speak English. If you are searching for a veterinarian in Prague have a look at our recommended Prague vets listed below. Complete descriptions, photographs, contact information and maps represent all of the veterinarians in Prague listed here. If you have a beloved pet the most important thing for their health is to have a qualified Prague vet ready for you when your animal needs them.